Adsense Alternatives ~ How to Monetize Without Google!

Most of the bloggers or website owners who want to monetize their blogs often get broken and discouraged once their Adsense account gets banned. We know it has even become more difficult to get approved on Adsense these days. This has made the dream of many to make money with their site a shadow.

There are many Adsense alternatives out there but I must also point out here that most of these alternatives won’t measure up to half of Google’s platform. Don’t just signup to any platform because it claims to be an advertising platform that can allow you generate income from your site.

The fact that your Adsense Account was banned or Google rejected your application for a brand new account does not mean the end of the journey. You can still make money with your blog.

I’m not going to list alternatives to Google Adsense in this post. I want to dwell on an advertising platform that has proven (from every sense of the word) to be the most solid option if Google says NO to you.

Google Adsense Altertives – Infolinksga alternative

Infolinks is an advertising platform that has won the trust of its users through quality and diversity of products. The flexibility of this platform in allowing you choose what to display on your blog or website to generate income is one of the reasons it is fast becoming a considerable source of income for some users.

It is an advertising platform that provides an alternative way for website owners (publishers) to monetize their properties while allowing Advertisers to reach a larger audience and generate targeted clicks to their offers.

Personally, one of the things I found quite interesting about Infolinks is the vast list of Payment option. These are; PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) and Payoneer. As a publisher, where ever you are located, you are always sure to get your payment in your local currency.

At the moment of writing this post, infolinks has 5 different ways (ad units) to monetize your blogs. These ad units are what they call products.

Let’s look more closely at these units and how you can place them on your site to generate income.

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Infolinks for publishers!

1 -> Infold ad unit

This ad unit serves ads to your visitors based on their search terms. It makes the ad served quite targeted thereby increasing the chances to get clicked and generate earnings for the publisher.

adsense alternatives infold
The Infold ad unit is interesting unit to monetize your search traffic. Once the reader lands on your blog from search engine, this unit slides up from the bottom of the page offering a sponsored listing originally targeted to the visitor’s search query and after a few seconds, the unit shrinks down to a simple headline.

2 -> InText ad Unit

The InText unit is the most common. It converts keywords on your page into hyper-linked text. Once the user mouses over the linked keyword, an ad pops open.

adsense alternatives

This unit is quit flexible so you can adjust it to fit your blog. Its settings page allows you to set the collors and the number of links to create on a page with the maximum being at 12.

3 -> InFrame ad unit

This unit exploits the unused margins of your browser window. It auto-detects when the browser window is wider than your web site and inserts banner ads relevant to your content. The inserted banners remain stationary as users scroll down your pages.

adsense alternatives inframe

4 -> InTag ad unit

This unit scans your page and displays the most valuable keywords relevant to your content in an attractive tag cloud. This targets a broader audience with a wider range of relevant linked keywords.

adsense alternatives

The settings options allow you to position the group of keywords to either the top, bottom or top and bottom of your content area. You can also manually drop the unit anywhere on your page by selecting the Manual option, copying and pasted the code snippet where you want the ad.

Another settings option you might have noticed in the image above is that which allows you to display 1 or 2 lines of keywords.

5 -> InScreen ad unit

This is the newest addition to Infolinks’ ad units. It is a smart interstitial ad unit that’s considered to be one of the most visually compelling and high performing ad formats.

When a visitor clicks a link on your page, a full-page ad appears before the actual webpage.

Integrating Infolinks!

It takes just one minute to link your blog or website to Infolinks and start generating income. Whether you are on WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal or not even using a CMS at all, you are able to run Infolinks ads on your site. This is one of the things that make it one on the list of adsense alternatives. IT practically does not limit you to any CMS. See image below;installing infolink

Infolinks for Advertisers

Infolinks is fast becoming a result-driven advertising platform for advertisers worldwide.  It provides a wide network of active websites in all categories.

Its advanced technology and a variety of ad units offers a platform that eliminates banner blindness, capturing users by delivering your messages in creative spots.

Leave traditional advertising behind and integrate a network that’s constantly working to improve performance by introducing new and innovative high performing ads that attracts publishers to expand your reach.

Join Infolinks as Advertiser here.

Is Infolinks really an Adsense alternative?

Infactically yes! While this is a perfect Adsense replacement, it has some more options that are absent on Google’s platform.

Besides, getting approved on Infolink is quicker and they are not fast to ban your account. Infolink though has some more ad units that function differently from Google Adsense but this does not have to be a perfect copy of Adsense to allow you generate income.

If you are currently having issues with Adsense or just simply want to try out another platform to experiment how your income grows, try out infolinks.

Bottom line…

Have you had problems with Google Adsense? Are you looking for an alternative? Have you used infolinks before?

Drop a comment and let me hear from you.

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