The journey of Nisha Pandey, a professional blogger

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Meet Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey

Nisha is a successful professional blogger. Writing on the niche of technology and SEO, her blog has gained significant popularity in a very short period of time. However blogging was not something she had ever dreamed of doing. So, how did she come up here? Here is a sneak peek in to her life.

Early profession

Originally from the bustling city of Mumbai, India; Nisha completed her college education in the field of Mathematics. Though she always wanted to go for higher studies, financial difficulties curtailed her dream. But being the feisty woman she is, she decided to fight back and look for a job to help the situation. Her first job was as a humble “Administration Assistant”. The job gave her financial independence, but job satisfaction was nowhere to be found.

Joining SEO

During this time Nisha got to know about the budding opportunities in the field of SEO through a college friend. While this field was not something she had any idea about, the uniqueness attracted her and she started educating herself on this.

Finally after much effort she landed a paid trainee program in a small firm and joined there as a Digital Marketing Trainee Officer. The job immediately caught her fancy. As the six months trainee program ended she emerged as a quite confident SEO expert. After only a few days she got a lofty job in a large SEO firm where she worked for a year.

Shifting from Mumbai

While job front was going just perfect, Nisha got married and shifted to Delhi with her husband. In a new city settling down was a little difficult in the beginning, but after 4-5 months Delhi started looking like home. Being the ambitious woman she is, Nisha again went out and got herself a job in the SEO industry. The new job proved to be quite interesting and in a very short time she got promoted as a SEO Team Leader. But soon she had to leave the job because of pregnancy.

Starting the journey

An avid netizen, Nisha started going through various sites on internet during this time and came up to the concept of blogging. Now it was new to her and as always fascinated her. So, after having her baby she took the decision of a lifetime. Nisha bade goodbye to full time job and became a professional blogger.

She combined her expertise in SEO with her love for technology and started a blog that can coach young bloggers about SEO techniques and technology. Though initially not regular, got mileage quite soon and became one of the leading blogs in this niche.

Mission & Services intends to provide useful tips for SEO and technology matters. Through this blog Nisha wants to coach the young and suggest the experienced on her niche.

Though not listed yet on her blog, Nisha provides SEO and writing services to small and medium online businesses. Anyone interested can contact her through Facebook, Twitter or Google+ .

Some other things

Today blessed with a little bundle of joy, Nisha is very happy on how her personal and professional life is running in sync.

Nisha can be found at Join this Icegram contest on her blog

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Time to connect with Nisha

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