How to Make Money Blogging with Integrity


You want to know something weird?

Most people believe it’s more difficult to make money through blogging if you tell the truth.

The opposite is true.

It is actually easier to make money blogging short term and long term if you tell the truth.


Trust is the prime currency in the money making equation.

If people trust you, they will buy from you and hire you.

But you need to patiently learn how to blog, how to create content and how to build meaningful connections with influential bloggers in order to make money through your blog.

If you tell the truth you will make money blogging with integrity.

If you make money blogging with integrity you will completely avoid the nightmares, nasty critics and countless problems that dishonest bloggers run into.

I wanted to share a few tips to help you stay on the straight and narrow of this prospering, enjoyable blogging journey.

1: Always Tell The Truth

This one sounds stupid simple.

And it is, if you blog mainly to have fun.

But many bloggers blog mainly from a place of fear, greedily or desperately grabbing for money and traffic.

If outcomes motivate you, beware losing your integrity.

Lying feels easy to the desperate blogger fearful of going broke.

But bloggers who are in the online game to have fun and serve folks find it easy to tell the truth.

Always tell the truth.

Never make false income claims.

Never make claims that you yourself have not achieved.

Be honest. Be transparent.

Share your wins and losses.

Always telling the truth makes it easier to make money online, both today, and over the long haul, because trust is the currency earned by the wealthiest bloggers online who actually enjoy the blogging ride.

2: Be Generous with Your Help

Give freely, receive easily.

Patiently give of your time and talents.

First off, learn how to prosper in your niche. Study your blogging niche inside-out. Learn how to build a successful blog.

Give freely by sharing content through your blog, through social media and through videos.

The more freely you offer help to people the more easily and naturally you develop integrity in all you do.

The simple way to profit over the long haul while being able to sleep soundly at night is to help folks like crazy.

Write guest posts.

Comment generously on top blogs.

Do interviews.

Share your thoughts for expert round ups.

The more freely you give the more easily you will receive if you generously serve people over months and years.

Build your campaign by generously giving from the heart. You will never act in a dishonest, unscrupulous manner.

The only reason why you’d ever lack integrity is because you allow fear to call the shots, goading you into lying just to make money or grow your business.

Kick fear out of your mind. Replace this energy with love and fun. Serve folks. Cut the strings. Monetize your passions. Make money blogging with integrity.

3: Surround Yourself only with Heart Centered Bloggers

Surround yourself only with heart centered bloggers to profit through your blog while being able to sleep at night.

My friend Alonzo Pichardo is an excellent example of someone who is a heart centered blogger.

He helps people generously and persistently, sharing his wisdom through his blog, through social media and through his emails.

This blog’s owner Enstine Muki is another fabulous example of a heart-centered entrepreneur.  He is kind, generous and continually over delivers, just like Alonzo.

Surrounding yourself with good people like these inspires you to do things from a similar, kind, heart-centered space.

Feast on your blogging buddies’ authentic, genuine, heart-centered energy and you will be just as generous, giving and prospering over the long haul.

These folks will show you for free how to succeed online the right way. They attract business by inspiring their loyal followers to follow them, to hire them and to buy their products and eBooks, all through the power of gaining their follower’s trust.

4: Monetize Your Passions

I love writing.

So I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks.

I also offer blog coaching services.

Toss in my freelance writing services and blogging courses and you have a handful of income streams aligned with my passions.

I never open an income stream with the prime driver of making money in mind because this intent leads to dicey circumstances.

If you are mainly doing something for the money you tend to be less than honest in working the income stream, stretching the truth, making bold claims and manipulating people to squeeze money out of them.

Monetize your loves. Make learning income streams, practicing your blogging skills, and serving through income streams your prime drivers.

The money should feel like extra, or a bonus, or icing on the cake.

Taking this attitude helps you operate with integrity and honesty in all things money through your blogging efforts.

The eBook

If you want to make money online without selling out buy my eBook:

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Your Turn

How are you monetizing your blog?

How do you monetize with integrity?

Have you ever been tempted to lie just to make some money?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.