4 Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

I am a busy blogging bee today.

Heck; I am a busy blogging bee every day. But today I am a bit more busy. I commuted from New York City to New Jersey after doing a short house sit in the city.

Anytime I hit the road I need to be super mindful of using time effectively. Subway trips, bus rides and plane rides all eat into the time I’d spend online, engaging in my blogging duties.

Even though I spent a fair chunk of time today traveling I still wrote 4 posts and did a fair bit of networking too.

Follow these 4 time saving tips to blog effectively.

1: Take Breaks throughout Your Day

Take short, frequent breaks.

Use your time intelligently.

Taking 5-10 minute breaks on the hour helps me use time effectively.

Unless you pull back regularly you tend to use power, not force, to fuel your blogging day. Not good. Force-filled actions are fear-filled actions. But if you use power to blog, you work from an energy of love, fun and harmony.

Resting for 5-10 minutes on the hour during your blogging work day is an effective way to use your time wisely. Instead of plowing mindlessly through your blogging work day you will be efficient, effective and on blogging point. Perfect time saving strategy here.

2: Honor Your Intuition (Don’t Be Rigid)

I woke up with a back problem today.

This is rare; I do yoga daily. Limber guy, I am.

I slept poorly so my back felt sore when I got out of bed.

Since I am not rigid, and follow my intuitive nudges, I went back to sleep for 30 minutes after a yoga session that was obviously not going to happen.

After some sleep and deep breathing, I went online for a few minutes to check my email. I then did yoga and dove into my blogging day, feeling energized and using my time effectively.

Trust your gut to save time with your blogging efforts. Be flexible. Honor your intuition. Whether you spend more time in bed to recharge yourself or perhaps you replace one of your guest posts with a Facebook Live broadcast, honoring your inner pull helps you act intelligently in minimal time.

3: Focus on 2 Core Activities



Focus on 2 core blogging activities.

Save your time.

Most bloggers waste time doing silly stuff not related to creating helpful content and connecting with top bloggers. Wheel-spinning activities only keep you up until 2 AM, eating into time better spent creating valuable content and forming bonds with blogging big dawgs by serving them.

Create helpful blog posts. Craft guest posts. Film live broadcasts.

Connect with top bloggers by commenting on their blog, by promoting them on social media and by featuring these top bloggers on your blog.

Focus all of your energy on 2 fundamentals of successful blogging.

Create and connect.

Save your time.

4: Write First Edit Later

I write like a beast.

Seriously; I churn out thousands of words daily before my first draft. I let words flow. Then, the edit.

Write. Edit.

Save time by allowing your creativity to flow. No interruptions. You will have few issues writing thousands of words in the flow during a minimal amount of time. Get to the blogging chopping block after the initial draft.

Following this simple strategy does wonders for your blogging efficiency because you avoid all the time-sapping stops and stammers experienced by bloggers who hack away at their blog posts before finishing their first draft.

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