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15 Top Bloggers Reveal How They Make Money Blogging!

So many of us want to make money blogging. As a matter of fact, I’m one of those making money with their blogs and if you are reading this post this moment, you are certainly interested in generating some earnings as a blogger.

There are almost uncountable ways to make money as a blogger. In this post, I discussed 15 different ways bloggers (including me) make money. If you haven’t read that resourceful article, I recommend you check it out.

I’m still on the look out for more ways to make money as a blogger. So I stepped out and contacted some top bloggers in the industry to share their secrets with us.  The good news is that most of them responded, sharing their most cherished secrets.

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I asked everyone on the list just one question and here it is;

What are your two most effective ways to make money as a blogger?

You can just click the blogger’s name here below and move straight to his/her contribution. However, I encourage going through what each one of them has shared.

They individually came up and shared their minds with no reservations. Take note that this post has tips and secrets that will surely change the way you struggle to make money online. These bloggers are very successful in doing what they are sharing with us so take your time and go through this article word after word.

John Chow  Adam Connell Zac Johnson John Paul

Tracy Raftl Neil Patel Jacob Gube Brian Dean

Yaro Starak Chris Guthrie Matt Smith Lisa Irby

Nick Loper Kevin Muldoon  Timo Kiander

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NB: I have listed these awesome bloggers in no specific order.

Top bloggers John chow1 – John Chow

1 – Think life-time value of your readers. Most bloggers make the mistake by monetizing their blogs with advertising from third party networks. That gives the reader a short life-time value. They click the ad, you make 25 cents, and never see the reader again. This is especially true if that reader came from a search engine and don’t know who you are.

2 – Your blog’s goal should be to capture the readers coming to it. The best way to do this is by getting them to opt into your Email list. By capturing their email, you have now have the ability to form a relationship with the reader, establish your brand, and recommend products and services to them that will help solve their problems, and make you money. That increases the reader life-time value way higher than any third party ad network.

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Top bloggers Tracy Raftl 2 -Tracy Raftl

I make money blogging by helping people get rid of acne naturally, returning to them their sense of confidence and self worth. My two most effective ways to do this are from selling ebooks I wrote on the topic, and commissions from the Amazon affiliate program. You can find my blog at

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top bloggers jacob gube3 – Jacob Gube

Making money as a blogger is all about site traffic. And it’s not just about the number of pageviews, but also the type of readers the blog draws in.

A blog that’s appealing/influential within a niche readership consisting of people who have disposable incomes or available funding to spend on relevant products/services, say a blog for professionals like lawyers, doctors or software engineers, will generate more advertising income than a blog three times times its size, but whose readers aren’t engaged and in a position to make any sort of purchase.

So if you agree with me that making money as a blog owner directly correlates to your site’s ability to generate the right type of traffic, then what follows are two ways that will help you do that.

The first way — and I would argue the only way — to get good site traffic is to consistently produce great content. That’s easier said than done, though. It’s taken me 6 years to learn how to produce decent Web content, and I still feel there are a lot of ways we can improve and that I still have a lot to learn. What makes a piece of content great will largely depend on your audience, so it will take a bit of time and faith in yourself to figure it all out. Read and — more importantly — respond to comments.

Ask your readers to have conversations through email and social media. Learn about the things that interest them. Continually analyze and gain insights about past blog posts to see what makes one better over the other. Then, test your theories.

The second most effective way is to invest money, time, and resources into a solid marketing campaign to get a jump-start in building your community. I have no first-hand experience in this, we didn’t put any funds into starting up Six Revisions or Design Instruct because they were all allocated to content production, development, and our technology infrastructure, but I personally know a few bloggers that have invested in online advertising like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. and it really shortened the time it required for them to get serious site traffic compared to others (like us) who chose not to invest in getting that initial boost in site traffic.

But, before you do this, you should already have great content in your blog. A blog without substance will not convert visitors into long-term readers. I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting up another web property in the near future and I’d like to test my theory about this by earmarking funds into a solid launch campaign.

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Brian Dean  Top bloggers4 – Brian Dean

Considering the other seasoned veterans you have contributing to this roundup, I’m sure I won’t be the only one talking about the power of an email list.

Here’s the thing about the expression “the money’s in the list“: it’s TRUE. Tony Robbins said it best, “If you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business”. So the #1, #2 and #3 way to make money from your blog is to build your email list.

Once you have that, the next best strategy is to sell your own product, whether it’s an information product, consulting, client work or software. Selling affiliate products has its place in a blog’s monetization, but you’re not fully in the driver’s seat.

The offer that’s pulling in 25% of your revenue could suddenly go under or pull it’s affiliate program without warning. But when you have your own products and services, not only do you get 100% of the revenue, but you’re fully in control.

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neil patel Top bloggers5 – Neil Patel

The two most effective ways to make money as a blogger is to create your own products and sell them to your audience, or become an affiliate for other people’s products.

Think of it this way, if people are willing to pay for ads on your site, they are usually make more money than they are spending. So by being an affiliate your payouts is usually higher assuming you are picking products that are of interest to your readers.

And in an ideal world you would create your own products as that will provide the highest profit margins in the long run. It takes more work, but it is worth it.

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yaro starak Top bloggers6 – Yaro Starak

The most effective way I have ever made money as a blogger is to sell high priced items. The most money I have ever made is selling in-depth courses that offer a lot of support, for around the $500 to $1,000 pricing point.

These courses do take a little longer to create in order to deliver value to justify the price, but when you get good members it’s a great way to make a living as a blogger.

I’ve also done well selling higher priced affiliate products. During one campaign when I promoted a $3,000 training program I sold 18 copies, which I earned 50% commission from. That’s not that many sales, however it means I received $27,000 from just one promotion.

The second most effective way I have made money as a blogger is to sell subscription products. Although these products might only cost $25 per month, if you can sign up a number of people and it’s the kind of service or product people keep paying for (like an email autoresponder service), you keep making money.

One program I began promoting back in 2007 and ever since then I’ve received a cheque in the mail for $500 or more month after month. That’s more than eight years of steady commissions!

My advice to bloggers who want to make good money but not work so hard to get lots of traffic is to sell your own products and subscription products. That way you only need a few customers to make good money.

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Top bloggers Chris Guthrie7 – Chris Guthrie

1. Have a product, a service just something to sell

2. Create an audience that is interested in buying what you’re selling

Specifically build an email list from any and all traffic you get to your website. UpFuel

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top bloggers8 – Matt Smith

One of the reasons why I love running a website and blogging so much is the fact that there are so many ways to monetise a site.  For that simple reason alone, it is difficult to select only two.  If you had to twist my arm though mine would be;

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling your own Products/Services

Affiliate marketing can be such an effective way to monetise a site.  Of course, the key to this working is to carefully select which products to promote.  Some sites fall into the trap of promoting anything and everything that they can find online, which only serves to dilute what you are saying.  If instead you can promote affiliate products that you use, you can better explain and demonstrate to your readers why they themselves would benefit from it as well.  People are much more willing to trust product reviews when they can see that the reviewer is actually using it.

The added benefit of affiliate marketing is the higher margins that you can earn from them.  For example, say a site wanted to display an advert.  They could choose to display AdSense ads, which would earn a few cents every time someone clicked on it OR you could display an ad that links to an affiliate product that you were promoting.  You only (usually) get paid when a sale is made on that product that comes via your site, though that can be 10%, 40%, 80% of the value of the product.  Depending on what that product is, you would only need one sale to make the same amount as you would with hundreds of AdSense clicks.

Whatever your site focuses on, you should be striving to create/offer some sort of product or service for your visitors.  After all, what is better than making 50% commission on an affiliate product?  Well, 100% of your own product/service of course!

A lot depends on what niche your site is aimed at, but it is easier than ever to create your own; eBook, video tutorial course, membership site, audio downloads, etc. or setup payment options for people to hire you to do; design work, writing work, teach them a language, consultation work, etc.  Factor in the fact that you can then submit your product/service to an affiliate marketplace to get other people to help promote it for you online, and you begin to see the potential it has.

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Lisa Irby Top bloggers9 – Lisa Irby

My two most effective ways of making money as a blogger are through affiliate marketing and advertising.  I’m in a niche that fortunately has a good amount of high paying and residual income programs and the ads pay well too.  So that’s how I earn the majority of income from my blog.
As far as advertising, I’ve experimented with numerous ad programs and solo ads over the years, and nothing pays as good as AdSense, so I’ve decided to use that solely on my site.
In terms of driving traffic, the top sources are my email list and social media.


Nick Loper top blogger10 – Nick Loper

I believe the most effective ways for me to make money as a blogger ironically haven’t been blogging-related at all.

The first step was having a product or service to sell – in my case that’s a private mastermind and side hustle coaching. For the first several months of my blog, I didn’t have anything to sell, so I had little hope of making any money.

It takes a massive following, massive engagement, or massive search engine rankings to make money from affiliate sales as a blogger. We all see Pat’s five-figure Bluehost earnings each month but that’s a special case; not one that’s easily emulated.

The second tactic that’s worked for me has actually been my podcast, The Side Hustle Show. I don’t believe I’ve had any mastermind or coaching customers who’ve come in “cold,” without listening to the podcast first. It’s a powerful medium to reach a really broad audience, connect with some awesome and inspiring people, and develop a deeper connection with your listeners than you ever could from a blog post.

If you can get people spending 30-40 minutes per week with you in their earbuds, you’ll build a much higher level of trust than if that person spent 3-4 minutes reading your blog. The voice connection is definitely a strong one, and even though it takes a lot of time and energy to produce, the podcast is probably my most effective sales channel.

Now combine the podcast with your email list and it’s a deadly combination!

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Top bloggers zac johnson11 – Zac Johnson

1.) Growing my personal brand. There is no better way to monetize your blog and your audience than by growing out your personal brand. Google can throw you out of the search engines, social networks can disappear and your advertisers budget may dry out… but at the end of the day, if you have a brand and a loyal following, people will always find you and you will always have something of value.

2.) Creating your own products and content. Just as important as your blog brand, what you decide to do with your content and audience is also important. By this I mean you shouldn’t sell out and instead focus on creating quality products and services that you can offer to your audience. Remember, this all goes back to your brand power and what you decide to do with it.

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Adam Connell blogger pro12 – Adam Connell

There are plenty that come to mind, but my top two would be:

Affiliate marketing – While this is one of the most popular ways to make money online, a lot of people definitely struggle. You need an engaged audience to make this work, but you can make it work.

Don’t just promote any product; get behind products that you really believe in.

As a blogger you need to be authentic and you can’t do that if you’re promoting rubbish. Start off by focusing your content around some key products and then expand.

The great thing about this is that you can earn a passive income, but don’t let that stop you from continuing – keep working at it and keep growing your income.

Offer a retainer based service – Offering a service is a great way to earn money but you can add another dimension by offering a retainer based service where you charge a monthly amount.

You could still offer one off services, but encouraging clients to engage your services on a regular basis is the way to go.
In order to do this, you need to find a problem people in your niche are facing that you can help them with.

You also need to minimize risk to yourself too, so offering a service to help someone with a third platform can work, and work great but it’s worth diversifying.

If there is enough demand and you’re good at what you do, this can be a big earner.

As time goes on, you will become better known in your niche and that’s when the real magic starts to happen.

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top blogger john paul13 – John Paul

From my experience the best way to make money with a blog is to SELL YOUSELF! I like to call it “The Self Selling Strategy” and this is what I have used and have taught my clients to do for over 5 years.

You can sell YOU 2 ways:

  • Sell a service
  • Sell products you create

This works so well because the people coming to your blog, like reading what YOU have to say, they want to learn from YOU.

It makes sense that since they are already enjoying YOU, that selling your own services and products will be a natural progression and will have a higher conversion rate.

The trick to success with my “Self Selling Strategy” is you FIRST have to build up your blog with loyal readers that frequently visit, read and share your content over time.

“This is Not a quick flip option, but it’s the option that will have you making money with your blog long into the future if you take the time to lay the foundation right from the beginning.”

But If you have followed the strategy I shared above correctly, you will have already pre-sold every reader on your blog with the awesome content you have been sharing over months, years. You build a loyal following on your blog and automatically pre-sell them on any service or product you release in the future, it’s a Win-Win strategy.

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kevin muldoon popula blogger14 – Kevin Muldoon

A blog can be monetised in a number of ways once it has established a readership.

For me. over the last two years my two main sources of income through blogging have been affiliate referral commissions and selling my own products and services.

I mainly generate affiliate commissions through in-depth reviews, as opposed to displaying banners on my sidebar. I have found this to be a much more effective way of generating income, and it offers great content to readers too.

As traffic to my personal blog has increased, so has the number of freelance writing gigs that have come my way. I have also seen conversions for my books and for RiseForums increase in line with this traffic.

If you have a loyal readership, you are in a good position to provide useful products and services to your readers. Therefore, it makes sense to cater to their needs and offer them something that they need.

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Timo Kiander pro bloggersTimo Kiander

Right now, I’m in a stage where I can’t yet give you an exact answer.

I’m just getting started with writing Kindle books, and I’m having my first live event with my friend (about stress and time management) very soon.

Although I have written one book already, I want to do more testing with Kindle publishing so that I know how well that turns out for me.

Also, live events (training and speaking) are something I want to get more involved with this year. I think this is a great way to show your expertise in front of a live audience. I’m also looking forward to using it as a way to promote my blog as well.

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That’s it about the list!

I hope this information shared by these to bloggers and businessmen has been help. The essence is to connect with them one-on-one.  Contact those you thing can help you further. If they took time to answer my question, they will be available to work with you.

You can already start by interacting with them here by dropping comments.

And to end up, my sincere thanks to everyone on the list. I know you guys are so busy but you created time to provide the content accurately. I ever remain grateful and thanks again for taking time to reply to comments here on this post

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    If however you have your own product or service, or if you are just stunning folks with in-depth, 2000 to 3000 word or longer, thorough posts, you’ll have few problems making a serious impact on their minds and attracting return readers, and subscribers, who’ll become fans and customers in the long run.

    Adopt a forward thinking, branding, relationship-building mindset verses a live for day, make a few cents off of ad clicks, type mindset, and you’ll have discovered why John makes millions off of his blog. He’s a top earner because he brands himself, sells his own products and doesn’t offer anything for peanuts.

    I’m publishing a new eBook soon, already have my freelance writing page live and have branded myself with some in-depth posts on Blogging From Paradise. I’ve ditched ads for now because even though they’re a nice side revenue stream I want my readers to become gaga over my content, and my services, and my upcoming product, and most of all, my travel pictures, to create raving fans who’ll return again and again.

    Thanks for the smart share Enstine. Awesome roundup.

    I’ll be tweeting in a bit.

    Have a great weekend.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…10 Priceless Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned from the Jolly Locals Here in Stunning Savusavu FijiMy Profile

  38. Hi Enstine

    Nice article , you should taken long time to prepare it , well done .

    Not sure if there are more of success bloggers that we could list here who are on success list , but there thousands working hard to get on to the top list . All the best to them.

    Navneet recently posted…Snow Sport SafetyMy Profile

    • Hey Navneet,
      Yes, it was quite long to get these brains to this list. They are often busy as you know. However, I’m grateful they created time for me and my readers.

      Thanks for your comment

  39. Jackie Masteron says:

    Blogging is huge! You just have to know how to tap into it…

    I started a blog in the “cooking” niche less than six months ago. I’ll admit, my first couple months weren’t as successful as I’d like them to be..luckily, I stuck with it, and stumbled upon a “blogging success” blueprint, so to speak. Now within three months of finding that, and a few hours a week, i’m in the $300+ per day range. That’s without any of my own products.

    Great article! I’ll be subscribing.

  40. Howdy Enstine.

    I am sure it takes you a long time to contact all experts and compile great information. In blogging carrier it should always good to learn from expert and implement is a key. Most of time blogger fails on implement stage.

    I also noticed that many time people promote others works (affiliate marketing) which is good but it does not make them rich. If you deeply research on all high profile blogger most of them they have their own products…saying that I am not against affiliate marketing.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    Keyur Lalani – One of the smart folks 
    Keyur Lalani recently posted…How to Contact Other Blog Owners for Link BuildingMy Profile

  41. Atif Mansoor

    Hi Enstine,
    In blogging career, everyone faces the bad time but those bloggers which are listed in this guide will be inspirational for them to never loose hope and achieve their goal once again. Thanks for bringing all top bloggers together in a single place.

  42. Hi Enstine,

    This a great compilation of high profile bloggers. You’ve done a great job to bring them all together in one place.

    Worth bookmarking and sharing.
    Ikenna recently posted…7 Reasons your first Self-Published eBook should be Like Omotola on Mini-skirtMy Profile

  43. Hi Enstine,

    The bloggers you have listed in this post are well know though I was not aware about all but still few of them.
    Most of these bloggers make money online by affiliate marketing. Selling products is a good way but only when we know how to do that?
    Having a good circle matters a lot which can be made by making human relationships.
    Growing a personal brand is also a great way to make money online but all these things need efforts.
    I have met some beginners who ask question about making money even in their starting days of blogging. I mean how can they be so money lover? We all need to make money but after learning not just think only about it.

    Thanks for making me aware about these famous personalities.

    Have a good day.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Choose A WordPress Plugin Which Can Satisfy You?My Profile

  44. Hi Enstine,

    I know maybe half the list. They shared some good information for sure.

    The two things that came up often were affiliate products and creating your own product to sell.

    Affiliates are easy just sign up for the right products and be sure it’s something your visitors could want. Then your good to go.

    Now creating your own product surely takes a lot more work but at least you could get more profits from it.

    Thanks for putting in the work to get this round up to us. It is a valuable one indeed!

    Take care Enstine!
    Steven J Wilson recently posted…25 Tips And Resources For Writing Click Worthy HeadlinesMy Profile

  45. topsafestcarseats says:

    Thank you, boss, not familiar most of them. But in the future I have so many people and blogs to learn how to make money online.

  46. Thanks Enstine for sharing the experience of these great bloggers with us. There ideas on making money online is really great. This post is an inspiration for many newbie bloggers those who wants to make money online.

  47. One things between all experts is common, even in my experience, you must have patience in order to make money from blogging. If you don;t have patience, blogging is not for you.

  48. Hey man,
    This post is like a gold mine of ideas on how to make money using different strategies. I know that John Chow promotes MOBE products and makes a killer income out of it but most of the others are completely new to me.
    I know about Neil Patel, Lisa Irby, Yaro Starak and others but not all of them. So thanks for putting this list together and helping us out!
    Arbaz Khan recently posted…HostGator Summer Sale – Get Up to 75% Off on HostingMy Profile

  49. yash mehta says:

    This will help me in my blogging career, thanks for sharing.

  50. Hey Enstine,

    You have a great list of successful bloggers. Before I got into blogging I ran into one of Lisa Irby’s videos which was about 5 years ago. It great to see she’s still rocking and rollin’… also I subscribed to Adam Connell’s list about a month ago. He definitely over delivers with great content. This brings up what I’ve seen the most from these 15 bloggers.

    1. Write Valuable Content for your readers
    2. Brand yourself
    3. Use Affiliate Marketing
    4. Build your email list

    So just from this it looks like I’m going in the right direction! One problem I’m having now is building my email list, so I’m definitely looking for ways to do this!

    Thanks for sharing this great line up! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…What To Look For When You Join Social Media GroupsMy Profile

  51. Carol Amato says:

    Hello Enstine,

    First of all, congratulations on an excellent post with a wonderful round up of folks to learn from!

    The FORMAT of your post was great and made it very easy to consume the content and take away the ideas from each and every contributor.

    So many blog owners do not focus on this and text only is boring! Don’t know why they don’t get it… lol definitely bookmarking to come back so I can consume each one individually and really check out their sites.

    I’m familiar with many; Yaro, Neil, Kevin, and Adam is in my Triberr tribe…But many of the others I hadn’t heard about.

    Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    I focus on selling my own products and services with a slight emphasis on affiliate marketing.

    Looking forward to keeping in touch.

    Thank You,
    – Carol Amato

    • Hey Carol,
      Thanks for the comment about th e format of this post. It’s quite long so I thought of a way to make it simple to read 😉

      I’m so grateful these brains gave us attention. This is surely some useful information for us trying to make money with blogs.

      Hey Carol, I’m not around town now. If you don’t read from me before next Wednesday, please shoot me a mail on my contact page. I’d like to find out something from you.

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  52. Hi Enstine,

    WOW! Great post with so much knowledge, experience, and wisdom here. Thanks for putting this list together.

    I am working on monetizing my site right now. I have some interest from people who cannot afford my 1-1 programs so I’m investigating selling various products like ebooks and access to my coaching via videos. I’m working through different subscription levels for website strategies, digital strategies, and business coaching.

    I was really interested in Yaro, it seems he has done what I’m considering. Of course, my traffic is going to need to come way up. However, not a good excuse to not move forward and do it.

    Thanks for another informative post as always.

    I appreciate you,
    Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…Mastering Your Business – 5 Areas You Must Perfect to SucceedMy Profile

    • Hey Don,

      Good to see you here and congrats on your 21 years of togetherness, you and your dear wife.

      Setting a membership site to me is the best way to sit and watch recurring earnings roll in. Did you have a look at the free zaxaa membership plugin I wrote about? Looks like a great option for membership WordPress sites.


  53. Hey Enstine,

    Super roundup of great minds you’ve gathered here! Well done.

    I like how Kevin Muldoon points out there are numerous ways to monetize a blog… AFTER you’ve built a readership.

    That’s key.

    Without readers, I could have the greatest product to sell on earth and could be selling it at the greatest price on earth, but if no one knows about it I’m not going to make much money.

    And if the readers I do have don’t trust me, again, I’m unlikely to make much money.

    This is why, right now, I’m concentrating on building my readership. I have affiliates, sure. And I’ve begun offering my areas of expertise to earn income. But both of those are secondary to building my readership.

    Once I have more readers, monetizing will be much easier.

    Thanks again for the great post, Enstine.
    Kevin Duncan recently posted…How to kill engagement and stop those pesky blog commentsMy Profile

    • Thanks for your contribution Kevin.
      Yes, that’s the key point. if you dont have a community, it won’t be easy to sell your products or promote affiliate offers.

      Thanks again for being my featured blogger of the week

      Do have a wonderful weekend.

  54. Hi Enstine,

    I am glad I didn’t miss this one!! Great post!! You compiled most of the best bloggers out there if not the best and they shared a lot to learn from.

    Building a list and selling your own product is what I find overtaking from these tips. I am working on building my list and my brand at this point.

    Thanks Enstine for taking the time to compile all these value from some awesome bloggers. I know it was not easy but you did a great job and thanks so much for your efforts and time. Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…Building A Good Character Is A Strong Foundation For Leadership!My Profile

    • Hey Neamat,

      I’m so excited to see you hear today and thanks for the comment.
      Yes, it wasn’t easy to put these tips together. I’m however glad that these top bloggers set aside time for me and my readers.

      I hope you are doing great this weekend 😉

  55. Hello Enstine bro,
    this was really awesome. An epic guide and a source of inspiration for all new bloggers and even the ones in the blogging game since long cannot resist to read this. After all 15 moguls of blogospehere are sharing something that is the desire of almost every blogger.

    I know many of them and follow their blogs regularly and they have been sharing great stuff there.
    The information you have collected is awesome and I am surely going to get a pdf version of it too.

    Carry on the good work bro 🙂

  56. Hey Enstine,

    Great line up you have here and there are only a few names that I’m not familiar with. The majority though did say to sell your own product which I totally agree with because like anything else online that’s all you really have total control over.

    I do affiliate marketing but it’s up and down, one product is popular this year and not the next, it’s never ending to find those to promote.

    Great share here and I’ll have to visit the ones I’m not familiar with and check out their site.

    Thanks again and enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted…The Seven Deadly Sins Of A Selfish WebsiteMy Profile

    • Hey Adrienne,
      Sorry for replying this late to your comment. I had to suddenly travel out of town to settle an issue with one of my client’s remote servers. It’s been driving for about 7 hours.

      I’m excited with this lineup Adrienne. I’m really still getting traffic to this post.

      I know your own product is soon going live. Waiting for it 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend dear friend

  57. Nice work Enstine, what a list of peeps! Honoured to be included with such superstars 🙂

  58. Erica Wallace says:

    Come on, seriously? John Chow? Who states,

    Most bloggers make the mistake by monetizing their blogs with advertising from third party networks.

    Yet his blog is a walking NASCAR lookalike when it comes to advertising. The guy’s a joke.

  59. We are all blogging with one aim making money. But some blogger gets success and some failed. But listing those who get success always inspire you. Listing all those great bloggers under one roof is really awesome. Thanks for this such a beautiful post.
    Tanmoy Das recently posted…5 Things You Need To Know About Windows 9My Profile

  60. Hi Enstine,

    Hats off to you for fetching in so many awesome bloggers’ view and thinking in this post. Everyone wants to make money though their blog like the 15 bloggers do. All of us want to make money and earn fame, reputation and authority.

    Thanks for this valuable and golden post.


  61. Slava

    One of your greatest articles mate. Thank you for it.
    And it’s so simple – real answers from the real bloggers. I can feel so much potential in it.

    I understand how hard ir was to gather all the info for such article. So again thanks a lot!

  62. After reading all these bloggers, I find 2 things are common among them.

    1. Create email list
    2. Sell you own product

    They all are giving more preference to their own product/service than any affiliate.
    Pankaj recently posted…Binary MLM Software : IT FreelancingMy Profile

  63. Hi Enstine,

    You know I’m a big fan of Lisa Irby and I follow her website, youtube, and podcast. Majority of her income comes from her blog is her residual income from GoDaddy affiliate marketing hosting service and her own real products (ie. ebooks) and about less than 20% coming from Adsense. In fact, she insisted on diversifying income via Internet instead of putting all your eggs in one basket. But her greatest reward comes from her own product.

    Anyway, I also know Chris Guthrie, I actually one of his book and bought his Amazon plugin (end up returning it); I’m not quite a follower of his. I guess he’s alright.

    Angela McCall recently posted…Video Blogging Challenge 17 | How to Get ClientsMy Profile

    • Hey Angela,
      Lisa was the first female lady making money online I knew even before getting into blogging. A friend of mine spoke to me about her and that’s how I came to her site.

      I’m quite used to the rest on the list. While it’s not possible to go along with all they said, a summary shows product creation and affiliate marketing are 2 most mentioned methods.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. Do have a wonderful week

  64. Hi Enstine,

    Wow…This is one great post. You have gathered the greatest bloggers here and it is surely a treat to get some tips from them. Also what is great is that we can connect with them.

    I love what John Chow had to say about capturing your readers instead of putting up all that stuff on the side making a few cents! I’m a great fan of Neil Patel and strongly believe to make your own products. Yes, it will take some time and get you out of your box, but once you do everything changes!

    Yaro recommends to sell high priced products. Now I have been doing much research and all the stats I’ve been seeing proves him correct!

    I would love to comment on each and every one, but I don’t want to write an ebook here. You have done a fantastic service for us with this post and I’m grateful to you.

    donna merrill recently posted…Why Is Google Like My Ex?My Profile

    • woooooooo! I would have loved to read that ebook Donna 😉

      Feeling good to see you here Donna and thanks for the beautiful comment. It was not easy to get these giants on one page. You know how busy they are. However, I’m grateful these 15 despite being so busy created time for me and my readers 😉

      By the way, your Ex is eying you 😉
      Enstine Muki recently posted…CommentLuv Premium Discount Code ~ ENS25OFFMy Profile

  65. Hi Enstine,
    This is an epic post! Dissecting the two top things that these top experts apply to make money online is awesome! 15 top bloggers revealed here are some of the top bloggers I respect
    From affiliate marketing, selling personal products, branding, referrals,etc, one thing that readily stand out is that customers are able to receive “VALUE”. Yes, this is so very important!
    I have bookmarked for future reference!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

  66. WOW, Really great post Enstine.

    SO many great bloggers all in one place offering great insights and advice is sure to spark some ideas to make money through blogging. I noticed that the majority of people said that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money … and I’m not disagreeing. Although I’m a person that prefers to sell Information Products, I certainly see the appeal of Affiliate Products.

    You don’t create it yourself.
    You don’t have to deal with all the guts (order fulfillment) of the products.

    But the main thing about anybody trying to make money online is to build relationships with people. If people DON’T trust you, they ain’t purchasing from you. That’s why building a list is really important as many people here talked about.

    I liked what Yaro said about the subscription stuff. I’m in the process of working on something like that myself. I do see the potential for that mainly because it’s continuous income and you pretty much have to do the work once.

    Great post once again, Enstine. Will definitely be sharing this.

    Have a great week.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted…Do You Know What Makes YOUR Blog Unique? Learn From 17 Expert Bloggers Who Share Their Thoughts.My Profile

    • Hey Andrew,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for the comment

      I can understand you just published a hot post too. Dealing with the comments on your blog, Google+, facebook, etc and having to come interact here is been easy.

      I agree with you pointing out Yaro’s point. You either promote subscription products or own one. In either case, the money keeps pouring in 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and for including me on the list of those wonderful bloggers on your blog
      Enstine Muki recently posted…CommentLuv Premium Discount Code ~ ENS25OFFMy Profile

  67. Rohan Bhardwaj

    Hi Enstine,

    I am feeling a bit more confident now, reading this post. The common thing, I found among all the recommendation was, to start selling own products or services.

    One can definitely earn nice income renting ads, but one will earn fat paychecks selling own made products or services. Nicely said by Neil Patel, there are two ways to make money, sell the products one creates or someone else’s creates.

    The potential of earning money from the email list is very infinite. One can keep on earning money, with positive outcomes every time. Having a list and knowing your readers adds real value. One can add the desired product for the readers, so they like it and we as a blogger earn more money.

    John Chow’s expertise speaks for itself, one can earn only short term income with displaying ads through third parties, but with email list, one earns a lifetime value income.

    The amount of work is indeed high, but when one gets big clients, it is very natural for the subscribers to buy the product again and again.

    Recurring money is the best thing in the online earning stats for a blogger.

    I started my service, and soon will launch my product. Trying to fit in the success shoes, the best way to earn money is to listen and act from the experiences of successful bloggers.

    Brilliant post Enstine, I found this on Kingged.

    • Thanks for switching from Kingged to the post Rohan and thanks for taking time to leave an engaging comment

      As a matter of fact, a greater portion of my earnings online has been by selling my own products. That’s by the far the best way forward. If you have hot product, you can even recruit affiliate to help pull the sales.

      Once a huge list is in place, you can sell anything good for the list and make profit. That’s why building a list is one of the first things to do online.

      Thanks for the engagement Rohan and hope you are having a wonderful week
      Enstine Muki recently posted…CommentLuv Premium Discount Code ~ ENS25OFFMy Profile

  68. Inspiring guide.How about indian bloggers.There are many who make a lot of money.If possible post about them.
    Javeth Raguman recently posted…How To Make Your School/College To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  69. Hi Enstine,
    Very interesting article. No doubt they people are really inspiring for many peoples. Frankly Neil Patel is very inspiring for me.
    Keep sharing such a cool stuff.

    Waqas Ahmed recently posted…My blogging journey completes 1 year – Thank you all !!!!My Profile

  70. Hi Enstine,

    Like Siraj, I have been on the look out for this post and I always have to refresh my browse to check if it’s live – so much sir that I got to know about it before your newsletter came in. 😀 That was how bad I needed this post.

    And did I find it useful? Oh boy! It really was worth my while. Thanks man!

    So speaking of, it’s as though every one favors Affiliate Marketing, Creation of own service and products and Marketing it with Emailing List. Isn’t it?

    I guess Imma need to look into this and lunch out. Thanks again for sharing this with this awesome community and I didn’t forget to mention on it on my latest post written around Seth Godin. – Have a nice one!

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 Ways To Write Like Seth GodinMy Profile

  71. Hi Enstine,

    Great bloggers’ list you’ve got here, but they also prove a point, it’s not because some well seasoned bloggers make money online and with their blog that just anyone can do it.

    As we know and as those bloggers prove it, it take knowledge, branding, marketing and so forth to be able to do that well or even at all.

    Great post and great list.

    So your post on Kingged 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…5 Key Points You Need To Know In Order To Get High Paying ClientsMy Profile

    • Very correct Sylviane!
      That they make money is no guarantee for anyone trying to do same. However, this is proof that what they do works and anyone working hard can do same.

      Good to have you here on sharing your views

      Hope the week is kicking on well

  72. Cool roundup, and thank you for including me amongst some of my favorite bloggers!

    I guess it all comes down to 2 things:

    1. Having something to sell.
    2. Having someone to sell it to.


    Nick Loper recently posted…I Grew My Twitter Following 10x in a Year. Should Anyone Care?My Profile

    • Hey Nick,
      Thank you for being part of this exercise both in providing content and in reading and sharing. It’s been awesome putting together your contributions.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead Nick

  73. This is indeed an amazing article and one to learn so many things from. You don’t often find so many probloggers contribute in an article like this ever sharing their thoughts for others to learn. All the same i am glad i read this article and have noted quite some good points. Thanks for sharing.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Do You Need An Increase In Website Traffic?My Profile

  74. Hi Enstine,

    Awesome post indeed, something we’ve all been waiting for, as you told us you’d be coming up with this post 🙂

    These are surely great lessons and money making secrets from well known bloggers, most of whom I know, though it’s mainly Neil, Yaro, and John one’s interacted a little with – so one can relate to them as Neil and Yaro mentioned a little of it in their interview at my blog sometime back. Surely lots to learn from all of them.

    Thanks for sharing all of these nuggets with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Internet Addiction: Are You Suffering From This DisorderMy Profile

  75. Hi Enstine,

    Awesome article………!!!

    You really done great job, in single post you reveals secrets of top online marketing entrepreneur’s online money blogging.

    I think this is a inspirational post for all bloggers majorly for newbies who eager to earn money through their blog.

    Thanks for sharing this informative and motivational article…..!!!

    I found this post on
    Gangadhar Kulkarni recently posted…Free High PR RSS Feed Submission Sites List to Promote Your Feeds and Earn Quality BacklinksMy Profile

  76. Great article Enstine. I was proud to take part 🙂

    It seems that most bloggers believe selling your own product is the way to make a living from blogging. 🙂
    Kevin Muldoon recently posted…50 Free Social Media Icon SetsMy Profile

    • Good to see you here Kevin and thanks for taking part in this round up. Thanks also for sharing this post on social media. I’m so excited with your contribution.

      I think most of these bloggers have had the good experience of creating and selling their own stuff. I think that’s where I have made the biggest chunk of my money online too 😉

      Hope you are having a great week starting today 😉
      Enstine Muki recently posted…Learn to use Twitter like a Pro REVIEWMy Profile

  77. With all been said making money relies on Good contents, selling a product/service and building a list.

    I am currently working on building a list.

    Thanks Enstine Muki for the time you spent making these research from these great bloggers
    decoslim recently posted…10 ways to increase your sales as a web designerMy Profile

  78. Timo Kiander

    Hi Enstine!

    Thanks for including me on this round-up 🙂

    It’s great to be in this crowd!


  79. Hello Enstine Sir,

    You keep on proving your ability at every blog post and this is another one. I’ve read all the money making tips shared by experts and understood that one should need a self-product to sell or become affiliate for some reliable products. I’m missing both the things. Being a part-time blogger, I can’t concentrate anything other than writing but seriously wanna get into the AM. Hope will be doing it soon.

    Thanks for consolidating some valuable stuffs here and as Siraj told, the CSS buttons are awesome. Keep your good work 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…AskMe – All-Rounder App To Acquire Desired Data Near Your AreaMy Profile

    • I’m excited you are here this morning Nirmala.
      You know after having a chat with you on FB this morning, I had to rush to the office where I am now. Will be off back home about 2 hours where I’ll continue to promote this post.

      Thanks for reading and summarizing. I hope you check out that button plugin too 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  80. Wow!! All IM Stars in one place, Really good Posts.

  81. Hi Enstine
    Money is in the list and create your own product are the two loud messages I got from these 15 awesome experts.
    So it is better to make your own dream (own product) come true before someone hires you to make his dreams (affiliate products) come true.
    This post has cleared all the ambiguities and misunderstanding about money blogging in present times.
    One amazing point you must also have noted that except Liza Irby none of them spoke much about PPC or Google Ads. It shows how fast things are changing. Otherwise it is the same Liza Irby who a few years ago was one of the biggest earners from Google Adsense and may be still but she equally mentioned affiliate marketing as good source of online income. It shows changing trends of money blogging.
    Thanks a lot for sharing one of the most valuable posts on money blogging with variety of opinions but the basic message of all of them is same; sell your products or sell others products, choice is your but do make a list to easily earn money with it.

    • Hi Mi,
      Thanks for giving a closer look to the post.
      As a blogger myself, my highest earnings have come from selling my own products. Affiliate marketing comes next.

      I remember the first ever earnings I made online was on clickbank. I did some Adword promotion and made a couple of sales. I think PPC still works but not common among bloggers 😉

      whatever the case, I appreciate you reading and dropping a comment this morning

  82. Hey,

    Wow, wow, wow… I was waiting for this since you updated your status on Facebook. So many big names Neil, Yaro and Zac are the reason to keep my blogging journey alive.

    I really like the buttons thingy which you have located at the start of this roundup post. I too have collected some data for a roundup post last week and it’s almost ready, i’ll make sure to use this css buttons feature as it’s really amazing.

    Thanks for sharing this, keep writing.

    -Siraj Wahid
    Siraj Wahid recently posted…Convert Your Blog into #1 Traffic Stream [$50 Cash Giveaway]My Profile

    • Hey Siraj,

      It’s not always easy to get great minds like this on a single page. They are always very busy. However, I’m grateful to these that were able to create time despite being so busy.

      I’ll be excited to read your own post too as soon as it’s live 😉

      do have a wonderful week ahead

    • From the whole list i was only known to one person that is neil patel but now got so many to follow.

      I want to know one thing that how you had presented the whole secret of one blogger in a box

      Did you used any plugin?
      Suprabhat Mondal recently posted…Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2014My Profile


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