What Is an SEO Campaign and How Does It Work?

Maybe it started out as a side hustle to bring in a little extra money. Maybe the pandemic killed your old job, and you needed a new income stream. Then, one day, you realize that your side gig has become a full-blown business.

Once that realization sets in, you start thinking about all the things you never did. You never worried much about things like digital marketing, for example. You start reading up and hearing about things like SEO marketing and SEO campaigns.

Did you ask yourself: “What is an SEO campaign?” Keep reading, and we’ll give you a quick rundown on how an SEO strategy and campaign can improve your business.

What Is an SEO Campaign?

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Much of digital marketing focuses on things happening on other sites and platforms, such as paid ads and social media profiles. An SEO campaign largely focuses on things that happen on your website. It’s a long-term effort meant to improve how your website pages rank in search engine results.

A good SEO strategy takes a multi-pronged approach. We’ll break down the key elements below.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is something of a catch-all phrase. As a general rule, people use it as a shorthand for on-page technical improvements to your site.

  • Image size optimization
  • Page load speed improvement
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile readiness
  • Limiting JavaScript

Search engine algorithms look at these technical improvements favorably, which can improve ranking.


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Keywords aren’t the be-all and end-all that they once were, but they still matter. Selecting and using the right keywords helps search engines serve up your pages to the right customers.
A local bakery doesn’t need website visitors from halfway across the nation. So, that bakery might focus on local, longtail keywords.


A good SEO strategy also includes space for content, which some consider part of optimization. Your content is where you deploy your primary and secondary keywords. As your content library grows on the site, search engines treat your site as a reliable source of information about that topic.

Consistent content creation can prove challenging, so many businesses outsource this part of the work. You can click here for more information.

Off-Page SEO

A good campaign also looks at off-page or off-site SEO. This typically means building high-authority backlinks. For the SEO newbie, that means that high-profile sites with a solid reputation include links to your site on their site. This is a challenge and another task that businesses often outsource.

An SEO Campaign and You

Now that you have a working answer to the question of what an SEO campaign is, you might rightly wonder how it applies to you. Any improvements you can make to your SEO game will benefit your business. At a minimum, you’ll see more traffic which means you’ll likely see some additional customers.

A good campaign with a solid strategy behind it will help you bring in much more targeted visitors that boost your revenue significantly. Looking for more SEO tips? Check out the posts in our SEO section.

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