WebMeUp Review ~ the cutting edge Online SEO Software

WebMeUp Review is what we are doing in this post today. I want to introduce you to this online seo software and let’s see how it can help us gain green status before search engines. You may want to get straight to the webmeup official website and start right this moment by creating a free trial account with full access for 15 days.

One of the things we as online entrepreneurs must do is to keep up with the constant mutation in the SEO industry . The most appropriate way to keep fit is to have a cutting edge SEO software.

Google, carrying a mighty cane behind webmasters today makes it a must to attache ones site to a tool that constantly monitors and provides tips for SEO performance optimization.

WebMeUp is a terrific combination of all the innovative and pioneering facilities to enhance SEO of any website, from simple one-page presentation blog to full blown eCommerce transactional site. It’s a bundle of every tool you need for an in-depth analysis of your site or blog and its SEO strategies.


Rankinity a webmeup alternative

rankinity reviewRankinity is a unique cloud-based service that allows to check positions
of a website for certain keywords in all popular search engines in real time.
A full-featured real-time mode implementation makes it possible to obtain website rankings without any additional queries or reloading of the page in a browser. The checker is 100% automatic.

Another remarkable feature of Rankinity is the support for both global and local search. This provides a user with ability to check rankings in a given country, region or city. And automatic competitor search allows a user to quickly determine leaders and the nearest competitors.

The advanced comparative analysis allows revealing weaknesses in user’s own SEO strategy to quickly reconsider it and make appropriate changes in time.  Signup now free

I must admit there are SEO applications out there that can carry you from keyword research to competition and market analysis but a limited number of them will go beyond this limit. Any SEO tool that does not help you acquire green status before Google’s recurring ranking penalties lacks the necessary ingredients.

WebMeUp stands out and here are a couple of reasons to justify my unbiased position. Note that in this review, I will highlight some key features that will trigger your interest. This SEO web tool is a complex yet easy-to-use tool we may not be able to go through all those excellent features in a single post.

online seo tool

WebMeUp Review ~ Why this online SEO Software is must recommended

It helps protect your site against Google’s ranking penalties

Backlinking is one of the most important ranking factors in today’s SEO. While this is most sought for, it must follow principles. For the most part, webmasters and bloggers don’t have an eye into what’s happening at the background.

We have hundreds and thousands of links (both internal and external) putting our ranking efforts at risk. As a matter of fact, we need to be clearly situated on how many links (dofollow and nofollow) are pointing to other sites from our site (Outbound) and how many are pointing to our site from other sites (backlinks). How do we know this and how does WebMeUp help?

A – The danger of external links – how to resolve it with WebMeUp SEO software

There are two types of external links we want to take care of;

  1. Nofollow (harmless)
  2. Dofollow (SEO Danger)

WebMeUp SEO web tool tells us the number of links that point out from our site (outbound links) and whether they are dofollow or not.

“Dofollow” links means we are telling the search spiders to go check out the linked page. It means we endorse and recommend that page in the eyes of search engines.In other words, we are passing PageRank to those links

These links have the highest chance of being regarded as unnatural.The danger here is that Google may conclude we are selling links. The result could be a negative impact on our blog.

Treating Outbound links !

Here below is what my blog looked like after 3 months. I never thought I had over 800 dofollow outbound links. With time and if nothing is done, this is going to be an issue. Google may think I have been selling these links and you know the result

webmeup review

Now it’s time to check yours. Go to WebMeUp  and signup for a free trial account and click “Add project” to add your domain. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Click your project name -> Pages -> Site audit. While on the Site audit page, be sure to be on the Site audit tab.

To see you outgoing dofollow links, click dofollow ext. outgoing links. Here, you will see lots of other critical information available on this page – broken links, heavy pages, too long titles, etc

There are a couple of ways to sort out this issue – open those pages with dofollow outbound links and manually add the “rel=”nofollow” tag or if you are on WordPress, You may want to download a plugin that takes care of this

B – Dangerous backlinks – WebMeUp is very helpful online SEO tool

Backlinking is an important ranking factor. However, this too can also be reason to receive a slap from Google. Google loves backlinks. The more natural backlinks you get, the more Google sees your content as useful.

Logically, if people keep linking back to you, that means you are valuable. But there is danger when these links are not natural – in other words, people don’t deliberately link back. That could mean you are using some black-hat seo and that’s one big enemy of the search engine giant.

What WebMeUp does is practical and straight forward – It analysis all the links pointing back to your domain (source, anchor link, age of source domain, etc) and puts them into 4 categories according to the risk factor;

  1. Dangerous
  2. Suspicious
  3. Neutral
  4. Trusted

Let’s see what I got with my domains in the following image (Click image to enlarge);

online seo software
See that? I have 13 dangerous links, 172 suspicious, 5350 neutral and 345 trusted.

Here is how to check yours;  go to WebMeUp (I hope you have created your free account already), choose the project, go to Backlinks/Profile and click the Link penalty risks tab

Those 13 dangerous and 172 suspicious links are my headache now. To secure my ranking, I’ll have to make sure these dangerous links get removed or disavowed.

As a matter of fact, there are 2 ways to do this;

  1. Contact the webmasters of these domains to get rid of the links
  2. Use Google’s Disavow links tool to tell the search engine it should ignore those links

NB: Check out this article on how to create a disavow file with WebMeUp – step-by-step guide!

Protecting the green links

Now I have to take care too of my green links. Fortunately, WebMeUp has a solution. In the article I linked above, you will learn to be able to  protect your trusted links in different ways;

  1. Monitor their status (are they live or has a webmaster deleted them by mistake)
  2. track their anchor text (if anyone changes it, you’ll get an alert)
  3. monitor on-page factors, such as page’s title
  4. store webmaster’s contact data with useful comments and notes

Avoiding Google’s penalty with WebMeUp link-cleanup tool – Summary!

In a summary, this online seo software helps us escape Google’s ranking penalties in 2 ways;

  1. Checks and adjust dofollow outbound links
  2. Builds a list of inbound links, protects the trusted ones and disavows the dangerous links.

Go to the official website and create your free trial account. Click here!

What else does WebMeUp, the online SEO tool do?

A lot!

This is a complete online seo tool. Like I mentioned above, I can not detail every feature in one single post. However, for the sake of knowledge, I’ll do a quick run-down of some other features that are available;

  • It helps in keyword analysis
  • It helps in competitor analysis
  • Hooks up with Google analytics – that means a lot of more analysis.
  • Gives an insight of social media popularity
  • Etc

Bottom line…

I can recommend this as your all time online seo software. Why because it delivers the service and follows you everywhere you go.

However, if you have used this before, let me hear your thoughts in the comment box. Are you however still planning to use it? What do you think about it?

Go to the official website and  Create your free account. No credit card numbers required though. Have full access to all the features for 15 days. Thanks for your attention and time you put in to read this webmeup review. Let’s see what you get in your free account.

46 thoughts on “WebMeUp Review ~ the cutting edge Online SEO Software”

  1. WebMeUp is an awesome online software, I have using it since 2015 and it’s just awesome. WebMeUp have incredible features in Premium account 🙂

    This software has helped me a lot in optimizing my website’s SEO factors, thanks for sharing this SEO tool 🙂

  2. I’ve used their service in combination with MOZ and all of the dangerous/suspicious urls were generated from sites with commentluv added to them.

    Be careful

  3. Hello, Enstine Muki. Thanks for sharing such helpful tool. I will definitely try this SEO tool. Because when it comes on the success of any website, the most critical key for generating massive traffic in the web world is Search Engine Optimization.

  4. Hello Enstine Muki, Thanks for this great post. As an SEO consultant I’ve been using WebMeUp online SEO Software from a long instance and yet I’m very pleased by using its all features. So I don’t have any doubt about this software. 🙂 🙂

  5. Good software, i was used this webmeup software, superb working, am every time used this software for checking backlinks and bookmarked it..

  6. What about outbound dofollow links to wikipedia, are they penalized ? If for instance you have on a page one or more articles copied from there and at the end mentioned the source as link and the article has anchors (more than 50 on a page) all sending only to other wikipedia pages is the website penalized ? What if you would have more pages like that on an website ?

    • Hi Diana,
      Outbound links to trusted sites are generally not suspicious. I can only recommended you don’t use keyword for anchor text. Google may still think you are selling links if your they are keyword rich and that’s bad

      Google recommends 100 links on a webpage. This is what Matt said about it.

      However, to really be save, use nofollow tag except for some specific reasons that push you to dofollow those links

  7. I like they have a 15 days free trial, which shows me that webmeup is kind of business don’t afraid to show what they got for free and if I consider is worthy I buy the membership that suits my needs. Pretty cool. I like it! I like it a LO00t!

    PS: Enstine, I got to emails from you, $100 for free, what’s that all about bro’?

  8. Hi Enstine Sir,

    That was an awesome review about webmeup. Surely I can say webmeup is totally different when compared to other online tools regarding SEO. The topic between inbound and outbound links is must considered to be serious when it comes to PageRank safety.

    Google PageRank considers it and allots pagerank for a site. So WebMeUp got some features like finding trusted links, Dangerous, Suspicious and Neutral. So this online seo software surely will make my blog backlinks understand and make things run smoothly.

    If we have some more outbound links as said above, Google may surely consider that we are selling links. I have read an article in google official blog, where a news paper site got penalized for a link in article. Matt Cutts said, “this newspaper sites is selling links and we took up an action on this”. So consider outbound and inbound links is must of for a better pagerank.

    I thanks the developer of WebMeUp online seo software tool for us, especially webmaster and bloggers with different features when compared to other online seo tools.

    It my turn to checkout this online seo tool WebMeUp. Thanks for this awesome review Enstine Sir.

  9. Hi Enstine,

    Well i guess that WebMeUp is great online SEO tool and it worth testing. I’ve already heard about it but i have yet to try it. It seems to be such great way to analysis blog backlinks ,dangerous and Suspicious links.

    Any way good review , thanks you for sharing this information with us.

    Warm regards,

  10. Estine really love your article you did a great job. What I really like about web me up is the part of designating the links into different categories. As Adrienne said am wondering while Glen site is on this list. Can’t say if he did actually do bad seo practice as I know Glen to be a straight forward guy.

    I ll love to ask what metric they use in determining that a link is dangerous.
    Since this is a free trial am sure to check it out and see what comes up on my site.

    • Hey Peter,

      I’d just like to say thanks for the character reference. Yes, I am a straight up, straight forward person and always will be. I don’t believe in blackhat strategies and would see myself go short before ever resorting to such things.

      As I’ve just replied to Enstine above, I am totally puzzled and just as surprised as everyone else to see my name up there! But I’m going to get right on it and see if I can fathom it out.

      I do wonder if it’s one of those subjective things whereby one opinion of a particular thing is that it’s bad whereas another opinion is that it’s fine. After all Google doesn’t make it easy for us to be sure about anything for definite! Which is one of the reasons why I don’t concern myself too much with them. But as I said to Enstine, if there’s a chance at all that anything on my blog could potentially cause problems for other people’s sites, then that’s a big ‘no-no’ and is something I want to get to the bottom of.


  11. Hey Enstine,

    It definitely looks like something I could use their free trial for to at least see what they have to say.

    Looking at the screenshot you did and the so called “dangerous” links, I know two of those bloggers that were mentioned. I’m not sure what Google thinks of Glenn’s blog but I do know that Larry had some issues with his because he wasn’t really paying attention to it and let just anyone write guest posts for him. He was busy building his business and didn’t have time to write so he just let anyone who wanted post for him and now he’s regretting it. He’s a good guy though and has been trying to clean it up and it’s reputation.

    I think I would be curious to know what they feel is good or not with my links but Google sometimes doesn’t think to highly of me either so if they were to put me in that dangerous category I’d be insulted. I’m one of the good guys darn it!

    Good review though, thanks for sharing that with us and might have to check it out. You know, when I can find the time! LOL!!!


    • Hey Adrienne,
      I was also shocked when I saw Glenn’s Commentluv and technorati.com tagged dangerous. I more curious know.

      I’m looking for another SEO option to kind of compare the results.

      By the way, did you signup to the free trial and what were the results like?

      • Hey Enstine,

        I wanted to get back by here and respond. Yeah, those two shocked me and I was reading somewhere yesterday about Google and let’s face it. They don’t always walk on the right side either. One month they’re saying on thing and another month it’s different so it’s just dang hard to keep up with them.

        I haven’t tested that out yet. These are things I do when I have more time to invest which I don’t right now but it’s on my list of “to do’s”. I will check it out though. I’m curious!


      • Not half as shocked as I am, my friend! :-O I can assure you that I have NEVER used any bad SEO practices. Whilst I make it no secret that I don’t concern myself too much with doing much in the way of pro-SEO, I am always as careful as I possibly can be about doing anything that could have a negative SEO impact.

        To be quite honest, I’m not too concerned about what Google thinks of me. It’s always a game of cat & mouse with Google’s SEO algorithms and you’ll always be playing catchup. I know people who don’t touch SEO at all and they don’t have any problems in getting visitors to their sites.

        However, what does concern me is any potential for causing problems for other people. THAT is something that I don’t want. I’ll take a look at things and see if there’s anything that could be causing issues.

        Ultimately, my sole purpose of backlinks is for people to use them to discover my content and for my visitors to discover other bloggers’ content through their backlinks. I don’t and have never used backlinks for SEO purposes and I’ve never used any sneaky or blackhat strategies at all. But, as I said, I will go through everything on my blog and see if I can spot anything that shouldn’t be there. It might also be good for me to try out WebMeUP and see what insight that can offer.

        Thanks for sharing this, Enstine. It’s just a pity I’ve only come across this post just now, otherwise I could have got on the case a lot sooner. Sorry for any headaches, buddy, I really have no idea at this stage why I should have appeared in that list. But rest assured I will be getting on it immediately!


  12. Hi Enstine,

    I have used tools like google disawow and cognitive seo for removing spam links and this is a new tool let me try it thanks for sharing…from now i will be careful when submitting links because low domain authority sites are harmful and fortunately these type of helpful for analysing links..Thanks again..

  13. hi Enstine good explanation and nice tool….i actually used cognitive seo tool for finding bad links and google disawow and i will definitely give a try for this..most of the times my submissions are made in low domain authority sites and got affected and from now i will be careful to get good ranking after seeing my links using these type of tools thanks for sharing….

  14. Hii Enstine Muki Sir,

    Thank you so much for saving my Blog by sending me Email and informing me about this useful software WebMeUp. According to your suggestion, I checked out my blog Backlinks and got huge amount of Dangerous and Suspicious links.

    I used the 2nd way ” Google’s Disavow links tool” to remove or disavow Bad links. Now I am hoping that my blog ranking will be good within few days. Thanks again for sharing this detailed and informative post. Looking forward to see more useful tips and tricks from you.

  15. Hello Enstine,
    First of all nice and very detailed review. Ya, what I found most difficult in my blogging experience of almost 1 year is ,It is really tough to know about Google Penalties. Sometimes in my previous blog, my traffic goes down , and didn’t realized that I am in penalty zone of Google at all. Webmeup sounds nice in that scenario. I never used it but will try it.

  16. Nice read MuMuki. But I have tried all positive ways to earn money through blogging but so far no success seems to be touching my threshold. i don’t know the reason. But it is so. Any way good article. Will try to follow what you said. Thanks

  17. Well I have tried all different options of earning through blogging and other positive means but to be very honest, I could’t get anything so far. The reason I don’t know but this is happening with me. Anyway, I’ll follow the instruction you gave and give it a try. Thanks anyways for sharing such a great post. Keep it up. Bravo!

  18. Hi Enstine,
    I never heard or read about this WebMeUp software. It sure looks like a powerful SEO software.
    It is true that backlinks are the most important part of the analysis of your site by Google. Often, webmasters and bloggers like me spend a lot of time identifying the good backlinks from the harmful ones. This software might be a good alternative as we can find everything related to the SEO of our site at one place. Integration with Google analytics will help us know how the site is performing in the eyes of the Google.
    Thanks you for sharing this information with us.

  19. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for writing this review mate. For starters, I read about WebMeUp for sometime now and I have yet to try it.

    Your reviews seems promising (the tool) and I think it is worth the bet. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of investing into a business version of SEO PowerSuite. Guess it is time to reconsider!

    Anyway mate, I think what attracts me the most is the part where it shows Dangerous, Suspicious etc. I think that is HUGE especially when you are monitoring the link building part.

    Love the write up and will share it via Inbound.

    *p/s How have you been?

    Talk to you soon!

  20. Hey Enstine, WebMeUp seems like an awesome SEO tool. It seems like a great way for SEOs to quickly analyze their link profiles and make sure they are “healthy” for Googlebots 🙂

    Nice review!

  21. Hi Enstine,

    This sounds great, but what seems to be a headache as you said, is to get rid of those dangerous links. I’m afraid that if I go in there I’ll fine quite a few. Now, I may be wrong but I’m feeling that doing it through Google is not that easy, because nothing is easy with Google 🙂

    Anyway, I certainly will get the free trial and see what’s up with my site.

    Thanks for this great article.

    • Hi Syviane,
      I can recommend taking the 15 day free trial. This can help you check it out in more details.
      What I like is the ease to generate those dangerous links and just upload them to Google with the disavow tool. Looks quite straight forward

      Let me hear from you 😉

  22. Hi Enstine
    Sounds like an interesting tool
    There are so many links on our sites these days with references and comment luv and much more. Sometimes I check out my links and am astounded at what is on there, and I have not been blogging as long as you!
    Thanks for sharing your experience

    • Hey Ashley,
      How are you doing man? Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment
      Give the program a try and I’m sure you’ll like it

      Let me know what you think

  23. Hi friend,
    In order to to truly understand advancement and course it aimed at your web is together with good reporting tools. We were being less concerned with products with regard to SEO professionals who required to report thus to their clients when compared with we were being with products that may report for business people and marketing experts optimizing their particular organization’s website.
    Thanks for posting.

  24. WebMeUp sounds like a really cool tool Enstine.

    It might be a pit pricey for me at the moment but I’ll head over and take a look.

    The backlink tool is certainly a big draw for me. I was surprised at some of the links shown on the list in your screenshot!

    • Hi Tim,

      A link from Technocrati is marked as dangerous. That was a surprise to me. Links from some other sites I would consider as trusted were also classes dangerous. That’s quite a big surprise too.

      I think for now, to be on the safe side, it will be good to get these all disavowed

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a contribution

  25. Enstine, I’ve used WebMeUp before for the free trial and did a post on it. It is very good but expensive when the trial ends. I think I had 30 days too. (I believe cost is $99/mo) I did like it a lot though and it was very helpful. If they had more affordable plans I probably would have kept it but $99/mo for a small blogger is a lot of money.

    • Hi Lisa,
      I didn’t know about it when you signed up but I think now packages start from $19.95/m through $45.95/m. Looks like it’s becoming a bit more affordable.

      Have you checked it again?

  26. Hey Enstine…

    Great post… 🙂

    Definitely giving it a try… 🙂

    I will let you know the feedback… 🙂



      • Hey Enstine…

        Definitely… I have visited their website today… They offer great deals of tutorials on their blog too…

        Most impressive and attractive point for this service is that Kristi Hines is promoting and writing article for this company, which is a great confidence booster for any potential client…

        They have also published great video tutorials….

        I think I will go for the Basic plan first to have a feeling of the product…

        Thanks a lot again for the share…. 🙂



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