How to Use Press Releases to Grow Your Business

Whether you want to popularize your business or the launch of new products and services, a press release can get the job done. Press Releases can be a powerful marketing strategy to draw attention to and grow your business.

Focus on what your press release intends to do

Press releases can be very effective marketing tools if used appropriately. A press release must have a specific purpose. In most cases, press releases are used to announce the launch of a new business or products and services; however, they are also very effective in drawing attention to special events like anniversaries, announcements of notable hires, business relocations or expansion plans, and announcing an award an individual or a business has won.

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Yet, it’s crucial to remember that the content of a press release is just as important as how it is written. With a press release, you want to create awareness and interest in the topic discussed while at the same time provide detailed information news sources require in order to spread the word.

It’s important to provide information you think people will need to know about your business and then frame it in such a way that it adds value to those reading it.

Use press releases as supplementary marketing tools, not the only marketing tool

Press releases are not generally considered a complete marketing or PR tool; mostly, they are thought of as supplementary marketing tools or sources of additional information used in support of other marketing strategies.

Press releases are excellent reference points to direct customers, potential investors, and other interested parties looking for more information about a business or a specific event related to a business. Press releases should therefore not be used as a substitute for real PR or media relations strategies; however, they do have the potential to create immediate public awareness surrounding a business.

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Although press releases are generally used as a supplementary marketing tool, they should not be neglected. An important aspect of press releases is their distribution. Press releases should always be distributed to the correct audiences, whether demographically or geographically speaking.

It’s important to get this right because targeting the wrong audience could drastically diminish the potential impact a press release could have. Press releases should thus be treated with as much seriousness as is given to primary marketing and PR strategies.

Think about SEO

Press releases can also boost a business website’s SEO, increase its online views as well as targeted referral traffic. Press releases affect SEO by driving viewers to a business’ website, by increasing the number of social media followers a business has, and through creating online awareness and providing exposure for a new business launch or announcement. Press releases are a good way to establish a business, brand, or individual in various online communities.

If we think about how press releases improve SEO, which in turn can also have a massive impact on the growth of a business, a press release is essentially an off-page SEO strategy.

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It is therefore very important to use them wisely and research the appropriate keywords that will allow viewers to easily find your story when searching for a specific topic online. Linking such keywords within a press release to relevant or important information on a business website is one sure way of improving online traffic and sales.

It may even be a better idea to link relevant keywords to product and service description web pages instead of a business’ home web page.

A final tip: Strive for newsworthy content

The purpose of press releases is to provide businesses with the publicity they need at any given moment. However, a press release can only provide this publicity if it is relevant and newsworthy. The best press releases are, therefore, short, concise, and to the point; they focus on bringing attention to a single event, topic, or announcement.

For press releases to be newsworthy, pay attention to the title as well as the first few paragraphs as it is these aspects of a press release that really grab people’s attention.

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While press releases provide businesses with serious media attention if written and distributed correctly, it’s important to keep track of your results to know what works and what needs improving. If a specific press release produces great results in terms of media exposure as well as business growth, then it might be worth doing a similar release later down the line.

With the proper use of press releases, even the smallest businesses can experience exponential growth. It might even be worth the extra dollars to hire a PR or marketing firm that has the expertise as well as the distribution networks to get the news your business wants to share across to the right audiences and help you grow your business.

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