Top 6 Brand Monitoring Tools

The easiest method to find out what people are saying about your business is to use social media monitoring tools. And what they’re saying about your product, your rivals, your industry, your Super Bowl ad, your pandemic response, your customer service wait times, your new mascot—basically, everything your target audience would have an opinion on.

To put it in other words, social media monitoring software collects and provides audience and competitive data to businesses who wish to keep track. In this post, we’ll look at some of the greatest tools on the market, as well as go over the setup and best practices, so you can jump straight into the conversation.

What is brand monitoring, and why is it so important?

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Brand monitoring allows people to work very little and live more while also making managing your service or product easier. To be more explicit, this technology displays important info that is occurring in real-time.

Brand monitoring tools keep your company informed of where it stands in relation to its competitors in your sector, as well as how your customers see you in that context and on its own.

This covers where your brand is discussed or branded, as well as what is said about it. It is humanly impossible to follow everything manually with the number of web channels at our disposal. A digital branding agency may use brand monitoring software to keep track of your company’s internet activities.

Here is a list of some things where brand monitoring is useful:

  • Enhance brand perception
  • Sentiment Identifying
  • Exploring Trends


Mentionlytics homepage

Mentionlytics is a social media management platform that includes brand monitoring as well as publishing capabilities. And it does both of these things quite well. It allows it to join real-time chats and communicate with social media users. It can track your brand in more than 20 languages throughout social media and the web.

The Social Intelligent Advisor is what distinguishes Mentionlytics. It’s an artificial intelligence service that draws actionable insights from social data. For example, if you watch your brand, it will automatically identify and emphasize your clients’ major pain issues.

Mentionlytics also provides insights on the reach and influence of discovered mentions, competition tracking, and a Boolean search function.


Mention homepage

Mention is a French firm that monitors and listens in on internet discussions. It’s ideal for mid-sized businesses and enterprise-level brands since it provides a wide range of insights and integrates with other tools for comprehensive brand monitoring.

It emphasizes real-time search – unlike some of the other tools, it only delivers historical data as an add-on. It collects data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, forums, blogs, videos, news, online, and even radio and TV to keep you up to date on all the talks around your company.


Keyhole homepage

With Keyhole, you can monitor when the name of your company, its products, or a competitor is referenced on all major social media platforms as well as millions of other websites. You’ll also be able to receive an overview of statistics pertaining to post volume, interaction volume, number of impressions, and reach volume via its user-friendly dashboard.

This basic information will provide you with a solid starting point. It then goes a step further by providing sentiment analysis, which is important for competition analysis.

Unlike comparable programs, Keyhole additionally provides hashtag metrics. While it has nothing to do with brand monitoring, it is valuable for selecting content and increasing the reach of your material.


YouScan homepage

YouScan is trusted by companies like McDonald’s and Adidas, and it provides five products in total. It, like Talkwalker, has picture recognition capabilities. You may use this function to recognize logos in digital media to help safeguard your brand’s reputation or monitor sponsorship ROI.

If you just want to collect all of your brand references using keywords, you may do it as well. Its real-time mention stream provides access to over 500 billion past talks!

Google Alerts

Google Alerts website

Google Alerts is a straightforward brand tracking service: simply enter the keyword you want to watch throughout the net and also your email address. Google Alerts will notify you whenever it appears anyplace online. It’s a fully free tool for tracking brand mentions by retrieving articles that explicitly mention you.

However, it does not use social networking platforms. This tool is great for getting a short glimpse into a much wider discussion. And if that’s all you need, this free tool is a terrific place to start.


Twilert homepage

If you need to watch many companies on Twitter at the same time, Twilert is a brand monitoring application that can help. It also allows you to perform Boolean searches to narrow down your results and receive only the posts you’re looking for. You may broaden your geo-fence by searching for tweets in a different place or even a different language.

Because of its fine-tuning capability, it is ideal for participating in extremely particular and relevant consumer interactions and growing brand recognition. It is a streamlined brand monitoring solution designed only for Twitter. Twilert has a free trial, and their subscription plans start at $9 per month.

Final Thoughts

It’s critical to know what your audience is up to in order to better serve them. It’s like launching arrows blindly without brand monitoring. I believe the resources listed above can assist you in this area and, as a result, help you build your business.

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