Top Google Extensions for SEO

Have you ever used Google search to find any kind of information? Have you ever analyzed the results you got? Why do you see the reviews page first every time you are looking for college essay writing help?

At this point, it is inevitable to deal with the definition of SEO and some of its aspects. First of all, according to the statistics, Google makes over 90% of the search engine market share around the world. It means that once you acknowledge the core concepts and principles of its functioning, you are halfway to success.

No matter if you strive to promote your product or brand, Google tools, instruments, and extensions are always tools you should pay attention to.

Irrespective of how experienced you are as a marketer, you should understand that search engine optimization is critical, especially when you know that Google is the most influential platform. Thus, a properly selected strategy may help you achieve the desired results fast and at a reasonable cost.

If you are a college student, who does not have much time to go around learning about popular marketing tactics, you should make the best out of each option. SEO is the exact tool that may help you save precious time while still getting the desired outcomes. Start with Google extensions that may turn out to be the most rewarding ones.

Why Is SEO Important?

Marketing people woman creative

As it has already been mentioned, the only reason why you get nerdify reviews or other platforms first when you are looking for professional academic assistance is a well-planned and organized SEO strategy of the company. Generally, search engine optimization is how Google determines which services deserve to be highly rated and which do not.

Without up-to-date SEO, it would be exceptionally difficult to reach the desired results, as it would be ultimately easy to manipulate the system.

Fortunately, as the popularity of SEO is continuously growing, an increasing number of reputable and trusted platforms get an opportunity to boost their reputation and promote their products. Thus, the first reason why SEO is significant in that it provides users with fair results. Besides, it eliminates any manipulation possibilities.

Additionally, it is indispensable to mention that users trust search engines, so the student would better read a short gradesfixer review offered by Google than any other comments found elsewhere.

Finally, SEO seems to be highly cost-effective. Marketers who are aware of the most up-to-date tools and instruments can improve website traffic at a reasonable cost.

9 Most Important and Effective Google Extensions to Consider

Are you ready to improve your knowledge about SEO and advance your marketing skills to a new level? This list of Google extensions is exactly what you need.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere homepage

Keywords Everywhere is a great instrument for marketers who love analytics. The extension helps to get detailed information on a monthly search volume, Google Adwords competition, and cost per click, which may be used for launching a more effective marketing plan.


Buzzsumo extension website

A free Google extension will help you track shares and follow the most effective content on social media. Thus, whether you love Facebook or not, it may become an excellent tool for your brand or product promotion. BuzzSumo will help you analyze the perspectives, eliminate risks and prosper with your SEO decisions.


Hunter Chrome store

Another Google extension that can be effectively used for the quick and stress-free domain search. The main advantage of Hunter is an opportunity to get contact information in a matter of seconds.

Google Trends

Google Trends Extension website

Google Trends is a powerful extension that helps build the website and integrate it with Google. Apart from the bare statistics, you will get analytics, graphs, and other options from various parts of the world. Thus, the marketer will get a precious chance to select the most effective marketing strategy and launch a winning campaign.


Similarweb extension website

When it comes to search engine optimization, popularity is the key. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of marketers are ready to do everything possible to get regular updates on the website ranking. Similarweb is a free Google extension that offers traffic and key metrics for the platform, which are essential for quality and effective marketing strategy.


Fatrank Google store

The moment you launch a marketing campaign, you want to know the statistics. Fatrank is the fastest and the simplest way to stay informed, as the extension provides detailed information about the website ranking.


SEOquake homepage

Do you want to understand the rating of your platform, the level of its dependability and reliability? SEOquake is the extension that will simplify this process, giving you a chance to get a detailed analysis of your site. Density report, diagnosis report, and other options are available here.


Ahrefs Google store

Unlike other extensions, which are free, you will have to spend $99 a month to get unlimited access to this one. The main concept is to analyze the website properties and generate links, keywords, and ranking profiles that will potentially advance your SEO campaign to a new level.

Check My Links

Check My Links Google store

As a marketer, you need to have information not only about the external links that may influence the website ranking but also internal ones. At this point, Check My Links is one of the most effective extensions that presents detailed statistics about the number of internal links on your platform or the services of competitors.


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