3rd blog commenting contest winner announced!


This is the third contest and one of you have been randomly picked for the $70 prize. It’s been hot an I have been liking the engagement.

Thank you guys all for participating. Unfortunately, there was no way to select everyone. I’m only allowed to pick one winner. And that’s what we are doing in this video.

There are more contests coming and one person can win as many times as picked. I have had four different persons in the 3 past contests. That means everyone has a chance.

If you didn’t make it in this one, I’m sure in one of the up coming contests, your number won’t escape the random selector.

Who is the winner this time?

Please watch the video as I pick the winner. Then leave a comment to tell him/her congrats in the comment box.

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20 thoughts on “3rd blog commenting contest winner announced!”

  1. Contest seems really great and I must say the discussion was really great and I’ve learned great info from readers comments.


  2. Hey Enstine and congrats to the winner. I stopped by to take a look at the DepositPhotos write up but noticed you turned off the comments so I’ll just post it here 🙂

    I have to say that DepositPhotos has one of the best stock pile of images I have come across. This is something definitely worth looking into. You were so right about how important visual is to our online lives now and having access to or knowing how to find quality images is huge for us.

    Thanks for yet another great resource! Take care!

  3. Adios bro, It’s great winning giveaways in enstinemuki, Hope i could grab one on the next. I will push myself hard on winning the giveaway.

  4. Congratulations Suprabhat. Enjoy the money buddy. Hope there’s more contests in the future. Hope I win 😀

  5. gradually, gradually. this blog is becoming a lottery hall o normally play gamble offline but the question here is why i’m not listed among the contest?, what do you i lack? a unique and better twitter name? or a head tag loi. i think my name must appear in the next one. thanks for this indirect way of giving out FREE Fund in exchange of a sentence here.

  6. Hi Suprabhat, Congrat and many thanks to Enstine for such an awesome contest with very attractive cool cash to give away.
    Look forward to the very next one.

    • Thanks Sudipto

      Ya i guess this days luck is in my favour because everything is happening best in my life now a days

  7. Congrats bro…Fully Deserved 🙂

    More to come,stay tunned…

    We have a big battle in the upcoming contest.. 🙂

    • Thanks Fru godwill

      even you also worked hard in this contest you were also the tough competitor for me on this one too be ready for the next one

  8. I’m glad you’d took my suggestion and decided to give it a go and see………you won! I’m happy for you man trust me. 🙂

  9. Congrats to the most deserved winner, my good friend Mondal! Enjoy your success dear. 🙂

  10. Hey Finally I won after such a long wait.
    I want to say thanks to Enstine Muki for organizing such an awesome commenting contest,

    Will participate in your every contest now

      • Thanks Kharim For Wishing me Hope you also win in the Next Contest so do Participate in the next Commenting contest only at Enstinemuki blog

    • Suprabhat you deserve it mate, Congratulations for winning the contest.

      Hope to see you back.


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