6 Traffic Streams To Drive You Insanely Targeted Traffic

Hi everyone, I’m sure you need targeted traffic like everyone else with a website. Today, I’v got my friend Shamsudeen with a hot, meaty piece for you. This is exceptional and I know you will get your plates full of goodies.  Fire on bro …

Contrary to what you’ve been made to believe about how to drive traffic to your blog or offer; you’ve been told thousand times that traffic is the hardest part in internet marketing and to make things worse, you’ve tried all you can to drive traffic to your offer but always same story – Lack of it.

Traffic is the easiest thing to achieve on the internet only if you’re ready to take the giant stride and face the truth, get out of your comfort zone and see your blog as a business tool not hobby as most people have made you to believe. 

Let’s face the truth; they say the good things in life are always FREE, but not when you can get better ones at reasonable price.

As I continue to blog, and meeting with different bloggers, I have discover that what most marketers depends on for traffic building are easy to implements strategies, free stuffs, free traffic systems, blog commenting, group posting etc.

All these are good stuffs to start with but not what you should depend on if you’re aiming to start seeing your alexa traffic rank moving up at a very fast pace or you want your blog to rank among the top 100, 50 or even in the first 10 thousand blogs on the internet.

This is the truth that no one is willing to tell you, or you’ve been told but you’re scared to risk your pocket over it:

If you want traffic, buy targeted traffic.

It’s as simple as that, and anything else will only leave your blog traffic system crawling like a snail. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are blogs out there that drive almost 95% of their traffic from search engine and mix with direct traffic, but in my experience, those are exceptional instances and not the norms.

Those blogs have established long before you and I know the internet exist. Things have become more crowded or should I say over crowded now; getting your voice heard is now very difficult than it used to be.

There are countless of blogs writing on same topics as you, even with more quality information than yours. The race is now fiercer than ever, the world has moved from creating products to marketing product.

targeted traffic

And come to think of it, the search result pages will only display 10 pages at most for any giving search queries. This mean if just about 5% of millions of pages competing for same keyword got “everything” about their SEO right, only just 10 pages will still make it to the first page of SERP.

What will happen to the rest?

If you don’t know how to market your product effectively to achieve your goals, no matter what you manufactured, creates or produce…people won’t buy it; because, there are thousands of exact or similar products as yours in the market reaching more target audience than you’re currently doing.

Today, I want to show you those large traffic streams than won’t break your bank account and yet, give you the best return on investment. Though, these depend on the quality of your offer or products.

But before we go on, one piece of advice I would like to give is, if you’re not certain that you have something of value to offer your visitors when they come dine with you, don’t bother reading further. Go back to your blog and work things out first, make sure you have good solid piece of information that your target audience will love when they arrive your blog.

If you’re sure of this; good, let’s ride on. I tried my best to make this list good for everyone by making it short and include both FREE and paid channels I know of that will produce significant measurable success if done right.

1. Facebook Post Boost Option.

You want traffic? Try Facebook post boost option and I bet if you don’t get traffic with this one, come back here and slam Enstine and I in the face for giving out crap information.

I have used it and could tell first-hand how effective it is. It is a no nonsense traffic pulling system and you not only get traffic in the process, you also get some page likes along with it; cause some users won’t visit but like your page in the process of viewing your ads and even give your post a like.

But there is something to think about when advertising on Facebook, and that is your ads headline. If your ads headline sucks, then you might not get the expected result.

You have few texts to display with Facebook ads, so craft out a very strong compelling headline to get the attention of viewers and make them click through to your webpage.

It only cost $5 to reach closely 4,000 plus targeted traffic and in my opinion; this doesn’t cost much to market your blog post to such numbers. If you know what you’re doing and your sales funnel is well set up, getting back your $5 isn’t a big deal.

Facebook post boost option is well good when you’re promoting affiliate stuffs with your blog post or making announcement of newly created products, services or event, so you’re sure of ROI.

And don’t forget to accompany your ads with a very catching big images. An advert without an attractive image on Facebook won’t receive the attention needed.

2. Redd It.

You can beat a web site that rank 58 in the world according to Alexa, and simply put it – this where the traffic you been seeking for lives.

There are two ways to get your ads rolling on Reddit, either on the front page or Subreddit. Subreddit can be compare to Facebook groups; these are Subs of people with same interest which makes your ads in these places much targeted.

Like the Facebook ads format, you determine what you’re willing to pay and how long you want the ads to run. It cost 75 cent for every 1,000 CPM your ads is shown to users. This mean you pay a flat rate regardless of how many times people click on your ads.


Before moving on, Enstine has written an excellent article on how to build a very popular blog in 90 days. This is an exceptional article I recommend you check out just after reading this one.

Want your blog to be very popular only within 90 days?

Click here for more!

3 .Stumble Upon Paid Discovery

Rank 155 according to Alexa traffic rank at the moment, StumbleUpon stands as one of the best resource to drive swarm of traffic to your site. But caution as to be taken with this type of paid of advertisement.

Not all type of topics perform fairly well on StumbleUpon; first take a trip down there and see what type of information Stumblers are reading and see if you can build your content around such topic or if your existing ones fit in.

Create an account, fund it – it cost $20 to start with – and set all parameters to fit in according to your target audience and wait to see what result you’ll get. You get the chance of setting what your daily budget limit is and how much you’re ready to pay for the entire duration your ads will run.

This post by SiegeMedia will help you get started on the right track of Stumble upon Paid Discovery.

4. Slide- Share Front Page.

With an estimated millions of page views every month, slide share remain one of the best source of traffic for internet marketers. I recommend you turn your old blog post into power point presentation and upload them onto slide share.

With Microsoft office 2010, you can achieve everything from creating the slides to turning it into pdf format that would fit in to slide share presentation. No big deal about turning your old post into slides, just give it a try and before two or three test, you become master at it.

Create beautiful slides and if you’re lucky your slides get pick up as one of the feature presentation of the day, that may simply turn into rush in traffic. I know is not an easy thing to get featured on the front page, but it is not impossible also. Give it a try and remember, someone had to get feature – it may be you.

Ana of Traffic Generation Cafe might be all you need to get started with getting the best of Slide Share presentation.

5. Solo Ads.

With solo ads, you can’t go wrong and especially if you have something very quality to offer and a very good bait to use with a very nice looking landing page to capture leads.

And this is one thing to consider when using solo ads to drive traffic to your offer; make sure you’re not marketing the products directly but driving the traffic to your landing page so you collect potential visitor’s information such as name and email address.

Be careful where you buy this type of advert program, so as not to fell victim to scam activist. Confirm the email list you’re sending your promotional message that it’s an active one and well-targeted to your kind of offer.

If all things fell in their right places, you should build your email list in the process and also gain exposure on top of the traffic you’ll sure drive to your offer.

6. Guest Post on High Traffic Blog.

When I say guest blog on high traffic blog, I mean a very high traffic blog like EnstinMuki.com. This is no flattering or exaggeration, when you see a blog in the range of first 30,000 blogs in the world, that sends a message that the blog in question receive lots of traffic.

But the problem is how do you get your post accepted by this so called high traffic blog as most of them don’t just accept guest post from every author?

Well, I have come to know Enstine sometime late last year and within that time and now, I have manage to get closer to him by following him on social media places like twitter, G+ and sometimes, on Facebook comment.

Each time I visit his blog, I always tried to read and understand what he his saying in the post and by this, I could leave a good remarkable comment.

There was a time I could remember on Harleena’s Aha-Now blog, Enstine ask a question about an alternative to PayPal for African blogger, I took that moment to move one step closer by supplying the answer to his question.

You remember that Enstine?

Sometimes after reading his blog post, I would share it on different social media sites. All these while I’m preparing the way for my post to get accepted the very first time I would ask for guest post on his blog.

You don’t wake up one morning and just hit up a blogger with guest post opportunity, NO! It won’t work out like that; not after Matt Cutts has laid out his weapon on spammy guest post and guest post network blogs.

You have to start by building friendship, get closer to this blogger and establish meaningful relationship, only after that, you can ask for favor.

There you have it friends!

Getting traffic is not as hard as you’ve been told; the important thing to keep in-place is good quality information that add value to your potential audience so you can keep them when they visit the first time.

Keep working your way up according to your pace as you implement those free methods to promote your blog; also remember the BIG push your blog could get if you can just spend that little extra bucks on it.

Your blog is your marketing tools, treat it like a business.

33 thoughts on “6 Traffic Streams To Drive You Insanely Targeted Traffic”

  1. Facebook ads work but one thing I am not sure to use is StumbleUpon paid advertising. Some of my friends tell that they send bots. Is it true?

  2. Uhn! Enstine
    How on earth could such a wonderful and informative post like this be hiding from my radar all this while. Anyway, have tried using StumbleUpon paid traffic, but still unable to figure it out how to do that

    Anyway, love reading this much than reading anything today

  3. really wonder ways to explain in your article sir, most of my blog traffic coming from Stumbleupon, facebook become dustbin now, you know every human drop their URLs in many groups, some people to hate this, because huge messages in their inbox, but Facebook Boost option is the best way to get traffic, and I don’t know other ways you explained in this article, but I try from those options, thank you sir

  4. Great post .The guest posting is the best way to get traffic .Thanks for sharing an interesting post.

  5. Stumble upon used to be really good source of traffic before few years. Even, Digg was one of the best site to drive insane traffic, but it has now been replaced by Reddit.
    Of course, you have to work hard to hit front page of Reddit. Thanks a lot for the tips

    • Hi Jay,

      thanks for reading and is quite long since I read from you; nice seeing you around here.

      Like you rightly said, getting traffic from Reddit is not all that easy, you have to be active and join in the discussion before things start happening.

      Thanks Jay, and do have a nice time.

  6. I’m not aware; Facebook post boost option can generate much targeted traffic.
    I often use Reddit and StumbleUpon for quick traffic.

    Thanks! for the best tips; Worth reading,

    • Hi Virendar,
      You’re welcome and am clad you find this good to read. Take care and between, thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Hello,

    I haven’t tried reddit and I must say social media is really awesome strategy for getting lot of traffic and targeted traffic too.

    • Thanks Samir,

      Give Reddit a try, and am sure you won’t find it boring. It’s a nice place like forum with lots of people like mined to share experience together.

      Thanks for coming.

  8. Excellent tips on how to get targeted traffic. Slideshare is a good one and has lots of potential. I think it works. About the Facebook post boost, it did not work for me but perhaps I did not do it properly. I will give it another shot and try your tips.

    • Hi Shalu,

      Great to have you here on Enstine’s blog reading my post; welcome.

      Facebook post boost option is really working if your message is well clear and carry with it a very captivating headline with large images that spread across, not right side column.

      Your headline needs to be descriptive enough to tell what the whole topics is all about; you know, these people on Facebook are always scanning, so the headline and the images seems to be the two ingredient to do the tricks.

      Thanks Shalu, do have a nice time and I wish you good luck.

  9. Guest blogging is really great way to drive traffic to the blog and I dont know the anather things you have mentioned here really great post

    • Hi Uday,

      Nice seeing you around; while guest post can be a great way to drive free targeted traffic; those other ways are very good to drive paid targeted traffic on “demand”.

      There comes a time when all FREE traffic system seems not good enough to give what you want; it’s time to turn paid traffic. This where other options set in.
      Thanks Uday, hope you discover something from this post.

  10. Hi Shamsudeen,

    I use Reddit occasionally especially when I have some valuable content to share. Apart from you should be active on reddit community to build your trust and reputation. You one valuable submission there can bring 1000’s of visitors. However I never tried SlideShare but did hear about its popularity and would love to try it.

    • Thanks Panjak,

      Being active on Reddit is one thing that get you noticed and show your level of expertise. People like minded ask question a lot on Reddit and if you can position yourself to answering these questions, the long run benefits can be huge.

      Try slide share out, though it takes sometime to craft out nice looking interesting slides, but if you have someone by the sides that can help with that, better.

      Thanks Panjak, do have a nice day.

  11. First, let me apologize for coming late, Enstine. It was due to workload and some offline activities.

    Thanks for doing this – accepting me as a guest on your blog, and giving me the opportunity to speak with your readers.

    Thank you.

  12. Awesome piece. There is no better way to get targeted traffic than buying it and just as you have listed the best services that can drive targeted traffic to any website. Facebook is more than a social network, one can drive a huge ton of targeted traffic from Facebook or any other listed sites if one can afford to pay for it.
    I won’t worry much about StumbleUpon and Reddit services much as the bounce rate is often high, i stumble and reddit and i know how much time i am willing to spend on a site before i move to another.

    • Thanks Desmond,

      Good to see you here, Stumbleupon is well known for it’s bounce rate but if you understand what type of topic to stumble, then you might have different experience using the service.

      Reddit is better, is like a forum where you can join related subreddit directly relevant to your interest. And I have seen almost all niche bloggers could think of available on reddit.

      Thanks Desmond, do have a nice day.

  13. Hey Shamsudeen,

    You’ve rocked man, your article was worth reading. I’m not sure about any of the paid traffic streams you’ve mentioned except Facebook because I’ve been working on Facebook and Google Plus for a long time. Facebook ads are compelling; i used Facebook ads in promoting my Facebook based cash giveaway and the results were outstanding, i never ever thought that i could get this much audience through a single ad.

    When it comes to free traffic StumbleUpon and Reddit are my top options, although i’ve measured increase in my blog’s bounce rate whenever i’ve used StumbleUpon and Reddit but they are really helpful if you want to improve your Alexa Rank.

    Let’s come at the last heading, people should write articles like you if they want their articles live on top blogs. Authors like you wouldn’t be denied by top blog owners.

    -Siraj Wahid

    • Thanks Wahid,

      Very happy reading your last line of comment, thanks for the compliment.

      Back to our topic; yes you’re right about StumbleUpon traffic amount to major bounce rate on blog traffic. The reason is this; stumbleupon readers enjoy mostly with certain topics like travel, humor, news and some other related stuffs like that.

      In my humble opinio, blogging niche and related topics don’t perform well on StumbleUpon and reason you see the bounce traffic.

      Reddit is different in the sense that, is more like a forum where you have different topics you can join base on your interest. There is subreddit almost for any topic: Blogging, wordpress, SEO, content marketing, news, games, just about anything you can think of.

      And this makes your activities on Reddit targeted to your marketing.

      Thanks Wahid, hope this shed more light on using Reddit.

      • Wow! Thanks for the tips, i need to improve my strategies for Reddit. Keep writing and commenting such insightful stuff. Gotta move to read your blog 🙂

  14. Hiii Shamsudeen,

    Great work Bro! you just mentioned some of the most effective ways to drive Targeted Traffic. I noticed that “Facebook Post Boost Option” and “Guest Post on High Traffic Blog” are the most valuable ways that provides real (regular) traffic.

    Thanks Bro for sharing this mind-blowing post with us. keep updating 🙂

    • Hi Amit,

      Nice to meet you here on Enstine’s blog; yes, Facebook post boost option is now a real source of traffic for marketers and also very cheap.

      With little $ you can reach thousands of your audience compare to AdWord.

      Thanks Amit, and do have a nice day.

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