Blogging Platforms Compared ~ WordPress Vs Blogger!

There are quite many blogging platforms now available to the blogging community. However, it cannot be argued that WordPress and Blogger are the big game players.

I started my blogging journey in 2012 with WordPress and have been with it till date. Truth is I don’t have any experience with blogger but I’ll like to smell it in the days ahead.

I have seen a lot of people switching camps. For the most part, people leaving Blogger to WordPress. That points to something we may worry about.

I don’t know which platform you have chosen and for what reasons. I know people don’t just do things. There must be reasons behind their actions. Even if you are just following the crowd, that’s still a reason behind your actions.

Before I hear your own reasons, let’s look at some common reasons why bloggers choose to go with either of these 2 platforms;

blogging platforms

Some reasons why bloggers blog on different blogging platforms


-> Security

Security is one of the most crucial points went it comes to online marketing. At every level, while users struggle to get business going, others struggling to destroy. For a few days now, my friend Jackson  and I have been battling to bring back his WordPress blog from the dirty hands of hackers.

Generally, WordPress is more vulnerable to these attacks. On the other hand, it has a wide range of tools to cater for its security.

Blogger users have put it straight that their platform is the safest. I don’t know how true that is so if you are a blogger user, I’ll like to hear from you below.

– > SEO

I’m of the opinion that natural traffic from search engine is the best free traffic for any online business. Both WordPress and Blogger have provided for better onpage optimization either through third-party apps or through innate properties.

I have read from somewhere that Google, being the search giant and owner of blogger is giving more search and ranking preference to sites that run on its platform.

How true is that? Can you share with us below?

For those of you on self-hosted WordPress site, the choice of your host is very  crucial. There are hundreds of webhosting companies there. John Stevens wrote a Dreamhost review post so you may want to check it out.

– > Community

Naturally, if you belong to a larger community, you are opened to more opportunities. Some WordPress users have put this forward as an argument. They think blogging on WordPress exposes them to more facilities and assistance from a wider community.

Almost everything you want to do with your blog (from running a simple blog to a complex magazine or eCommerce site) is readily available on WordPress.

Is that a reason to consider? What’s your opinion?

– > Influence

Now, some are on WordPress or Blogger because someone they know has been on the platform. They have no specific reason except that a cousin is on that same platform. They simply got influenced.

– > Ignorance

Some just don’t know about the other platform. They may have an idea but that’s not enough to play on their decision. I think that’s what happened to me in those early days.

I knew nothing about blogger so I couldn’t even think about it as a blogging platform. Well, I think I made a good choice though 😉

There maybe some other points I have not listed here.  That’s why I want us to discuss and compare these 2 platforms. I have installed a comparison plugin below. Just vote for your choice and tell us why you vote for it.

This comparison plugin will help us quickly know which of the two is more popular and why.

I’ll also love you to share your comments using the tradition comment form below. We still love our comments don’t we?

Tell us in the comment box below what you think 😉

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