Solopreneur Review ~ Blogging Theme for Bloggers & Marketers!

Solopreneur review – Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme for Bloggers and Marketers, from the guys of FancyThemes!

The WordPress Theme industry is increasingly becoming very busy. Thousands of places to buy any theme from but one still has to be cautious.

While beautifully designed WordPress themes don’t mean your business will see success, poorly coded and woefully designed templates can pull your growth down the ladder.

One of the responsive premium themes I have been testing lately is FancyThemes’ Solopreneur. When I read from Devesh Sharma of FacnyThemes about this new addition to their collection, I knew something has been released to pick the interest of bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Solopreneur Review ~ Blogging Theme for Bloggers & Marketers!

solopreneur review

When it comes to choosing the right WordPress Theme for my blog, there are a couple of things I pay attention to. Though it’s quite true that making the final decision is not an easy thing to do, once a theme has me satisfied at these different points, I must have walked closer to making the final decision:

  • Visual elements – Fonts, quality of graphics, etc
  • SEO – Principally, load speed
  • Landing Page Option
  • Responsiveness
  • Widgets
  • Compatibility with popular plugins
  • Customization tool
  • Functionality – does it help me take down some other plugins?
  • Support service
  • The support team
  • Price

These are some of the main areas I focus on when choosing a WordPress template for my blog. I think you will be making a mistake if you don’t  focus on all the points on this list.

I don’t also write about a theme on my blog here until these points put together score over 95% in my record. So, what I’m saying is that Solopreneur is something worth investing on.

Let’s see some of these elements that make Solopreneur one WordPress Theme you shouldn’t let go;

Landing Page option

A few weeks ago, while setting up the blog of one my clients, I discovered his premium theme lacked this very crucial feature. My client who actually requested a landing page on his blog to capture lead and promote his product through a well crafted sales funnel was so disappointed in himself – he bought that theme without knowing its details.

When i contacted the theme developer to find out if this feature is really absent (which is embarrassing), he proposed I go with single column. That was even more embarrassing.

The landing page feature generates a page that’s completely empty, from bottom to top and right to left. This allows you to create a sales or lead capture page fully customized.

-> Here is a quick tutorial how to create Landing Pages with Solopreneur

This theme comes with 2 Landing Page templates allowing you to easily create professional landing pages. With these templates, you are simply going to fill forms and upload images.

landing page with theme

Once you select a landing page template from the list, it will pull up different options, making it very easy and flexible to create powerful pages like this Landing Page 1 or this other Landing Page 2

Customization tool

One of the main problems we have with buying themes from the market is that you will have to find the same theme on many different blogs. Some folks are usually not satisfied with this. But hiring developers to do your custom theme and maintaining it can be quite expensive.

What’s the solution?


Solopreneur comes with a customization tool that touches different areas of your blog. It allows you to add your style, making your blog completely unique and yours.

solopreneur review

Every element of your blog, including fonts, colors, menus, favicons, etc can be customized.

Solopreneur Review – More unique features

Footer Call To Action

Some of your readers will scroll to the bottom of your page before clicking to close off. Most WordPress Themes don’t give you the easy-to-use tool to target this category of readers.

Solopreneur is shipped with a Footer Call to Action feature that will allow you call the attention of your footer readers to some outstanding offers, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

What’s more incredible is the ease with which to create a footer call to action button. Go to the Customization section and click ‘Footer Callout’ tab.

solopreneur review

The footer-call-to action has four sections;

  1. The call-to-action title
  2. The call-to-action text
  3. The call-to-action area background image
  4. The call-to-action buttons.

This form gives you the flexibility to change every area of this less exploited section of your blog.

Here is what a demo design looks like

solopreneur review

1 is the callout background. 2 is the title. 3 is the description and 4 and 5 are the buttons. The form above allows you to edit every spot on this section, including button text and url.

List building made easy

Once you have purchased and installed solopreneur, you’ll be granted access to FancyTheme’s list building plugin called Optin Forms

solopreneur review

The plugin normally comes with Five form styles. But getting it with Solopreneur gives you additional Three styles right out of the box, that can be fully customized.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that walks you through setting up your optin boxes on your blog.

Adding social media buttons to your blog

I won’t end this solopreneur review post without mentioning this very important feature. We know how big the role social media plays today is.

You may want to add your social media profile links to your blog so your readers can easily locate you on social media.

Normally, you are going to search for a social media plugin to allow you drop those profile links on your blog.

solopreneur review

The good news is that with Solopreneur, you don’t need to stress up your blog with an additional social media profile buttons plugin.

-> Simply go to the Customization section and click the “Social Media” tab.

solopreneur review


I mentioned above that the price is one of the things I consider before buying a theme. That’s an important factor that influences your buying decision right?

So how much is Solopreneur?

First, buying this simply plugin will cost you $59, which is relatively cheap. Second, FancyThemes is a club where you can pay a yearly/one time fee and access all the themes and plugins.

For yearly membership fee with full access, you pay $89 and for lifetime membership (disabled for now), you pay $249.

solopreneur review

FancyThemes Affiliate Program

FancyThemes has a lucrative affiliate program so you can join and promote their products and earn up to 30% in commission.

The WordPress Themes market is booming. People are buying thousands of themes per minute. It’s such a profitable industry to promote its products.

The good news is that it’s free to join this affiliate program. For more information, please click here.

NB: There is going to be a surprise for you if you join FancyThemes Affiliate  Program and place their banner on your blog. You will be given a free copy of Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers – Yes that’s right!

I will give you details in the days ahead. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to wait for those details, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Drop a comment below about this theme and Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sign up to the Affiliate Program here for free
  3. Grab a banner from your affiliate account,
  4. Put it on your blog and
  5. Contact me with your blog details

You will be sent your free copy.

Solopreneur review – Conclusion

There is more to this theme than I have said. So go check out details here.  Or Check out FancyThemes and join the club.

What do you think about this theme? Please drop a comment.

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  1. Hey, Enstine.
    Excellent review. This really a nice theme. I am using another theme on my WordPress site bu I want to use this theme to my another blog. There are different themes in the market so the competition is not easy. This theme can reach the door of the users. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Enstine,

    What a great review. Seems to me like a win win because it is also an affiliate. I like to pay one price instead of a monthly bill. It is easier. One can get this, market the affiliate for that huge commission and have it paid for 100 times over in a very short time.


  3. Hi Enstine

    What a great wordpress theme and love the way you review this theme. It does have a lot of features.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care

  4. Thanks for another awesome review. I am very interested in their list building plugin it looks really cool can you throw more light on how it works? Do have to integrage something mailerlite to it?

  5. Hey Muki,

    Great to such awesome WP Theme. I am already using the themes of MyThemeShop which are great but I need some themes specially for landing pages. This solopreneur theme may work well as landing page.

    Thanks again man! your information is helping us a lot.

  6. Well, another great review, I love the design a little more compares to Thesis pretty simple and beautiful.

  7. I have used solopreneur once for one of my blogs and I have to say that it is really a nice theme for anyone who is looking for a flexible and fully customizable theme.

    Great review Muki.

  8. I like Solopreneur theme and futures, I will making another website, I think this is perfect on my blog. Thanks for shared.

  9. Hey Enstine,

    Seems a good template for bloggers. Solopreneur has a beautiful design with some handy features and an affordable pricing.

    Also, Customizing option is one of the most important feature of any theme. At first when we go for any new theme, it looks great. However gradually we may feel bored with the same design, fonts & color. Many popular themes do not offer this feature. Thanks for sharing a detailed review.

  10. Hi Enstine,

    Well written Solopreneur Review, This is the best theme provider for Simple and effective theme.


  11. Hi, Enstine.
    It looks really great. User interface is also good. Thanks for informing us and giving your views. Good post.

  12. This industry is coming up every day with competitive products and this review is by far the best I can say about this latest product by Fancy Theme. Hope it adds value to the blogging world. Am gonna try it out.

  13. Oh that’s great to hear this new awesome Theme from Fancy Themes, Enstine. You have explained it as simple as feeding a baby with spoon. Time to check this theme and give it a try then 🙂

  14. Hi Enstine,

    I really like this theme. Why? It’s simple and appealing. That’s a good design bro. Looks professional.

    The price is also cool for a year. I’m in to join the affiliate program. Thanks for introducing me to the program.


  15. Hi Enstine, good review of the theme. Show a payout you received from the affiliate, that will bring in more people interest in joining it. Also they will feel secured and be rest assured it is a trusted biz.
    Hadharm Hiidee

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