Sociallinkmart Review – Make money! Drive traffic!

Sociallinkmart Review

In today’s Sociallinkmart Review, we will be looking at a platform that helps you get paid while posting updates on social media – Twitter, Google plus and Facebook likes and shares. For now, this is how far it goes and can help you generate enough money to pay your bills.

That’s not all!

Social media is a huge source of traffic but you need a platform that’s designed to purposely assist you get targeted visits to your site. That’s why SocialLinkMart is here.

SocialLinkMart is a platform developed to provide an honest alternative to the social link spam sites that sell garbage Facebook Likes, Google Pluses, Youtube views etc…

You know the sites – they sell huge amounts of cheap social links – such as 5,000 Facebook Likes for $20. A bit of common sense tells you it is impossible to get that many legit Likes.

What you are buying can only be described as crap social links such as bot Facebook Likes.  These junk social links may cause your Facebook Like count to go up, but that is the only thing you will get – forget about increased real traffic – and isn’t more traffic the end goal for any marketer?

Another goal is to offer authority Social Media Enthusiasts a way to make money sharing great content with their followers.

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Signup to this platform and add your url to the directory. You can chose to make your url available to everyone or specific members by invitation only.

This makes sure you keep close control over your campaigns and not waste money to non targeted tweets or shares.

Sociallinkmart a great way to get huge traffic from social media. You normally may not have profiles with hundreds of thousands of followers. But this tool creates a platform for you to take your posts to the profiles and followers of others.

The principle is simple – just add your entries and others will post to their followers giving you exposure to thousands more social media users.

Sociallinkmart Review

This image shows you a listing of providers or publishers. After having added your url, you will be able to go through this list to invite specific providers to publish and spread the word.

Providers or Publishers!

If you have a social media account, simply do normal Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Twitter tweets, or Google+  shares of advertiser’s posts and articles and earn money with each share you do.

If you think the content will provide value to your followers, share it and get paid for your effort. If not, move on and look at other advertiser content that might be worth sharing.

The guys at sociallinkmart will manually review your social media accounts to determine your social media authority and assign an SLM score.  The higher your SLM score, the greater your authority and the more money you make per social media share.

Sociallinkmart Review providers

This image shows a list of entries you just have to tweet, share on Facebook, Google plus to earn money. You can also use the category filter to pull out just what is targeted to your audience.

Sociallinkmart Review – How does it work?

To use Social Link Mart to make money, you have to signup first and that’s free. Then, wait for your account to be approved.You will not need to add social media accounts to the system to function.

This is because they have a Firefox toolbar that tracks your activities and credits your account.

The toolbar is only available for Firefox browser. That means you cannot use the platform unless you have Firefox installed. You will need to download the toolbar from within your account, install it before being able to share entries  to earn money.

social link smart tool barWhile on the paid listing page in your Social Link Mart account, just click an entry you would want to share and earn money. A new window (or new tab) will open.

From the toolbar (as you can see in the image above) on the new window or tab, you will have the different icons or tools for sharing possibilities – Facebook share, Twitter, Google plus and Facebook like.

However, active icons will only be social media sites for which the advertiser is ready to pay per action. In the case above, the advertiser is just going to pay for Twitter tweets. That’s why other icons are disabled.

Go ahead and click the active button. Be sure to have logged in your social media account first. This image below is what comes up when I clicked the Twitter icon;

social link smart tweet

You notice in that image the tweet to be sent to your profile, the link and the number of characters. If you are ok with that, just go ahead and click ‘Send’ to earn the money.

Does this really work? does it pay?

I won’t  have written this sociallinkmart review post if I had no practical and exciting experience.

I discovered the tool in January of this year. Did some tweets and got paid $3.5. I thought hooo! maybe I should do something else. From the Paypal screen below, you notice I have been sent 3 payments after sharing some more posts. Though I have been so idea, I still got  paid.

social link smart payment proof

Affiliate Marketers make money

For those of you who do affiliate marketing, signup, grab your affiliate links and share. You will earn interesting commissions.

Some bloggers have contacted me asking how to do paid reviews. They have not done any before.

The answer to that question is that you should do free reviews like this and use your affiliate links. That will give you some experience and reference.

Don’t just sit and wait until someone hires you to do a paid review for $500. start practicing today.

Create your free SocialLinkMart account today and start making money or pulling traffic to your sites.

Drop your comment below and let me know what you think

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

Rahul suresh

Thank yew Enstine Muki for the review.. Alike Indiblogger,These also Got some category to share our stuff nah..?? Pulling traffic at a time making money will become a big better experience. Wanna make a try.. and thankz for the article… 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Rahul,
    Do you make money on Indiblogger? I’ll check that out now 😉

      Rahul suresh

      Hi, Enstine,
      I mean Indiblogger do powerful Category sharing bro..
      Sry for the Mistake..

Siraj Wahid

Hey Enstine,

Wow! Great stuff, need to check this platform. It seems this platform is same as sponsored tweets but targeting other social networks too.

Haven’t checked it though, need to find out how much money i can add in my money bank from this platform 😛

-Siraj Wahid

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Siraj,
    Yes this is broader, covering more social media platforms. You may not be able to make millions here but it will add up to your income 😉

Mi Muba

Hi Muki
You also have heard so many times that one of the biggest complain of many struggling bloggers is their temptation to stay at social media for a longer period of time.
So the socialinkmart is the best solution of their staying at social media unnecessarily. Now they won’t waste their time there and keep earning while wasting their time over there. 🙂
The only need to get approve their accounts at socialinkmart. I think if someone is doing social media actively he will easily get approval.
So the new rule of money making is now Earn Money While Wasting Your Time At Social Media.
Do correct me; if I am wrong. 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    lol it will be great thing to waste time and make money Mi.
    Are you going to give this a try too?


Hi Enstine,
It’s kind a new platform for me. I tried linkvehicle, Giveaway.ly and many other sites to make money via blogging and now I think I should give a try to it. Will straight away register on Social Link Mart.
Thanks for sharing this site with us.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Kuldeep,
    You will not even need a blog here. All you need is social media account and you start making the money. Let me know how it goes


      Ohh, That’s even better. Thanks for the info Enstine.

Pritam Nagrale

Hey Enstine,
Nice Platform for Social Media Marketing. I think, I should give a try to use Social Link Mart for my blogs. Thanks for sharing such a nice social media tool 🙂


wow!! that’s certainly a great way to earn some money. You only need to link your genuine profile so that you can get maximum SLM score and earn more. I’m going to create my account right away. 😉

Augustus O.

Hi, Enstine.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, I have been seeing ads on twitter lately with information on how to make money by working on social network, maybe Sociallinkmart is the secret recipe, although most of the tweets redirects to a link that wants me to pay some money before I get into the know-how.

I will check this out and give a feedback when I make progress. Thanks


Great article. Thanks for sharing!
Simple way to earn some money. Do they work with non-english websites?

Robin Morgan


Seems really cool platform for improving the likes on social media profiles. I guess its something similar to Addmefast.

Will try it soon.

Arjun K Gopi

Thank you dear for review….
i will try it very soon… 😀


Social Media are always play a vital role to earn huge money

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