Best Social Proof Notification Apps That Will Enable You to Profit Off FOMO

Have you ever done something because you saw other people doing it? You probably have, and you don’t even know it. That is a psychological phenomenon called social proof. Social proof is a concept wherein people follow the actions of the masses. It is based on the idea of normative social influence. People are more likely to do something if they see somebody else doing the same thing, or they want to be similar to or liked by certain people. We believe something is correct behavior if a lot of other people do it.

Remember a time when you saw a movie that everyone liked or a time when you chose a restaurant based on the number of guests it had at that time. Those are examples of social proof.

There are numerous studies done on the topic of social proof, but the classic example is the Solomon Asch conformity experiment conducted in 1951. Asch was a psychologist who wanted to test the theory that people are more likely to conform to the majority even if the answer was wrong. He gathered three groups of 8 where only one of them was actually being tested and the other seven knew the answer. The result was that they did indeed conform to the majority and for two reasons – they want to fit in with the group and they believe the group is better informed.

Why is social proof important

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Social proof is crucial for all businesses, offline and online. It’s especially important when shopping and browsing online because you can’t see or feel the products as you would in a physical store.

There are a lot of different ways you can implement social proof into your marketing, but they all revolve around showing that other people like what you are offering, so the person visiting your website would too. Some social proof tactics are reviews, customer testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and more.

A majority of people look up reviews prior to purchasing or subscribing to something. Everyone likes to know what they are paying for and in what way will it benefit them. That’s why social proof is an extremely helpful marketing technique.

You should include positive reviews and feedback from your satisfied customers on your website. Most people check out several reviews prior to committing to a product or service. It is even better if an expert in the field leaves you with a good review. Also, since these days people seem to trust celebrities and influencers the most, it might be a good idea to seek out an influencer who would recommend your product to their followers.

Now, what can you do to further emphasize that your brand is good and that everyone should try it? You could try out a social proof notification app. By displaying notifications that say how many customers are currently browsing your site, who just purchased a product from you, and what products customers are adding to their cart, you can encourage prospective customers to do the same. Once new visitors see that your website is crowded with customers who are actually buying and liking what you are offering, they will be more likely to make a purchase as well.

Social proof notifications show your customers that they can trust you. Social proof notification apps work in a way that when you are looking at a certain product, a notification will pop up and say “so and so has just bought this”. When you see that another real person purchased something you also like, you are more inclined to buy it too.

There are a lot of good social proof notification apps out there, and now, I will show you a few of them.

Best social proof notification apps



Like I already mentioned, when shopping online it is hard to be sure if a product is worth it. You can’t immediately see it and try it out. So it’s in your best interest to simplify this process for your customers. They want to know right away if they can trust your brand.

That is where WiserNotify comes into play. You want to show visitors that your business is flowing and thriving. And with this app, you can use more than 10 different dynamic social proof notifications. Notifications include reviews from Facebook, Google, and Twitter, as well as Youtube channel stats, such as subscriber and view counts. Visitors can see the latest offers through announcements and you can also set up widgets for social media, video pop-ups, and timers.

WiserNotify offers more than 60 templates for which you can customize the image, shape, background, and size. You can even put up a translator for your international customers. That shows you care about each of your customers and visitors.

With WiserNotify’s detailed insights and performance data that shows you the number of visitors, clicks, and hovers, you can be sure you are doing the right thing. You can even set up a goal tracker that lets you know when you hit your targets. The app is very easy to set up and use and is easily integrated with other platforms.



Provely allows you to create customizable pop-up notifications for your website. No technical knowledge is required and everything is easily set up. You can choose between three campaign types: Live, Rotate, and Past data.

Live displays real-time notifications and is designed for websites with constant activity. Rotate shows sale notifications that rotate over a period of time. Past data shows sales activity from the past and is best suited for small brands that are working on their size.

You can also choose how often you want your notifications to pop up. On top of that, Provely claims to increase conversion rates by 250%.

Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer

Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer

Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer shows recent sales to site visitors. No coding is required and it lets your customers know what is popular on your website and what they should check out. You can also add manual notifications which are perfect for you if your store is a new one.

Another helpful option that Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer offers is, you guessed it, a countdown that lets your customers know when a sale or a discount is ending.

Final thoughts

Social proof is something we all experience, whether we realize it or not. It is present both in personal and professional life.

We probably wouldn’t buy or do something that no one else is buying or doing. That’s why business owners should implement social proof when doing marketing for their brands. Social proof notification apps like WiserNotify are sure to bring you more customers with the help of their customizable pop-up notifications and so much more.

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