Do You Feel Embarrassed or Excited to Share Your Blog with People?

I have a confession to make; I was a former shy blogging guy.

I felt ashamed to share my blog with friends and family. Some friends teased me. Some family members suggested I get a job to pay the bills since my blogging career had not taken off yet.

Feeling shy, ashamed and flat out embarrassed to share that I was a blogger created a horrible sensation in my being. I wanted to hide and I also wanted to hide the fact that I was a blogger.

Not good.

You may be re-reading the first few paragraphs and wonder to yourself:

“Is this the same Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise?”

I am the farthest thing from being shy about my blog these days. I walk around wearing my Blogging From Paradise T-shirt as I circle the globe. I also take neat snapshots of my paperback all over the world. Now we are in New York City.

I am not a shy blogger now, striking up conversations with strangers that usually lead people to visit my blog.

I am pretty darn clear, confident and at ease discussing blogging with anybody on the planet these days.


I had to make the shift from embarrassed about my blog to excited to share my blog, because the road from fear to love marks the path every successful blogger needs to take.

If You Feel Embarrassed to Share Your Blog with People

You are afraid. Point blank.

Feeling embarrassed to mention your blog indicates:

  • you do not believe in yourself
  • you doubt your abilities
  • you doubt your blogging strategy
  • you doubt if blogging is a proven online business model
  • you fear criticism from friends, family and the general public
  • you fear that blogging is or will be a waste of time

You cannot succeed as a blogger being burdened by fear. You cannot build a full time income through blogging if you feel embarrassed or ashamed about being a blogger. Few human beings flock to someone ashamed of their blog; if YOU do not believe in you and your blog, why in the heck would you expect anybody else to believe in you and your blog?

Facing, feeling and releasing fear-fueled embarrassment is the step you need to take, to go from embarrassment and shame to confidence and clarity.


Are you ready for your blogging PEY Day?

I follow 3 rituals daily that help me face, feel and purge fears. This ritual helped me go from shy blogger to calm, cool, collected blogger.

The PEY Day consists of:

  • Prayer
  • Exercise
  • Yoga

Of course guys; do what works for you. Different rituals work for different folks.

I dig the PEY Day approach because:

  • prayer connects me to my Source (so I know I am taken care of and do not get caught up in the doubts of skeptics)
  • exercise lifts my energy (from fear, to love)
  • yoga (deep yin) opens my body and mind (so I can identify fears, feel the fears, and release the fears)

Following my PEY Day ritual helped me face, feel and release doubting, scared, ashamed feelings I had about myself and my blog. I began doing Facebook Live Broadcasts. I also promoted my eBook freely, not fearing or doubting the eBook selling.

My PEY Day ritual led to bigger blogging pay days but more than that; I helped more folks and inspired more people because I did not fear sharing my blog with any human being, whether family, friends or some dude at the airport.

Be Honest

Guys; be honest about your true blogging feelings. Do you feel a bit embarrassed, ashamed or uncomfortable to say you are a blogger? That is OK. In many nations, blogging is still largely seen as being a joke, or not legit, or “not a real way to make money.” Some people in the United States still wonder what the heck I am doing with my life, being a guy who types away on a Chromebook all day long.

Begin to own those feelings guys. You cannot rise and succeed if doubt holds you down. Dive into the PEY method. Or find some ritual that helps you purge your fears.

You will gain more confidence and clarity in your blog, which inspires you to help more people and to reach out to more folks in public and online, which leads to greater blogging success for you. Plus you won’t feel like you’re doing a blogging walk of shame anytime someone asks you what you do for a living.

Blogging success, stability, travel, and whatever you desire through blogging is waiting for you.

Go for it.

I believe in you.

Shift from embarrassment to excitement as you blog your way toward your dreams.

5 thoughts on “Do You Feel Embarrassed or Excited to Share Your Blog with People?”

  1. Such an eye opening article. I always avoid sharing it in my personal news feed. Both in Facebook and Twitter. I find it bit awkward sometimes. But not anymore 🙂 I am going to change my approach.

    Thanks Ryan 🙂


  2. No one like a self-opportunity to seek or share the blog engage. When we are a valued member of the online community then this tips helps to build a strong relationship and help us to become a supportive community that shares each blog.

  3. Thank you for the honest blog post, Ryan!

    I feel the same every time I start to write something and plan to post it on social media or in my personal blog. I’ll try to be more confident and your article definitely helps me to do this!

  4. Hey Ryan,

    This post reminds of me the past. I was once in that boat. I started two blogs and failed like a dropped off stone.

    I didn’t give up because I knew I was not doing something right. But, I will definitely find out only if I try again.

    I decided to do a bit more research.

    So good, I started another blog and boom! Everything changed like magic. I can now feel the difference between a successful blogger and a failed blogger.

    All I would say is ignorance kept me away from the experience of blogging. But determination removed me from it.

    By the way, thanks for sharing your experience Ryan.

  5. Hey Ryan. Your blog post hit the spot.

    I was (am) a shy blogger. Part of it is because of my insecurities, part of it is because I’m living in a place where blogging is non-existent, even as an Idea.

    I live in Serbia and am surrounded by people who don’t speak Englsih; and can barely use the computer. I don’t want to say anything bad about them of course.

    But to tell them that I’m on a quest of earning an income online.
    Income that would largely be passive (through affiliate marketing) Income that trumps even what the president of Serbia receives for salary, and by a long shot- would put me at risk of being burned at a stake.

    I’m half joking when I say this; but only half:(

    P.S. Blogging and the journey I’m on is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will not give up, and I will succeed!

    Thanks for reading:)

    Nikola Roza

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