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Advanced internal linking- The best tactic you’re completely neglecting (stop the madness!)

Hey there,

I recently wrote a post here at about beginner internal linking hacks; those that most people know about, but still don’t do. Be sure to read it someday, as it’ll bring your whole SEO (not just links and link juice) to a new level, I promise.

But here, now, I want to talk a bit about advanced internal linking tactics. I say “advanced” because that’s what they are.

Not because they’re hard to implement; but because they involve a bit of thinking and a lot of knowledge on how Google and other search engines rank websites, (especially in regards to links and equity flow).


Your All-in-One Introduction to Small Business SEO & SEO Agency

So, you’ve finally done it huh?

You finally took one big leap forward and begun the introduction to your soon-to-be success story. Well, no worries. I’m with you every step of the way. And even if we have just gotten to this point, let me tell you that you have already made the world proud.

You have made something of yourself. You went beyond your own expectations and overcame your biggest adversary – yourself.

I’ll tell you one thing I’m very sure about: Not everyone has the guts to start their own business.


Pogo Sticking is killing your SEO! Here’s how to fix it!

When it comes to SEO, there are only two things;

  1. Get to Search result page #1 and position #1
  2. Be there for as long as possible.

If you are doing any SEO and these two are not your top priorities, then you have to sit down, grab a cup of coffee and think!

Now, if you are on Google page #1, position #1 for your hunted keyword, don’t celebrate yet. You still have work my dear friend. Pogo-Sticking may be your next enemy to deal with.

The battle for position #1 on page #1 is fierce – keyword research, competition analysis, creating great content, backlinks, etc.


SEO: Why Competitors Are Ahead of You in The Market!

The world is swarming with competitors. If you’re having a hard time trying to keep your business on the surface in the real world, then you’re probably experiencing twice the challenge online.

Here, everything is amplified. Opportunities for market growth, product enhancement, and client reach are doubled – maybe even tripled.

However, such opportunities never come easy. In this case, they come with a horde of competitors who’ll try to win over your market as well.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Google. On the search query, type your industry. Make your search more specific and add your place of business (e.g. Cake Shop Germany). Hit the search button.


SEMrush 20 tools to effortlessly manage your Content Marketing (SEO, PPC, SM)

I know you want to succeed online and you need the right set  of tools.

And you are facing different problems:

  1. You don’t even know the tools you need.
  2. These tools are too expensive.
  3. The tools are scattered on different platforms, meaning you have to deal with different login and security difficulties.

Creating an online business is one thing and many end at this point.  It’s a beautiful thing to come up with a thriving business idea, setup an attractive website, tell your friends about it and start sharing on social media.

But trust me failure will soon come visiting if you don’t connect the right tools to your startup to keep fueling it with the required energy.


9 Guest Posting Services to build SEO backlinks in 2019

Guest Posting is an approved Content Marketing and contextual Link Building strategy. But in recent times, content marketers and bloggers are facing really tough times in the activity.

Everyone with a website is aiming at Google page #1 and as we are told backlinks are a top ranking factor, some irrational webmasters will stop at nothing to get them.

However, not developing a qualitative linking strategy is another way to hurt your entire SEO backlink profile.