How to Get Canadian Web Traffic on Your Website

Canada is an appealing market for companies who want a global reach. It has been and remains one of the most stable economies worldwide. Salaries are increasing, there are no major fluctuations in the prices of goods and services, and employees and employers alike are convinced the country’s infrastructure will remain functional.

Its economy recovered from the pandemic relatively quickly, with widespread vaccination and support for disenfranchised entities.

The margins between Canada’s potential economic output and actual productivity have historically been small.

The country has a low inflation rate, and the Canadian dollar is traditionally a stable world currency.

If you’re aware of these and other advantages, you must be eager to attract business from Canada. We hope you find these tips for directing Canadian traffic to your site useful.


1. Use SEO

Make a version of your site for Canada ending in the specific domain .ca. Your content should include relevant keywords so your site is easy for people from Canada to find when they search for it on Google or other search engines.

You can use Google Keyword Planner or GS Location Changer for Chrome and Firefox, a free add-on. This tool changes your Google search location to get localized SERPs.

Get backlinks from Canadian websites and use the geo-targeting feature in Google’s webmasters tool.

2. Choose local hosting

Server location is paramount when it comes to speed and SEO. The closer your target audience is to the server, the quicker the site loads for them. Latency is the time it takes a server to get and process a request. Latency increases proportionately to the server’s distance, which affects the page load speed. Studies show that a one-second page load time delay can lead to 7% fewer conversions. If a website takes three or more seconds to load, almost half of visitors will abandon it.

This is one of many benefits of Canadian web hosting. The country prioritizes privacy with some of the most stringent privacy protection laws globally, which means increased protection against potentially intrusive provisions such as the Patriot Act in the US.

A Canadian host will give your website a Canadian IP address. Search engines yield different results depending on the searcher’s location. A Canada-hosted site will increase Canadian traffic by making your site more relevant within search results.

3. Use social media, online directories, and forums

Open accounts on popular social media and promote your website to reach Canadian audiences and get more Canadian traffic. Have your site entered in relevant directories. Multiple online directories target Canada-focused websites, so you can increase your visibility by submitting your site to them.

Take part in online discussion groups and forums relevant to your niche. You can develop a good reputation and attract visitors from Canada by interacting with people in these forums and giving them valuable insights. Outside the forums, they might never find your site.

4. Advertise

Use Google AdWords or another advertising platform to advertise on websites that get a lot of Canadian traffic. You only pay for AdWords when someone clicks on your ad, and you can get ads published on millions of websites.

Microsoft Advertising is to Bing what AdWords is to Google. Other options are Facebook Ads and X ads.


5. Write informatively and correctly

Traffic also depends on your style of writing. Native English speakers’ writing style will be different from non-natives’, but consumers widely accept informative and grammatically correct content in all English-speaking countries. Canadian English is closest to US English, so your content should reflect that.

Write attention-grabbing headlines, be concise, and use strong verbs. Images make content more appealing by breaking up text. Select images that complement your text and help tell an exciting or memorable story. Everyone loves a good story, especially Canadians!

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