Should dates be disabled on Blog Posts, Comments & SERP?

We know a vital element in content marketing is time. Whether you are blogging, writing e-books, creating infographics, etc, one of the things you strive to do is produce the most up-to-date material.

Human readers as well as search engines are out for what’s new and consumable. Now, if you create a new blog content on “what’s new in WordPress 2.0“, chances are that no one will pay attention to your article because WordPress 2.0 is almost not found on any blog today (except maybe on your local offline server).

So when it comes to dates and content freshness, I’m thinking of two characteristics;

  1. Completely new content.
  2. Updated content.

When content is completely new, it means it’s touching on something that’s news. Something you’ll probably be reading for the first time and something that’s still applicable.

Now, old contents can be updated. A typical example is a blog post you wrote 3 years ago on how to use WordPress. That content should be quite old and outdated but you can give some freshness to it by removing screenshots of former WordPress versions and adding skins of the newest version.

But if you wrote on a specific version of WordPress, the truth is that piece of content will become completely of no use to those users who have grown pass the version in your content.

remove dates

So should dates be removed from contents?

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From the SEO stand point, I don’t need Matt to tell me what they think about this. If Google has a way of finding blog posts that have kicked out dates, the monster will certainly find a way to strike.

If search engines care about content freshness, then it will be difficult for you to convince me that they won’t do anything about you taking down dates. Harsh Agrawal in this post on his blog shared his experience clearly proving that seach engine strive to answer queries with fresh materials.

From the readers’ stand point, it becomes deceitful to let me click a headline that leads to an outdated content.

Most often, when I get to a blog post and find out that dates have been removed from both content and comment, it feels like I’ll be wasting my time on some  obsolete material.  The author is like trying to trick me to reading his/her post.

If in 2013 you wrote about the latest stuffs in that year without dating your content, what do you think will become of that piece of work now in 2015? A reader who finds that material through search engine will become so disappointed and may not signup to your list or come back again.

The question is why should dates (such a crucial component of content) be removed ?

According to Harsh, removing dates from search results on SERP is to trick both search engines and human readers. Yes. I said trick them. Read his blog post again.

His experience clearly proves that dates is a ranking factor but I think Google has to relook its algorithm at this level. Why does it get confused and rank undated content?

If something is not done, you’ll soon start finding outdated undated content on position #1 for hot keyword (because the search giant is confused and ranking undated materials).

In Harsh’s words, dates give a good user-experience… A good idea is to show dates to your user, but don’t show it to search engines”

In other words, remove dates to fool or trick Search Engines and searchers.

But here is the point …

We need search engines to send us readers right?

So what happens if those readers come to find out that the content they found on Google page #1 is obsolete?

  1. First, they will click the back button and never return to your blog again (which is bad for your business)
  2. Clicking back will affect your bounce rate, an element is search ranking
  3. They may never trust Google again (which is bad news and why Google will soon strike)

Yes I know some undated materials are said to be evergreen. But does that justify why you should take down dates?

Will Google strike?

Yes I think the search monster is not stupid. The effect of removing dates is negative on user experience so I foresee Google coming out against this in the upcoming updates.

If your blog posts and comments are not dated, think about it.

In this post, Shamsudeen Adeshokan says removing dates from posts deserves a penalty from Google

I know this topic may be debatable so I’m using an argument tool in this post. While I highly appreciate your comments, please use this argument box and let’s know which side are you.

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146 thoughts on “Should dates be disabled on Blog Posts, Comments & SERP?”

  1. i think every blog should have date published with it. As, now every newbie tries to find out whats new by reading blog of a professional blogger. It’s due to their faith on that particular pro-blogger. If they hide dates, that indirectly hit their trust factor drastically. So, dates should be there ever with the posts. It helps us to find out latest changes in the field of blogging or whatever a user searches.
    I appreciate you writing skill as it is really a necessary post every pro-blogger should write.
    Thanks for such information.

    • Hey Nitin,
      Thanks for your valuable contribution and nice compliment 😉

      Your point is that dates is a trust factor and I see with it.

      Have a wonderful weekend ahead buddy

  2. We are against removing dates and user satisfaction is our first preference.
    Our users trust us so,we have to provide them the best..These dates on content will help them a lot in finding recent reviews.

  3. Dates on post makes the readers value the content as up-to-date.

    When writing post, dates should be considered because readers wants an updated content which tends to satisfy them.

    However, I believed that adding dates to post is not only necessary but important to both search engines and readers

  4. Hi Enstine,

    I honestly never gave this a second thought until last summer when Adrienne Smith wrote an article on this subject.

    I was immediately persuaded that yes, like any publication it ought to have a date on it for a lot of reasons.

    For me, the most basic reason is just credibility. Are you will willing to be open and transparent about when it was written. That doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t applicable any longer, it just means you’re open about when it was written.

    If you’re not willing to be open about something that simple, is there a chance you won’t be open and transparent about something else?

    Just a thought Enstine! Another great thought provoking article my friend!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • You are right here Don 😉
      When you kick out dates from your content, there is the feeling something is wrong. I really don’t know any just reason anyone can put before his readers for not dating his content.

      It just slows down to incredibility as you put it.

      thanks for putting your voice man. Hope you are doing great

  5. Hey enstine buddy,

    So whats you’re idea about it ??? Should i display dates or not in my Tech blog waiting for you’re reply eagerly.

    Issac paul

    • I think it will be good to display dates. I think tech is about developments and updates. Dates will help your readers with the right information at the right time 😉

      • Hey enstine,
        Glad to see your reply hope its worth displaying dates to let our readers know the exact details 😀

        thanks for replying bro, takecare….

        Issac paul

  6. I raise my hand on having dates on blog posts and comments. I like on my blog because it keeps things current. If there was no date, the information I may have written could be “oudtdated” and that would not be good for me.

    Also dates on comments are important because sometimes I find a person commenting on an older blog and spreading it out on social media. I think it’s pretty cool that the person digs into my blog and finds what is interesting to them and comments on it.

    When it comes to Google searches, I’m always looking at dates. If I’m looking to do a specific task, things can be outdated and if there wasn’t a date on it, I would be doing things in an old way that would not be productive.


    • Yeah Donna I can see your hands up. You may now bring them down. I have registered your position so others can see where you’re standing.

      We are saying dates are important so should be maintained right?

      Thanks for coming over with hands lifted 😉

  7. I think removing dates isn’t professional. Leaving dates on blogs shows accountability and your users can keep track of topics. Some fans enjoy up-to-date info and they cannot know if your info is current when they can’t compare with an earler post.

    Also, You will be playing with Google and that is not a smart thing to do. Besides your job is to provide value to your users, what better way to achieve this than to show them your new updates. Just imagine what a blog will look like without being ordered?

  8. your blog posts were really awesome..
    now i will enable dates on blog..
    thanks for sharing this informative article with new bie blogger like me…

  9. Hi bro,

    Another good post from you. This question is always a debatable one in the blogosphere. I do not remove the dates on my primary blog. In my opinion, if we remove the date you may cheat the SE’s but the end user ie people who visit the site feels cheated when they see outdated information.

    However, I run micro sites which are targeted mainly for amazon and other affiliates products. Dates were not present on these sites.

    ~ Umapathy

  10. Oops, I never thought post dates could be this powerful. I can see bloggers getting into the discussion from unexpected point of views, its really freaking me out.

    Took 15 minutes to read and conclusion is : Don’t care about it 🙂 lol

  11. Shouldn’t do this! Because-
    1. Search engines do reorganize and score fresh contents by dates.
    2. It is the best way to distinguish between duplicate and original content.
    3. Search engines still use old contents for some search queries.

    By the way, it’s a very nice concept! Hope Google and other search giant will read this article soon.

  12. I dont ever think it’s a problem at all. They can do what they want, test and see if it works for them.

    I think many of those starting in the affiliate marketing side will think about this more often than regular bloggers.

    It’s because they want to put up content and make people think it’s current or still relevant for a long time. That’s basically the only thing that they want so they can have passive income from niche sites. I used to think like that 4-5 years ago.

    Nowadays, content I have had since back then with dates from 2009 are still ranking and earning.

    Google has grown smarter over the years and it has algorithms in place to know when your content is published and if it’s even relevant to the keyword, whether it triggers news results or not. (In most cases, they can get it right)

    Great post Enstine. Lots of people will want to share their thoughts about this!

    • Hey Dennis,
      I agree with you that people should test things out and go for what works for them. A lot of parameters have to be taken into consideration. If niche bloggers do that and get what they want (sales), they may not care about user experience as far as that generates their money.

      But for regular bloggers who care about building and active community, they really have to consider their actions.

      Yes, I can see a lot of reactions in very short space of time. I’d like to even get more arguments on this.
      Thanks for your contribution 😉

  13. I like to see the date, depends on information type but I always like to read fresh stuff.

    Very beatiful blog you have Enstine, since my last comment I can see here’s a lot of buzz and people really like what you share. Congratulations!

    • Hey Dan,
      Good to see you here and of course we often chat on Facebook 😉
      Yes, I love my readers (you inclusive). They really engage with me and that’s what I pray to grow.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week man

  14. Hi Enstine.

    I agree with you. Whether the content of the post is evergreen or not, it’s better to have the date than not.

    Like several commenters here, I always look for the date, especially if the post has no comments. I suspect some hide the date to hide the fact that nobody commented on the post for the past three years that it has been sitting there.

    By the way, apologies about not getting back to you about your email. I was very sick in the week that you sent it, then I had so many urgent things to catch up with. Then I decided to take my website down and rebuild it, and meanwhile other things came up. It’s been crazy! But I WILL do it soon.


    • Hi Nathan,
      Good to see you hear bro and thanks for taking the time to go through the post, other comments and dropping your opinion.

      Almost everyone here argues for dates to be left in place and I think Google will be doing something about it too.

      Oh! Sorry to hear about your health and the other things that happened to you. I’m glad you are better now and able to blog-hop.

      There are better days ahead and we must keep giving bro

      Hear from you soon

  15. It has been my experience that even a year after losing one of my websites people try to read posts that were on the old site. This tells me two things; First people are more likely to look up content that is about a topic they are currently interested in and then the date becomes secondary. And second the date of a post is only as relevant as the topic. For example an old post about android won’t be as relevant as an old post about rope making.

    • Hey Brian,
      That’s correct. It has more to do with the topic in question. However, I think dates have to be in place if they don’t have any negative impact on content 😉

  16. Hi Enstine!

    I agree with you that it’s generally not a good idea to remove the dates from your articles. I think it’s important to be open and honest with every person that visits your website, and removing the dates is a way to deceive them to try and win a few more clicks in Google.

    The problem is these people do not get the experience they deserve when they stumble upon outdated content. They do not stick around. They do not subscribe. They do not purchase from you. So you’ve really got to ask… what’s the point of the extra traffic if it’s not actually doing anything for you right? This is why I strongly feel that the quality of your visitors is far more important than the quantity of your visitors. We could use every trick in the book to try and get people to visit our website, but if they aren’t engaging with us than it doesn’t do us any good.

    What I would do instead is to post an updated version of an old article (that is still receiving search engine traffic) and direct visitors to the newer version. I get to keep their visit, and they get the up-to-date information they were looking for. We both win!
    As far as penalties go, I have no idea. I know Google does their best to give the best experience to their users, so if undated content continues to hurt user experience I do not think it will be long before we see them stepping in.

    Good topic, interesting to see how things will play out in the future.
    – James

    • Hey James,
      That’s an absolutely rich comments and thanks for sharing your point.

      Most of us still rush over quantity. That’s why for the most part, some marketers go as far as buying traffic. This is ridiculous!

      You pay money to someone who tells you he will deliver traffic to your website. At the end, he sends bots and according to them, this helps create interesting stats in GA.

      Stupid isn’t it!

      Advertisers no longer care about huge numbers. They care more about targeting and human behaviors.

      I’m glad you were around brother and let’s keep it warm

  17. Hey Enstine,

    As you know, I’ve written about this same topic in the past myself and I don’t agree with removing dates from posts or comments. The only reason I will read a post without a date is because I know the blogger and I know it’s current.

    When I’m searching for an answer in Google and I find a post that doesn’t have a date I won’t waste my time. I’ve been stuck reading outdated content in the past and trying to follow what they shared only to later learn it was a few years old. That sits very bad in my mouth and I can’t believe the author doesn’t see how that’s hurting his readers.

    I read somewhere last year that Google was going to be implementing the no date rule in the pagerank moving forward mainly due to this very reason.

    Those that argue that their content is evergreen, I have to dispute that as well. They may have a few posts on their site that are but the majority aren’t so using that as an excuse to not have a date is just ridiculous to me.

    You can always use the code which I had shared in my post last year that the content has been updated if you still want readers to read older posts that you have updated. It’s really that simple but don’t just not date your content.

    That’s my thoughts on this topic at least and I don’t see myself changing my mind anytime in the near future.

    Thanks for bringing this up.


    • That’s being outright and I love it. I didn’t read that post on your blog. I missed it somehow so I’ll go search for it 😉

      I like your point about those who think they have evergreen content. They forget only a few articles on their blog may be evergreen and once they update their themes and remove the date piece of code, that will apply to every other article, making it look quite stupid on some outdated old posts.

      I think if Google comes up with this update, it’s going to help cleanup somehow

      Thanks for pushing the comment through despite GASP thinking you are a SPAM (whereas you are not)

      Do have a wonderful rest of week my dear friend

  18. I agree totally. I have even seen advice about not only removing the dates but also reposting the old content to the “front page” as if it was new. Yikes!

    I have myself wrote about this subject before, as I find it very frustrating when an article doesn’t have dates (and then the comments are dateless too). I don’t like to comment nor share articles like that, as it’s unclear if I’m reading something from five years back or something new. It’s a bad idea which is spread by many popular bloggers who don’t really seem to understand how web works.

    • Hi Mervi,
      Thanks for stepping here from Favebook. Better days are ahead of us 😉

      I think the idea of re-posting old post is not bad at all. I have done that once and I was shocked how this caught my readers in a an air of excitement. As your blog grows, you gain new readers daily who probably may not have read some of your evergreen old post. When you repost these post (clearly showing they were updated), you will discover newness on them.

      I will be writing about this shortly on my blog so we can talk more about it.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead and I hope to be around your blog too soon

      • I wasn’t being clear about the reposting scam this person was suggesting. They meant moving the old content to the top without telling your readers that it’s old (or even really updating it). The idea was to just move the old post as is. They wanted to trick the readers to think they have created a new post without creating one.

        I have been blogging since late ’90s and having dates on blog posts has been part of the deal ever since the beginning. It has been always a way to communicate the timeframe and context of a post.

        • Ohh that’s bad to try to look acting while sleeping. Bloggers should understand not all readers are stupid 😉 You can’t try to trick everyone 😉
          thanks for coming back to clarify your point Mervi.

          Hope you are having a wonderful week

  19. Hey Enstine,
    I also think that date shouldn’t be removed from the post whether it is tricky or not. Removing dates means you are trying to fool google and also with your genuine readers. So better option is this, they should update their content to show the latest date rather than fooling 😛

  20. Hi Enstine
    First Of All This is Very Interesting Post , and Great Points , and Good ideas , Yes..We are against removing dates and user satisfaction is our first preference. , This is very important , Tutorial , Good Work i like i am really inspire your Post ,
    Thank You Very Much For Sharing me

    Have a Great Ahead ,

  21. Hello Enstine! You have quite the discussion going on here my friend and I for one agree with the majority here! I do think it is a good thing to have dates on everything, who cares if it is 2-3 -4 or more years old, all you need to know is if it still works.. Right?

    Love this, thanks for the invite. Have an Awesome Day! Chery :))

    • Hey Chery,
      I’m excited you are here and I can see you have taking time to go through the comments. That’s really impressive and thanks for dropping a comment and sharing your views. I love that!

      Do have a wonderful week ahead my dear friend

  22. Hi Enstine

    A post on very important topic and many people are still confused about it.

    It is so easy to understand why mentioning date is good both for search engines and people. Just one example I am mentioning here. Is there any newspaper seller in the world who likes to display a magazine at his bookstall that has no date or month. Or will any person ever buy any kind of publication that has no date.

    It means once-release publication like book can be sold without any date but a regular publication can never. So the posts of a website can be date-free but those of a blog can never.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful views and it must have cleared the confusion why it is essential to put date before our blog posts.

    • Hi Mi,
      Good to see you here and thanks for siting an indisputable example.
      Though many bloggers are bringing up the issue of evergreen content, that does not justify why dates should be removed. I don’t really see anything positive for the readers.

      I hope you are having a great week bro

  23. Hi Enstine!

    Thanks for posting a bit of controversary on your site! 😉 I know many bloggers who appreciate having a date on the article itself. But then there are those who think it’s not essential, as I’ve seen on many other blogs. I believe a date is essential so we know how current the material is. Comments, on the other hand, I don’t think is as important to have a date and especially not a time.

    I look forward to seeing what others have to say.


    • Hey Brenda,
      The heat is on and readers are sharing different views. Thanks for your own contribution and for sharing this post on Facebook. I think that has made me to gain more new readers like Mervi whose comment I just approved

      I strongly underline my excitement each time you stop here. Better days are ahead dear friend

  24. Removing dates from posts would be a bad idea. Harsh is also including dates, and the dates are also being shown in SERPS. His advice and implementation is contradictory.
    Google Caffeine updates stresses the need of last modified date in blog posts.

    Editing old blog posts for better clarity and fresh information, in the same republishing it with updated date, boosts rankings. If you remove dates from your posts, you miss something more important.

    Google can penalize you. It has got all the rights.

    • Hey Akshay,
      Thanks for adding an SEO touch to this debate.
      Maybe HArsh did find something and decided to roll back and annul his modifications.

      Let’s see what Google has for us in the next updates

  25. Hi Bro,
    First, thank you for referencing my content, I do appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

    When I wrote that post, I was like OMG! how can authority bloggers be doing this? That’s what I find out….most bloggers that practice this act are top notch marketers, bloggers and role models – these are bloggers people look up to for many blogging lessons.

    Yaro Starak, Copy Blogger owned By Brain Clark (They once do it), Harsh Agrawal, Derek Halpern just named a few.

    I was searching for a coupon code for WordPress hosting and found “Art of blog” on Google #1 result and just like that, I click on it only to get confused because the post has no dates on it.

    Being a little internet savvy I am, I do some finding on the blog only to find out that the post is totally out of dates. In fact, more than a year or so.

    Having dates on your blog for me is a must and necessity; if you truly care about your blog readers and visitor.

    Thanks bro, this is lovely and a debate worth participating.

    • Hey bro,
      Your post is an excellent and relevant extension to this 😉 Thanks for making it available

      What I foresee is that Google will strike if you have dates disabled because evidently, you are misleading readers.

      Thanks for sharing your point bro and do have a wonderful week ahead

  26. Yeah bro thats what I tried to explain. Nope I wrote this comment first and then replied to Joy after reading most comments 🙂

    Thanks for planning an putting up a pst on such a topic 🙂

  27. Hi Enstine bro,
    I am all in for this debate. 😀
    I really liked your idea in bringing up a post in this much-debated topic. I would go for dates. Dates provide a sign of credibility.
    May it be any blog, or any niche, may you be writing on a current topic (dates are a must then) or any evergreen topic people still check out for dates.
    Suppose you are writing a search engine optimization post, no matter tactics hardly need dates but it is highly essential for someone to know if those posts and tactics mentioned are used today or relevant.
    May be the post contained a strategy of keyword stuffing which was considered a good practice in good old days but not now. In this case if you don’t have a date mentioned it will confuse the reader. okay not all readers are that choosy but some are and believe me those some readers are the ones that have a keen eye on your writing.

    My experience :
    As a freelance writer I have to research a LOT before writing the perfect article on for my client. In this attempt I came across such sites that tricked the reader by not showing the dates. The dates were missing from below the title and even in the comments.

    I now don’t visit those sites for any search they appear on google. Why ? Simply because they lost their credibility the first time I visited their site.

    On tricking search engines:
    Bro, I strongly believe that you know more than me on how intelligent google is. Do you still think tricking it by hiding dates will escape the post from its knowledge? I guess no.

    On SERP effects:
    I don’t think dates matter, its the quality of post , the sites authority and the engagement it provides like bounce rates etc that matters.
    I have seen sites like mashable or hubspot or other such sites ranking for a query they wrote back in 2009. I have seen posts from 2006 also are still ranking in the first top 10.

    You would be happy to know I have seen your posts ranking above others and they were written much before others wrote. So I don’t think google takes a heed on this.

    My Opinion:
    I think bro, I should not achieve anything in exchange for reader UI. Nothing else matters.

    • Hey Swadhin,
      When I first read your reply to Joy, I knew you were cooking something and that you did 😉

      Thanks for using practical examples to illustrate your point. Dates are important right? We should keep them on posts,comments and SERPs

  28. Hi Enstine

    Trust me to want to come along and join an argument 🙂

    While I agree with the principle, and I do show dates on my blog posts – for all the reasons discussed, I do not show a date on my sales websites.

    They sell eBooks, and in one case, a test that I’ve been recommending for over 10 years now. I still recommend it and nothing has changed – except that the price has increased, at the instigation of my supplier.

    I’ve actually updated the eBooks over that period, so I suppose by rights I could just add a comment to say “eBook revised dd/mm/yy”.

    These are such a tiny part of my income it’s hardly worth the effort!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

    • Hi Joy,
      I stopped by to reply you because I was impressed with a data backed point you made that I believe in. Its true that dates do matter and as you said, in case we have a date mentioned in your ebooks or products its worth the time invested. 🙂
      You can read my opinion below:)

    • Hey Joy,
      Welcome dear friend.
      I have see some marketers use scripts to automate and display current date, giving the impression the page has just been updated.

      When I see this, I can smell the mess from a very long distance and of course, I’ll avoid it.

      I think it’s better to completely do away with dates on sales page than giving that very false and deceitful information.

      If the content is evergreen, I see no problem with that but once the ebook is updated, it’s important to let users know you are still there and working on it by that “eBook revised dd/mm/yy” mention.

      Thanks for showing up and do enjoy your week as well dear friend

  29. “From the readers’ stand point, it becomes deceitful to let me click a headline that leads to an outdated content.” End of story, whether looking at this from the point of SEO or reader appreciation. Look at this also when you’re posting on any social media, i.e., Twitter: readers will see outdated material, and not rely on you for up-to-the-second content. The way it is.

    Really good article, Enstine!

  30. Hello Enstine,

    Must say a good point needed to get thoughts over from fellow people!

    Dates are must! And it makes a reader to know what he/she is reading was written back in the time so he/she must find the updated info related to what their search term is.

    Reading the content without date stamp, for newbie users, it will be hard for them to understand whether the content they are reading is from the today’s age or was written some years ago..


  31. Hi Enstine,

    I think dates should not remove from the posts. According to dates readers can check that which post is new or old. Many visitors prefers the new post rather than old. If dates are removed from them then how can visitors determines that post is new or old.

  32. Hi Muki bro,

    To be frank many at time I got confused about this many at times, some epic bloggers go against this while some take this very important but to be frank it seems to be individual differences and mostly for the lazy type of bloggers who don’t find pleasure in updating their blog post as at when due. And now on the verge of removing data from your blog, the question is does it affect your blog RANK or significant effect it has on it in the first place. Personally, knowing this will help to take a frank decision base on your experience with it.

    • Hey bro, if you read Harsh’s linked content, his natural traffic increased when he removed dates from SERP but the issue is that Google may soon react to this because it leads to poor user experience.

      I personally will not recommend removing dates even on evergreen content 😉

  33. Hi Enstine

    In My Point of view removing date is bad for user experience as you said no body likes to read outdated content and if user found it from search engine he/she might will never gonna visit our blog or website, which means increase in bounce rate and hence decrement in Search engine ranking.


  34. No Post Dates Should Not be Removed From Posts And Comments Beacuse Date Tells Us Whether The information Which Postor Comment Is Giving Is Latest or Up to Date or not.
    If We Will remove Date Than How’d One Know Tht Post Is Giving Upto Date Info Or Not it might Be Outdated And Might not Work Anymore Or it iS Of no Use

    PS- hey guys Do Visit My Blog (A Really Cool Tech Blog )

    • Hi Martin,
      I’m on your interview with Erik right now but just making out time to comment
      Thanks for your comment here and on Bizsugar.

      Search engine results page (SERP) is the result page you get when you run a search in Google or other search engines. 😉

      That’s the most basic definition one can get

  35. I am against it. I don’t want to remove dates from blog posts. In fact there should be last modified date as well to let readers aware when the article was published and when it was last updated.

    For me Dates should be there. Nice post Enstine.

  36. Hi Enstine,

    I think dates should be included as they help both bloggers and search engines build true user/fan base. Removing dates would not only confuse and annoy the visitors but also search engines. When it is about the fresh information that comes to ranking, dates play a major role. What if I had a blog in the past that had 10,000 quality posts published and was ranked for that credibility compared to someone’s today’s blog with just 300 quality blog posts(with updated information)? I should not be honored the top position on SERP as I still have that outdated information(though a quality info).

    As you said, if those posts are updated with latest info and if they comply with the permalink and the old title, it can be considered by Google after sending a fetching request.

    So, I vote for ‘dated posts’. Thank you for inviting me to the discussion. Glad to be a part of it. Have a good day!

    • Hi Sasidhar,
      Thanks for making it on this post and sharing your highly appreciated comment.
      I hope readers read your comment too.

      I’m so excited and will love to see you around again

  37. I don’t think removing dates from posts is a good act because with all factors dates also help your audience to analyse how old the post is and whether the content in the post is now going to work for present era or not.

    So, I am against it …!

  38. This reminds me of the Google search I did yesterday, I searched for airtel bis and search results send me tto a post with no date on justnaira and even the info was not the current airtel plans. I just think of why do Google added this site at top search results.
    Anyway it’s good idea to add dates to posts because if justnaira has added date I would just search the site for same topic with recent date and would surely got what I needed.
    Thanks for sharing this Enstine

  39. I remember you threw this Question some days ago on your Facebook status, and i recall my comment on the status, It has advantage and disadvantage, you certainly focused on The disadvantages of not showing post Dates, which were Tricking Readers and Search engines, It’s very convincing, I agree to that, and I am sure Any one who reads this post will change and begin displaying Dates.
    But I noticed some advantages in it, Readers will keep coming to A blog post without date as long as that Post is helpful to them, this is why the post will remain on SERP page one for its cicks and solution to readers, not even because of it tricked anybody by not Showing Dates. The Only readers Who might feel discouraged are the ones who are Aware of What showing Post Date is about.
    So my point is, if Google is punishing any blog for not showing post Dates, then Blogs with the Best content on Google SERP might get hurt, And Google may indirectly still be the ones to suffer it.
    Hope my point is understood. Nice topic anyway Mr Enstine.

    • Yeah I did. Where I published this post, I didn’t have access to Facebook . I intend to use the FB screen in the most so I might be updating it.

      Now, the simple question is why remove dates if you have nothing to hide?
      If your content is great and evergreen, there shouldn’t be any reason to kick off dates.

      BTW, I don’t think what you raised is an advantage at all. If people keep reading, it’s not because date is removed. It’s because the content is great. So with or without date, they will still read.

      If someone thinks that Google will strike and get them removed from SERP for being dateless, they should enable dates then. Google has nothing to lose taking down dateless content. On the contrary a lot they stand to lose if they keep telling us the best content they have is dateless.

      Came back and tell me more

      • Stop living by the hand of Google!

        Yes, they are the major search engine BUT you should never run your business at the dictates of Google when there is soooo much other places to get targeted traffic from that do not require you to change your stuff whenever Google comes out with an update.. this is a post in and of itself.

        • Hey bro,
          It’s absolutely incorrect to tell people to “Stop living by the hand of Google!”, talking about the availability of many other places to get targeted traffic without even being able to mention one 😉

          FYI, there is no system that doesn’t change and require it users to follow. Prove me wrong!

          The only thing you can absolutely rely on is your email list. Even at that, there are still changes you must change with.

          Google is the majority so it’s up to anyone to follow the majority or chose to stay with the minority.

          It’s a choice right?

          • Here’s two: 1)Solo advertising and 2)native advertising where you get traffic from visitors who are already engaged

            What I am saying is you should not ever put all or the majority of your eggs in one basket. Too many businesses have been crushed by a simple algo change from Google and I’m talking about those who have followed Google’s so called laws which aren’t state or business laws just their own rules.

            The internet marketing lifestyle gets easier to attain when you exercise more traffic sources.

            And by the way, Google ain’t the “majority” in my life BUT to each his/her own choice as you say.

          • You are correct bro relying on one traffic source could be detrimental.
            But I think we are talking about natural traffic from Google here. This means free or, well, costing some money to do SEO. How does Solo and native ads (which are paid) complement that?

            You can get real traffic from Google without spending a cent. Is that possible with the 2 sources you mentioned above? I think they don’t count here 😉

          • You must get to the point where you can acquire clients and customers at will which means buying. It has been known in marketing history that you don’t have a business till you can pay for it. Paying for traffic is easily scalable and more in your control.

            I’m not saying discount free traffic because it may be all we can afford at the beginning but we must EVOLVE brother.

      • Okay, I am convinced, I was initially displaying only Day Of Post, Not full Date and Year. But I will display everything and leave it that way for couple of weeks, let’s see if it will assure any better positive result than before 😀

  40. I don’t bye to the ideal of reading any blog post that did not show date that have being published.
    I believe their action is to deceive reader which is not good actually in any case! Their should be penalty from search engine for this horrible trick.

    • Depends on the purpose of your site being a traditional blog or an actual website which normally does not have dates except in the footer’s copyright info. The majority of real websites do not have dates all over the place but if you want your site to be seen as just a blog then so be it to each his/her own. Peace.

  41. A very good topic you actually pointed out today in this blog post. I was wondering that what if i alter the dates of my posts and trick Google to think that the post is fresh and new but when it comes to bad user experience i don’t want to do this.

    Lets not see this from point of view of a blogger but a reader. Would you not like to see new and fresh content in the search results?

    Anyways, my take on this argument is simple that dates must not be disabled anywhere whether its SERP or blog post or wherever as it is not right and whats not right must not be done.

  42. Hi Enstine,

    I also support people who do not disable the date at their posts. The date was important and I think, the reason can be known of all these comments. 🙂

    When I read all these comments, somehow I was learning a lot of things about this. Thank you for all commenters. 😉


  43. One question will be able to solve this – Just ask yourself – Would you like to be trick? The answer is so obvious, right?
    If you don’t like to be trick, than don’t trick anyone by removing the content dates. I once done that and to be honest, I ask myself that question and I realize one fact, our content are for human to read not search engine, if your content is good, does it matter if search engine can find you?
    For example – if you wrote a content about curing Cancer, ask yourself – do you need search engine to help you rank? You doesn’t need to – people will share your post through social media and that’s faster than Google can rank.
    If you remove your date and expect Google to rank you, it shows your content sucks and that’s a fact you had to face it.

    • Hi Wong,
      Good to see you here and thanks for sharing your point
      I definitely don’t want to be tricked so I wont trick others.

      I think I’m for dates 😉 just like you so thanks for the feedback

  44. Heres the thing, removing the date code from your post php does not get rid of the chronological date which your Archives will ALWAYS have so its OK to remove it from posts without harming anything while still creating the timelessness effect 😉

    • Hey Caleb,
      What about user experience? We are looking at someone who is reading and later discover that the material has expired.
      Well, for ‘evergreen’ content, it may not expire (or completely expire). don’t you think readers would prefer they be told that this content was created 5 years ago?

      • That depends on the overall purpose of your particular site. One of the beauties of using WordPress is you can choose between a static or regular traditional website style or a magazine newspaper type style which should have dates.

        Before I switched to removing the dates I purposely put sticky evergreen type content as their own pages or in a highlighted area and still do today to a certain extent.

        But nowadays if a particular piece has expired as you say then you can handle that in the comments and or do an update on that particular thing which creates even more content 😉

        Whether you use dates or not you will still have to continuously curate your own content including past content on your site anyway just as a gardener has to continuously prune all his flowers and plants even the older ones. Sometimes especially the older ones!

        One type of mindset is to just allow your content to always assume the evergreen position UNTIL updating is needed which again will create even more engaging content 🙂

  45. I think it depends. If you have a blog/website that lends itself to tech-savy clientele, then you should probably wouldn’t want to remove the date.

    On the other hand, I would remove the date on evergreen content where the audience wouldn’t be looking for a dates anyways.

    So it depends, it can work both ways. Some content on certain blogs needs the dates, others don’t .

      • Yeah it could be anything from 5 reasons to stay hydrated to 5 reasons why dogs make good companions for humans…….We’ll always need water and dogs should make out to be good animals as pets….

  46. I Solemnly say to you all that date should be enabled in all blog post or else one will face a serious judgement from almighty Google…….

    I do not encourage the removal of date from meta, rather i make sure that my article are fully up to date and must correspond to recent day date of publication.

    So i strongly support @MMONigeria

  47. I don’t think removing dates will be a better option.As an user,I will also go with dates to check the recent comments on the product (or) post to check it’s current position.

    If the recent comments are good,I will go with that product and I will be confused if dates are removed..

      • Hi Enstine,

        Yes..We are against removing dates and user satisfaction is our first preference.
        Our users trust us so,we have to provide them the best..These dates on content will help them a lot in finding recent reviews.

  48. It’s not cool at all to remove dates from posts, comments or serp. Those who do keep fooling themselves thinking they are fooling search engines or readers. Instead of removing the dates, why not update the post to a recent info?

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