How to INSTANTLY reduce Bounce Rate with Zero Bounce WP Plugin!

Bounce Rate is one of the things that pull a great portion of our attention. As a blogger or website owner, I know you are certainly worried with your bounce rate being above 50% and the main reason you are reading this post is you want to cut it down to as low as possible.

In the past, I brought out some little known tricks how to effectively reduce your bounce rate by psychologically causing readers to click internal links on your articles. Check out the article here and please remember to share it.

Recently, I ran into a plugin that has blown me away. I had no other option than grab a copy for my blog and the results obviously are keeping me excited.  I’m talking about Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin.

reduce bouce rateZero Bounce is the killer when it comes to reducing your bounce rate to almost zero. This plugin has an innate capacity to figure out if your visitor clicks the “back button” or “exit button”  When it finds out your reader has clicked the back button to leave your blog and bump your bounce rate, it will just intelligently redirect that visitor to the page you specified.

I was pleasantly surprised how this plugin is so flexible. You are able to dig deep and deal with visitors on specific posts, from specific countries, from specific referrers (Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

So I got talking with the developer of Zero Bounce and what I wanted was  a special discount code for you. The good news is he accepted to slice off 15%. You may want to quickly go grab your copy now.

Use coupon code : ENSTINEMUKI

Before I give you some more details about Zero Bounce, here is an interesting demo video showing how it works.

How does Zero Bounce Reduce Bounce Rate?

Now, there are two key terms I want you to know here and how these are handled by this wonderful plugin. A good understanding of these terms will help in moving your online business forward;

Bounce Rate

This is simply a percentage of visitors who come to your blog (from an external site) and leave without clicking another page/post on the same blog. Someone clicks your entry on Social media or search engine, drops on your blog and then clicks the “back button” or the “Exit button”. That will cause a bounce to happen because the visitor came and left creating just a single page view within a session. In simple terms, a bounce occur when there is just a single page view within a session.

Exit Rate!

This happens simply on a page where someone who has been on your blog leaves it.  If you were reading Post A on my blog, then you click to Post B and close the page, an exit rate will be counted on Post B

Now let’s take scenario …

If a visitor comes from Google to your About Me page and clicks the back button or closes the page without visiting another page, a bounce will occur on the About Me page.

But if the visitor comes from Google to your Home page, then clicks your About Me page before closing the page, an Exit Rate will be counted on the About Me page.

I hope you now get the differences between these two often misunderstood terms. So let’s get to the real meat of this post and see how Zero Bounce can help deal with both Bounce rate and Exit Rate.

Zero Bounce is easy to setup

Now the first thing I want to underline is the fact that this plugin is easy to setup unlike some so-called premium plugins that make your simple world so complex.

Once you install and activate your copy, you just have to tell the plugin what to do if someone tries to bounce off your blog. Here is what the basic settings look like.

bounce rate

For the plugin to function, you will have to check the button to Activate. In the Global Url field, you have to enter different links (each per line) where you want the visitors to be redirected to each time they try to bounce off or exit any page on your blog.

The Global Urls field has two options;

  1. One url – activate this if you want everyone to be redirected to just one url
  2. More than one url – You can also add as many urls as you can but each visitor will be redirected to a random url picked from the list.

Now let’s look at more setting variables on the basic tab

By default, Zero Bounce is enabled for Home page, your blog posts and pages. However, for some reasons, you may want to disable the plugin on any of these. All you have to do is check the option.

If you want the plugin to just function for traffic from Google, Facebook or Bing, go ahead and check these values. However, the default value is set to redirect visitors who come to your blog from any source.

Now, there are some more intelligent options here so you have to check them out and activate accordingly. I want us to look at the 2 advanced features how they can be specifically set.

Zero Bounce Advanced Options!

zero bounce wp referrer redirect

Now you see clearly in this image how you can deal with visitors from specific sites who want to bounce back or exit your blog. You can instruct this plugin to redirect them to specific pages.


zero bounce wp country redirect

Here is another amazing option if you are doing some sort of geo-targeted campaigns. For instance, you may want to redirect your bounce and exit traffic from UK to a specific event page coming up in UK. Now that won’t be necessarily for exit traffic from USA or India. How useful is this option?

Reducing Bounce Rate on Individual blog posts/pages

I mentioned above that Zero Bounce is a very flexible plugin so you can deal with post and pages individually. So every blog post you create,  this plugin is able to redirect its bounce and exit traffic to any specific url.  I know the opportunities here are limitless so you just have to put your brain at work.

zero bounce post

How else is Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin useful?

Now, I must say here that the limit is how far your brain can think. While this plugin is excellent at reducing your bounce rate (which definitely has positive SEO impact), there are lots of other ways you can use it.  Here is a list of such possibilities as detailed on the plugin home page;

reduce bounce rate zero

 How much does it cost?

If you have just one blog, you can instantly grab a license for $19.  This comes with Lifetime Free Updates and 24/7 support. If you want to use the plugin on more blogs, check the pricing table below.

This is an excellent plugin to increase the money you make from niche sites so do grab a copy. Don’t forget to use coupon code to save 15%

reduce bounce rate zero pricing
Single license : $19
Coupon code: ENSTINEMUKI
Coupon will work on any package

Don’t forget to drop a comment and let me know how you are trying to cut down your bounce rate. Are you going to give this plugin a try?

55 thoughts on “How to INSTANTLY reduce Bounce Rate with Zero Bounce WP Plugin!”

  1. Hey Enstine!
    Really informative review and I am sure I am going to look forward to your website for more options. Its a great plugin and was looking online for such plugin from quite some time. Thanks !

  2. Hi Enstine

    Thanks for an interesting post – and the equally interesting debate that followed. As I was reading the post I was thinking that I’d be irritated if I wanted to leave a blog and got sent somewhere else.

    So much as I’d like to reduce the bounce rate of my site I’m afraid I’m in the camp that feels it may be frowned upon by users and Google.

    Now I’m aware of the plugin I’ll watch for it in operation to see how it works and keep an open mind. If I decide to buy it I know to come back here for a great discount, because as I read further in the post I thought, OK – well that would be a GOOD use. So I’m a bit on the fence still.

    Have a great week, Joy

    • Hey Joy,
      How are you this weekend?
      Just read your post about offline business groups but will be sharing my views in the comment tomorrow Monday. It’s been a busy Sunday with National President of our church who came visiting our district. You can imagine how busy the day has been 😉

      So, I advice to be careful how this plugin is used on main sites. Some bloggers however have seen success using it on niche sites, mainly amazon site.

      I’ll be testing it one of mine to see what results I get 😉

      thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion about it. There is surely a wonderful week ahead

  3. nice informative article to reduce bounce rate..
    wordpress is the best platform it has all plugins to customize as per admin wish..

    please write a post for blogspot to reduce bounce rate…

  4. Hi!

    As David McSweeney already mentioned,
    in this plugin violates rules of Google, Bing and other ppc advertising networks.
    So you should use it with caution.

    However I know that it works really great, as we at provide a really similar option with one of our targeting scenarios (Bounceback)

  5. Hey Enstine,

    I’m sold! I was using a plugin called Reduce Bounce Rate, but it doesn’t have as many features as this one. I did reduce my bounce rate to about 15%, but now it’s about 22%. I like the fact that you can redirect your visitors to another page or post. This can be an essential part of a marketing funnel when it comes down to it. For now I would use it as an enhancer to grow my list!

    Thanks for the review Enstine! You have a good one!

    • Hey bro,
      I never knew about Reduce Bounce Rate before 😉
      What I love with Zero bounce is the fact that it’s quite flexible. You can use it to build your list or make more affiliate sales 😉

      You just have to be careful with it on your main blog.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience man

      Do have a wonderful week

  6. Hi ensitne,

    Nice blog post on how to reduce bounce rate to zero. wow this very powerful am going to put it to practice and make sure that my bounce on my rate reduces greatly.

    thanks enstine keep rocking

  7. This is a pretty good plugin for amazon affiliate stores and sales pages, am not so sure how good it will be on a blog.

    When a new visitor wants to leave then they really mean to leave, I’ll take myself as example, when i stumble on a blog and find out the tittle was misleading, I’ll simply close and leave even if 10 pages popup I’ll close all 10 lol.

    Nice for affiliate offers though.

  8. At First i was like “Is that true?” I wasn’t knowing that one can really decrese the bounce rate of a blog to a very low amount but after using this plugin I believed in It after seeing a great improvement in my site:s bounce rate.

    Thanks Enstine for making me aware of this tool. 🙂 Thanks alot!!

    Mukul Chugh

  9. Hi Enstine sir,

    This is an awesome post.
    Bounce is is one of the major factors that describes the success of our content. It also creat impact on search results.
    The review of Zero Plugin sounds good and I think is should give it a try.


  10. hi enstine
    really another worthy plugin from you after mycomment authors! i trully agree man you are king of wordpress world, thanks first of all, coming to the point, what are the things do you think practly makes out bounce rate?
    in my case study: 1- theme 2. the colorscheme 3. content and the images
    what do you think?
    thanks a lot

  11. Hey Enstine,
    Glad to read your article and here i have few questions to ask:

    #1.Question: Is there any plugin like this for blogger/blogspot platform ? I am asking this question because i am blogger platform 😉

    #2.Question: Seeking for help since my bounce rate is 30% Could you give me a tip to lower my bounce rate to around 10% ?

    Thanks in advance !

  12. I have read about this plugin. It is a nice plugin and good for decreasing a blog’s bounce rate .
    Low bounce rate attracts the advertisers and we can earn also good from it.

    Thanks for giving a discount coupon for it.

    Would also like to know if there is any similar to this one for blogger blogs ?

  13. Sorry, but this is a surefire way to get your site banned from google. ‘tell the plugin what to do if someone tries to bounce off your blog’ – you are forcing users to take an unwanted action. I’m all for exit popups etc, but automatically redirecting is spam.

    I would not install this on a blog where you care about user experience and long term success.

  14. Hello, enstinemuki

    Reduce bounce rate is important for every blogger to get rank on Google. I think This is one of the good post and people will get help by reading this blog post. Thank you enstinemuki.

  15. This is interesting.

    I can’t work out whether I really like this idea or really hate it.

    The thought of artificially reduced bounce rates doesn’t inspire me, but the fact you may be able to get a significant increase in conversions really does. If you can direct people to a squeeze page for newsletter subscriptions then I could see it working really well.

    However, saying that, I just tried it out on another website that I saw is using it and I absolutely hated the experience. If I click back, I want to go back. I would be concerned that this would put users off my website when they realise that something isn’t quite right…

    A good article nonetheless, provoking lots of debate. Keep up the great work Estine!

    All the best,


    • So good to see you here Luke and thanks for sharing your thought

      You are right there! We must be able to rightly use the tool to get desired results.

      That someone uses WordPress to post porn content doesn’t make WP bad CMS for the clergy men. It’s just a platform so you use it the way you want.

      If poorly used, you kick away your visitors. If well used, you get happy visitors.

      Thanks for sharing your contribution and hope to see you around again. I have been to your blog and of course, will be around again

      • Hey again Enstine,

        After doing a bit of research into this I feel like it absolutely shouldn’t be used by people.

        There is already a warning in Webmaster Tools which reads the following:
        “after following the link to your app, the back button did not return to search results.”

        You’d assume that if there’s a warning, there’d ultimately be a penalty if this wasn’t fixed. I know this is for apps, but it shows where Google are heading. The back button should go back for user experience and – if not that – ethics.

        It’s a clever idea, but think this would have only been great 5-10 years ago.

        All the best,


        • Hey Luke,
          Your comment came in while I was admiring the poker player on your blog 😉

          Thanks for coming back with the result of your search. You know Google keeps looking for the best for its users so it’s possible we come to this point in the nearest future.

          I recommend being careful with using this plugin on ones main blog. However, others have had great success with it on niche sites. I’ll be giving a try on my up coming amazon site and will surely share my experience.

          Hope you are having a great week

  16. Hi Enstine

    Very comprehensive review. I like it so very much because you cleared everthing regarding its features and well differentiated between bounce rate and exit rate.

    The plugin reminded me one of my guest posts which I published two years ago at a successful local blog to share my experiences how I brought down bounce rate of one of my blogs from 76 per cent to 17 per cent. But that might be an exception because not every one has same level of skills and energy level to take extensive efforts to hold the visitors for a longer period of time by offering several attractive things before they exit.

    This plugin has solve the problem of all those who can’t act manually to hold the visitors and make them click on another post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Hey Mi,
      Yeah this is a perfect tool for that though it can be highly misused to fire bullets at your visitors.

      However, properly using it can really guarantee good results.

      I’ll be excited if you share again on your blog your past experience at reducing BR to 17%. Is that possible?

  17. well detailed article on how to reduce bounce rate to zero wow this very powerful am going to put it to practice and make sure that my bounce on my rate reduces greatly.

  18. well detailed article on how to reduce bounce rate to zero wow this very powerful am going to put it to practise and make sure that my bounce on my rate reduces greatly.

  19. Hi Enstine!

    At first I couldn’t help but think this plugin was a bit deceiving and unethical, but I read through the comments and can definitely see how it could be useful in certain situations (redirecting to a cheaper sales page for example.) I know a ton of people are already doing this now that I think about it, and I know it works.

    Now, it’s not something I’d ever use on my blog articles but I could see this being beneficial for sales funnel promotions.

    Thanks Enstine!

    • Hey James,
      I think you are right. I’m using it here on specific articles and will use more on my premium posts.

      It’s a good way to increase sales by redirecting traffic to cheaper deals. We just have to use our brains and make it a more useful tool though.

      Thanks for sharing your point bro

  20. Hi Enstine,

    You are always coming up with such great stuff. I was a bit concerned about my bounce rate the last time I checked. Especially those that came in from external sources.

    Now I can understand so much more about how important this is! You have provided excellent information here and I do have to check out this plug-in. My gosh…What a great way to track what is going on with my blog and how to keep people staying on it. lol

    I like all the redirect ways to keep one on a blog. I use this in my marketing funnel which I have been focusing on. But when it comes to my blog, I haven’t given it a thought.

    Thanks again for your “helping hand” Enstine!

    See you later on my blog


    • Hey Donna,
      Thanks for the treat (the comment;) )
      I’m apply this to my main blog here but with caution. For my niche blogs, this will be more useful.

      Redirecting traffic to cheaper offer seems to be the most agreeable way to go about with this. however, it’s just a flexible tool so we can use to our benefits.

      Do have a great weekend dear friend

  21. Hey man, this was just awesome. I never thought that their is such plugin that do the remaining job for us. But, this is fantastic plugin to instantly decrease site bounce rate.
    I also wanna say thanks to you for giving us a live demo of how it works.
    The turnout is really surprising for me.

    Thanks for sharing a great review.

  22. Hi, Enstine,

    Yeah, I had the exact same concern as Jegnesh – manipulated bounce rate reduction and not natural flow based on user’s desire.

    The example in the picture showed Amazon and people are touting money made, but if it’s to be used properly, a person would NOT redirect to a site that asks for a sale because if the visitor is leaving, they had absolutely no intention of spending with you…

    So, if used, an internal page adding value would be the only way, and I’m not so keen on a redirect when someone has clearly decided to leave.


    Because I would not appreciate that myself.

    Sorry, not a fan.


    • Hey Carol,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the feedback.

      You know once you have a car, you can decide one morning to drive into the bush. The car won’t say NO 😉

      So it’s a flexible tool and you decide how to use it. Well used, it can generate impressive results and if poorly implemented can be bad too.

      I remember I was on one sales page. When I clicked to exit, it took me to a discount page. I was happy to buy that product cheaper thanks to that redirect. You see there are many ways to make use of it 😉

      • Enstine,

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve seen those redirect pages for a sales funnel and think they are fine because it’s relevant.

        So what example could you give if someone was on one of my blog posts and decides to exit?

        Create a new page saying, why do you want to leave?

        Well, I would not redirect to anything for sale, that’s for sure.

        Does this only work with BACK button or when they X out the tab?

        Would love an example of a relevant way to use it to add value.

        Possible to know what page they were on before taking action to leave?

        Thanks much!!


        • Hey Carol,
          Yeah there is an option to let it work with the exit button.

          Now, for your personal blog, you have to be cautious. I have 2 cases I’ll apply to;
          1 – For my premium posts. I’ll redirect exit and bounce traffic to a cheaper price
          2 – For my home page, I’ll redirect to a free gift page.

          For my up coming amazon niche site, I’ll redirect to related products on Amazon through my aff link.

          Of course, I’ll monitor the effect and adjust accordingly

          • Hey, Esstine,

            I really appreciate your response. Very interesting indeed. Will definitely think about it, and consider your examples as well. Thanks so much for sharing.

            Have a great day.

  23. Good Morning Enstine!
    I have hear people talk about this bounce and exit rate before but I never really understood what it meant nor the importance of it.

    Well guess what? LOL Now I know! I do have question for you? I have been told to watch how many plug-ins that I use, so curious..How does one know how many is to many?

    Your post did get me to thinking this morning my friend… Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing..

    Chery :))

    • Hey Chery,
      I love that question 😉 I think the answer lies in the quality of your plugins. Some are badly coded. Some have leakages, etc

      One plugin on your blog can be the source of many problems. More than 50 plugins can make your blogging experience awesome. The point is you have to to be as low as possible depending on what you want.

      Remove unnecessary plugins and always don’t use your main blog to try out new ones except you know your way out.

      How many do you currently have?

      • Hey Enstine, Thanks for getting back so fast, I do have 24 plug-ins on my blog and yes all of them are activated.

        I have been following a few good friends Nile Flores & Kimberly J Castleberry since I started blogging and they have been a huge help to me in deciding which plug-ins I needed to start out with.

        I really have not added any others that they have not recommended, in fear of screwing something up LOL

        Well My Friend, Thanks once again for your help and do have a Rockin Good Wednesday.. Chery :))

  24. Hey Enstine, I read about this plugin over on Harsh’s blog at SML a few days ago, now I see you’re talking about it as well, my curiosity is growing, so I’ve just purchased this plugin through your site mate, $19 sounds like a complete bargain.

    Thanks again 🙂
    – Fabrizio

    • Hi Fabrizio,
      I’m glad you are here and finally picked your copy on my link. thanks for the commission. Meanwhile, my excitement is that I was able to help you get something that’s helpful.

      Don’t rush over it. Do take time to try the different options out. You’ll certainly see good results

      Do have a wonderful week bro

  25. Very interesting and innovative wordpress plugin that will help one to reduce the bounce rate. Here my biggest concern is “artificial” way to reduce the bounce rate!

    I am big fan of reducing bounce rate by offering better user experience but the way this plugin is working, it may happen that the customer may not love this unexpected redirection.

    This is just my thoughts as i never tried this plugin before but as i said earlier, if user will love this redirection; this plugin is going to make the huge impact for sure.

    Thank you for sharing this information Enstine.

    • Hey Jignesh,
      Great point you make here.
      It however depends on relevance. Users have to redirect readers to relevant posts. That’s why the plugin is so flexible so that you can deal with individual posts and pages.

      I understand your point and if this plugin is well used, it may not get anyone annoyed 😉

      • That true!

        User satisfaction is very important for any website/blog and that is the key element to get success in online business.

        Pleased to connect with you Enstine.

        • I agree with your point. Maybe in later Google updates, sites using that plugin will get hit. As we are trying to play with Bounce Rate in order to do well SEO wise.

          Just a thought, but sure it can be used positively too. Just like someone said above, that he increased the profit by redirecting traffic towards the lead page.

  26. Improving Bounce rate is one of the most Challenging part every Blogger have to face. This Plugin is the Best solution I have seen so far. It’s Way To Go.
    Thanks For The Share Enstine 🙂

  27. Hi Enstine,

    Really, this is a suitable place for bloggers to find interesting blogging tool that would be useful for their blog. This plugin is attractive.

    Yes, I am also trying to lower the bounce rate in various ways, including using methods that you have given in the previous article. I’m still struggling, I guess 🙂

    This is an interesting plugin, but it looks like I have not been able to use it for several reasons. I’ll try it someday. 😉

    Thanks for this review, Enstine.
    Nice one, indeed!


  28. I found this plugin on other blog about 10 days ago and I bought it immediately.
    I must say that I’m VERY IMPRESSED!

    In only 10 days I have made $483 in profit with just this plugin!
    It is installed on 3 of my high traffic websites that had high bounce rate and didn’t make much profit over year. I made setup in plugin to redirect to related CPA offer and profit is coming.

    Highly recommended tool for anyone serous in internet venture.

  29. Hey bro,

    One thing I know you of is that you always have a way of coming up with blogging tools to enhance user experience. I got a quick mail on this post and the title alone moved me.

    Who does’t want to reduce bounce rate especially in this days of high competition experienced on the blogosphere? This is indeed a timely post Enstine.

    The very one thing I love about this plugin is the fact that with it one can make money while keeping a moderate bounce rate. For a blogger or marketer with products to sell, this plugin will be handy in terms of referring people to a dedicated page or post.

    I will for sure give it a shot bro.

    Wonderful review in all 🙂


    • Hey bro,
      So good to see you here and I’m glad to see your blog up and running. It’s one of the blogs most of us check a couple of times per day so when it’s off, something lacks.

      Thanks for reacting to this post. I have this plugin running on my blog (on some posts) and the result is exactly what I want. I hope you grab your copy and don’t forget to use the coupon 😉

      Have a wonderful week man

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