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If you are into any sort of content production, you know one of the things you have to constantly deal with is content theft. So you have to constantly find who is making unauthorized use of your dear content. Plagiarism is tough and for the most part, we need a good online plagiarism checker to maintain a constant fight to protect our works.

I personally prefer an online plagiarism detection tool because of the beauty of working online – not limited to any desktop installed copy. I know my preference may not be the best but using a desktop program to check for plagiarism is not something I can vote for 😉

Now, we can look at Plagiarism from different perspectives. However, in this post, we are looking at Unplag, an exceptional plagiarism online checker. I think this tool stands out and you can see it for yourself by running a demo.

Most of the plagiarism detection systems I have come across lack the required strength to address the need of everyone in the content production and control activities. Unplag focuses on Education (Students and Institutions), freelance writers, journalist, editors, publishers, Lawyers, bloggers, etc.

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Lawyers, bloggers, writers, Journalist, etc find your copied works!

plagiarism detection online

I mentioned above that Unplag covers everyone in the content production industry and as a matter of fact, it’s a great online plagiarism checker.  The digital world in which we live today gives us access to billions of information and you know it’s a hard task to stop readers from copying and pasting.

Why Should You Run a Plagiarism Check with Unplag?

Online plagiarism checker

There are many reasons Unplag  should be your choice. Some of these are:

  • It’s fast and easy
  • It’s online and does not require any additional download
  • Scanning your document (docx, .doc, .txt or .pdf ) does not alter its formatting so you won’t have to worry about re-formatting.
  •  Etc

Running Plagiarim Check with Unplag

It’s amazing how fast Unplag does the check. My experience with this tool is so exciting.

There are actually 3 check options:

plagiarism check tool

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  1. Doc Vs Doc – Help you look up for similarities in 2 documents
  2. Doc Vs My Library – Here, you can upload multiple files and check for similarities. I think this is a perfect tool for teachers who want to make sure papers submitted by students are unique. Do you see how this comes in handy?
  3. Doc Vs Internet – This option is great for everyone in content production. If you are blogger who accepts guest articles, here is a perfect tool to check for content uniqueness.

Doc Vs Internet

Online plagiarism checking tool

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Unlike most plagiarism checking tools we have today, Unplag won’t just limit itself to telling your ok your content is duplicated or not. It gives you some more helpful information so you can take necessary actions;

  • The area of your document that plagiarized is highlighted as seen above.
  • You are given a percentage of originality and similarity.
  • What’s even more exciting is the fact that Unplag gives you urls online where your content is published.
  • A deeper scan gives you the number of words matched.

Unplag Checks multiple files at once!

Unplag permits you to check multiple files at once. All you have to do is upload them (into different directories), select the files to check and click the Check button.

unplag checks multilple files

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Try out this online plagiarism checker and let me know what you think in the comment box.

The Unplag Affiliate Program!

Affiliate marketing is one awesome way to make money online without having your own product. All you have to do is signup to an offer, promote the products and earn commission.

There are 5 main reasons I recommend you join Unplag Affiliate program;

  1. Content production and Plagiarism are evergreen topics. Plagiarism is a real problem people seek to resolve everyday and Unplag being a top online plagiarism checker, there is bound to be a growing market for it.
  2. Unplag pays recurring commission. That’s the most exciting commission model in affiliate marketing. You make a sale once but get paid for as long as the customer keeps renewing his/her subscription.
  3. Unplag has tons of Affiliate Marketing materials and tools to help you succeed in your business.
  4. Unplag has an exceptional affiliate management team who will stop at nothing to help you generate sales.
  5. Signing up and promoting Unplag, marketing money month after month is free.

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Guest Blogging Question!

Do you accept guest articles on your blog? If you do, do you check for duplicates each time a guest author submits an article or you just go ahead (because you trust the blogger) and publish the post.

Let me hear how you do it 😉

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