$4,040 Profit in 30 days from Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

In my free report, ICO Money, I discuss a new Cryptocurrency industry that’s making millionaires every day. It’s been about a month since I got into this industry, studied it, invested and wrote the report.

Now, let’s see what I have been able to generate just from one ICO investment since then. Note that I did invest in over 5 ICOs in the month of July 2017. The industry is growing with more and more scam and legitimate ICOS popping up here and there. You will need my report to help you out. Be sure to grab your free copy

BITQUENCE ICO – $4,030 in 30 days

Now, I’m not going to write more about Bitquence here. Check out their websites for more information. Bitquence has been listed on Exchanges after its ICO. What this means is that you can now trade your tokens (exchange them for other currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum in this case)

bitquence ico

The exercise was simple. I invested 2 ETH coins (Ethereum) at a time when Ethereum was $250. That costed me $500 in the Bitquence ICO investment. The result was 10,000 tokens.

At the current price, 10,000 coins are valued at $4,540. That of course includes the $500 investment capital.

I helped a friend out with his investment. That got me a bonus of 115 extra tokens, raising my total to 10,115 BQX tokens.

At the time of writing, I sent 100 BQX coins to an Coinexchange.io where I’m going to be able to trade for other coins.

Though this seems already exciting at the moment, I’m going to have to wait . I expect the value to grow and I’m also ready for the opposite. So I won’t be so shocked if it drops down to $0.1 just after hitting the publish button.

Profit from ICO investment can sometimes be so mind-blowing. Bitquence in the next 12 months should grow to over $10 a coin (all things being equal). That will simply turn 10,000 coins to $100,000. There is also some measure of risk involved. Get my report to know the way out.

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