Premium Logo – How I got mine for $5

Your logo is your business identity. It’s what makes people remember and talk about you. It plays a vital role in your brand promotion.

While premium logos do not necessarily represent excellence, poorly designed logos can quickly give a bad image.

You can get good looking logos from anything to $5000 and even more.

A premium logo is a logo you got for a higher price. That generally means better quality.  However, I got a better logo for $5 😉

Yes! this looks better than what I had before. I didn’t need to spend my leg for it to be premium though. 

Did you even notice I have a new logo? Who did it for 5 ?

No! it’s not on fiverr

You can get good things on fiverr for 5 (but run away from SEO gigs). I got my logo from a guy on SEOClerks. Here is the GIG.

This guy did 4 samples for me. I contacted a few friends on Facebook and we came to the choice of what I have now.

Animating my premium logo

premium logo

My guy on SEOClerks did not animate this logo for me though. So if you need yours animated exactly like this, it’s just $5

NB: I just do the flag-type animation. No modifications. Image must be png with a transparent background. You send $5 to Payal so contact me for the service.

Here is the first logo I had


And here is the second logo

second logo

What do you think about this new logo? Say something in the comment box and make sure you contact that guy for a premium logo for 5

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