Premium Logo – How I got mine for $5

Your logo is your business identity. It’s what makes people remember and talk about you. It plays a vital role in your brand promotion.

While premium logos do not necessarily represent excellence, poorly designed logos can quickly give a bad image.

You can get good looking logos from anything to $5000 and even more.

A premium logo is a logo you got for a higher price. That generally means better quality.  However, I got a better logo for $5 😉

Yes! this looks better than what I had before. I didn’t need to spend my leg for it to be premium though. 

Did you even notice I have a new logo? Who did it for 5 ?

No! it’s not on fiverr

You can get good things on fiverr for 5 (but run away from SEO gigs). I got my logo from a guy on SEOClerks. Here is the GIG.

This guy did 4 samples for me. I contacted a few friends on Facebook and we came to the choice of what I have now.

Animating my premium logo

premium logo

My guy on SEOClerks did not animate this logo for me though. So if you need yours animated exactly like this, it’s just $5

NB: I just do the flag-type animation. No modifications. Image must be png with a transparent background. You send $5 to Payal so contact me for the service.

Here is the first logo I had


And here is the second logo

second logo

What do you think about this new logo? Say something in the comment box and make sure you contact that guy for a premium logo for 5

35 thoughts on “Premium Logo – How I got mine for $5”

  1. I think there should be the quality factor. Well, every business needs good designed logos for promoting their business. Thanks for the share.

  2. that is a great logo for $5!

    i love the way the graphic for the e was used for the m as well.

  3. When i first saw this post, I thought it was about fiverr, but after reading a while I found that its not fiverr thing. Fiverr is not good for getting logos and all. Spending 5$ on logo’s is quite expensive according to me. Fiverr gigs always makes simple logos. I think the logo is not well designed for 5$, it may only cost about 2.5-3.5$.

  4. Hey Enstine,

    Love the new logo and I think he did a great job. I think it’s actually pretty cool although I’m not big on the flying one. Those things start to give me a headache when you look at them too long but I still think it’s cool what he did and of course the flying flag is neat.

    I’ve had some jobs done on Fiverr and although like any place else you’ll have those few that don’t do a good job but that’s no problem, they’ll reimburse you. I’ve had more good jobs then bad so I’ll keep using them too.

    Smart move, great job and love the new logo.


  5. Hello Enstine Muki,
    Well the prices are so cheap but I didn’t find the quality of the logo. It is just look like the simple like it’s designed with the help of old methods. These days the animated logos are of high quality. Thanks for sharing this information.

  6. Congratulations on the new logo, Enstine!

    It really looks great and the flag certainly steals the show. 🙂 Sorry for the late comment but it’s really been a busy week.

    My blog logo was designed by my husband – he used to do computer designing long back. It was when he was creating the logo, I realized the complexity of the process, which is really a creative process. Getting it done for $5 is really great!

    Thanks for sharing this information! 🙂

  7. hi muki. i love the first design. please if you don’t mind. can we trade names? will handover the name muki to me with the logo and i’ll give you 5$. accepted?. loi. nice logo with a well descriptive favicon.

  8. Logo is must to define a brand. Well, the second one looks good, but it’s much better in an animation (flag floating).

  9. The logo is really superb!

    Logo’s are the main part of blog which define the blog in a single word I guess. So we must use a good logo for our blog.

  10. Hey Enstine,
    Your LOGO is really good and Yes, LOGO is very important factor as it enhance the reputation of any business and also provide professional feelings. I am also thinking to contact the designer to design the logo of my blog also. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  11. Awesome logo man! No doubt, it gives a premium feel. However, I am gonna definitely contact the person to design an awesome premium logo for my new blog. Thanks 😀

  12. Logo making look like a very tough task to do. before design you have to think a lot for its color, design, theme etc. But getting it design by professional provide satisfied mind. SEOClerks is rising continuously and at very worthy price you can hire professionals. Thanks for this info…..


    The old one still looks awesome to me tho.well maybe i just need to get used to the new one 🙂

    Nice Upgrade Sir.

  14. I’m also using seoclerks and I’m a seller too. The services at seoclerks are really affordable and I’m gonna try this logo service soon.


      • Actually I was selling link building services and was getting good orders but due to recent google updates getting only few orders.

        Seems like I have to work on new things.

  15. Hi Enstine,

    Your new logo is certainly having a more catchy design. However, I would have liked it more if the first letters of your first and last names would have been in CAPS.

    Just my preference. I like to maintain the fact that we are trained with the fact that names always start with capital letters and therefore it’s more relevant to our eyes.

    And yes, your flat is AWESOME!!!


    • Hi Kumar,
      I battled with that myself – between following what we were taught in school and doing something that’s a logo that represents the name. I may still come back to it

      Thanks for your wonderful opinion

  16. This is a very cool logo compared to the first one and I must commend the technical and design know how of the dude that constructed it. It’s cool!

  17. The new logo definitely looks a lot modern that the previous logo.

    Even the colors are punchy compared to the previous. Even the E in the first logo initially looks like 3. But now, no confusion whatsoever.

    Since I’m too a logo designer. I can point out 25+ additional points. But don’t want to leave a huge comment. All-in-all a very cool logo for

  18. Wow, your flying logo is pretty cool. I really like it. Looks attractive and the eyes are drawn towards it. Really love it.

      • My ebook is now available for download. Just take a look at the comluv link in the comment. Thanks for asking. A premium Amazon plugin give away in the form of a contest would be nice. You could take a look and approach respective developers and ask them if they would be interested in the giveaway to contest winners. Just a thought. Thanks

        • Ok cool I’ll check it now

          Yes, I have wonderful plugins that have been proposed by sponsors. I’m sure you guys will like it. I still have many of these contests ahead so stay tuned 😉

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