How to Properly Format a Blog Post

Like it or not, readers really do judge a book by its cover.

The book content may be sensational but if the cover is lacking in some way the readers will skip the eBook.

I am convinced that even though my old blog was a fairly reliable source of information in my niche I struggled some because my formatting was terrible from a blog post perspective.

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4 Ways to Think Like a Successful Blogger


Thinking like a successful blogger feels like major league work in the beginning.

I recall going bonkers, trying to shift my thoughts when I seemed to be struggling with my blog many moons ago.

Eventually, I found a basic formula for improving my mindset. Over the years I fine-tuned my mindset, following a daily ritual and carefully observing pro bloggers in action so I could mimic their thinking, on some level at least.

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3 Tips to Make Your Blog Appealing to Buyers

Have you felt the excitement of a blogging buy recently?

Feeling the high of seeing money deposited in your Paypal account or directly into your bank account can help tide you over for quite a while, especially if you are a new or struggling blogger.

I blog mainly for fun and to serve people but celebrate payments for sure, because whatever you appreciate, appreciates.

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