IOTransfer 3 ~ iPhone/iPad Manager, YouTube Video Downloader & Heic to jpg!

IOTransfer 3

I have come across several phone management tools but IOTransfer 3 seems to be standing out with unbeatable features and user-friendliness in the iPhone Operating System market..

Whether you are Android or iPhone phone user, there is often this need to move your file from one platform to another, usually phone to PC.

While the Android apps are flooding the market, IOTransfer 3 is leading the iPhone file transfer software industry.

iOS is the Operating System for iPhones by Apple. Users of this popular mobile Operating System have constantly been on the lookout for an intuitive, user-friendly, iPhone/iPad manager and YouTube Video Downloader. Continue reading


5 Most Effective Ways in Building an Online Brand

building an online brand

Are you trying to establish your brand online but is struggling to do so?

It can be a challenge trying to sell products or services online when no one really knows anything about your brand. Also, many people online are not willing to take the risk of buying products or services online unless other people have tried it.

How have other brands been able to go around this challenge and be able to succeed over it? Let’s go over five wonderful tips you can do to build an online brand for yourself and potentially convert effectively. Continue reading


3 Ways that SEO can change the finances of your company

seo for business

What is SEO?

How does it help a business grow?

SEO, the short form for “search engine optimization” is one of the ways of affecting the visibility of a website online. It has to do with the visibility of the website in a search engine through the unpaid results, also known as organic or natural results.

With SEO, a company will work very hard to ensure that search engines list the visibility of the company website on the first page of the search engine.  

When the search results of a website appears in the first pages of the search engines, then it means that more visitors are going to the website and this can result into conversions. Continue reading


What is the best keyword research technique in SEO? (It’s not what you think)

The best keyword research technique in SEO?

There isn’t one.

But there’s the best approach to keyword research.

Technique combining.

So, if you can:

  • Use SEMrush to find keywords your competition ranks for.
  • Use Ahrefs to find content gaps to fill.
  • Use Moz’s Keyword Explorer for complete topic coverage

Then you’re set.

And when you throw in good ol’ Google Suggest and Keyword Planner, then you’re rocking a near perfect keyword research strategy. Continue reading


4 Business Growth Benchmarks Marketers Need to Follow

Digital marketing is a vast and ever-growing industry. With so many evolving methods of promoting your brand and attracting new customers, it’s hard to know what’s working and what isn’t.

What if you’re investing time and money into strategies that aren’t quite working for you? And how can you measure what’s getting you the best result?

Different companies and industries use different ways to benchmark business growth. Whilst retailers focus on in-store visits and online purchases, others might focus on social media engagement and brand awareness.

There are some key benchmarks however that most companies will be able to use in order to track their success.

1 – Revenue

This is probably the most obvious of all. For 99.9% of companies, revenue is key. Even not-for-profits have a certain focus on making money in order to be able to re-invest it in their cause.

One simple way of tracking your progress is by seeing whether your overall revenue has increased. If the company isn’t making money, then obviously there’s something wrong.

Understanding the specific impact of your inbound marketing strategies on your revenue, however, is paramount.

Whilst your overall sales might be going up, if the sales revenue generated by your inbound marketing is low or non-existent then you are probably wasting your money or need to change your tactics. Continue reading


6 Practical SEO Expert Tips For Attracting Website Traffic

seo expert tips

If you don’t follow SEO trends and tips, and your site lags behind the competition in terms of optimization and keeping up-to-date, you are in trouble.

As search engine optimization is all about making you show up in search results, ignoring that or getting it wrong will practically make you invisible for potential customers.

If, on the contrary, you do everything right, this will result in increased traffic, more leads, and, naturally, more sales.

Unfortunately, SEO ranking factors seems to have undergone numerous changes in the span of a few short years. This basically means that what worked a couple of years ago is no longer relevant. Let’s look at a few expert tips which will give you insight on what will do the trick in the current year. Continue reading