How to add Widget Area Above and Below Post Content in WordPress and make more money.

How do you add a widget area above your post content. How do you add a widget below your post title? How do you add a widget below your post content?

Recently, I did some changes on my blog that got many asking me questions.

I did some technical updates after doing some research and these allow me to easily add anything (text, banner, video, etc) below post titles (above post content) on my blog and of course make money money.

Not only that…

I’m also able to add same elements just below any post content on this blog.


3 Steps to Earn a Full-Time Income Teaching Others Online

There are many ways to earn a full-time income and one of these is teaching others online. In today’s featured post, I’m bringing someone to help you with 3 steps to establish yourself as the go-to online instructor.

Just so you should know, every Thursday, I bring savvy bloggers and business persons allover the world on my blog here to share with us several different success tips.

You can see a list of those featured in the past here. Definitely something to learn from them. If you want to be featured, see these details.

This time, we have someone you’re certainly going to find exciting and worth hearing.


9 Ways to make money with WordPress (WP Profitable Business Ideas)

In this post, I want to discuss with you how to make money with WordPress. How to create a profitable business that generates income using WordPress.


Because WordPress powers over 30% of the Internet. This makes it an industry. Yes. I believe WordPress has ceased from being a product by virtue of it constantly growing and attracting the attention of everyone, including corporations and Governments.

You can build a supper profitable, million dollar business just on WordPress and I want us to see how. If you’ve been looking for a financially rewarding business idea, I’ve got you covered.


10 money making blog post ideas.Idea #5 got $1000+ for me so quickly!

NB: I just added the 10th post idea below. So keep reading

Not every blog post on your blog has the money making capacity. I know you can scatter banners and Adsense on every article and stand a chance of making some small money.

There are however some posts that are carefully crafted with the objective of making money. So if you want to make real money from your blog, here below are some ideas to help transform it to a money making tool.


5 Tips To Drive Massive Pinterest Traffic – Pinterest is designed for traffic!

There is no doubt Pinterest is a huge source of rich traffic.

If you’ve been active on the platform, you’d agree with me that it’s not just any kind of traffic. Pinterest traffic is the buying type.

I sincerely think you are making an expensive mistake if you are leaving this platform out of your marketing strategy.

Pinterest drives more traffic than Facebook and Twitter, which are more of social media designed to keep users within the platforms.

iPhone to PC transfer software – IOTransfer 3 Review

I’m an Android lover but one of my friends is crazy when it comes to iPhones. He came visiting some few days back and we had need to connect his smartphone to my laptop.

IOTransfer 3 was what he recommended and I was just amazed how this app got things done so easily. If you are iPohne/iPad user, I’m super excited to do this product review to you, giving you an opportunity to get an excellent iPhone transfer software