Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress 2020

Black Friday WordPress

It’s almost the most beautiful time of the year! No, I don’t have Christmas on my mind when I say that. I am talking about Black Friday. Pre-Christmas sales are something the majority of Americans are looking forward to for the whole year. I’m sure you have seen the pictures and the videos or even experienced crowds camping outside of the store to make sure they are the first ones to get to an item they were waiting for. It’s not like that just in the United States really. A lot of European countries have hopped on the Black Friday train and people are going all out once the sales begin. You can buy Christmas presents for your whole family and friends and also treat yourself. That’s what I call a good time!

Black Friday is an informal name for the „holiday“which is the day after Thanksgiving. It is often the busiest shopping day of the year because it kicks off the holiday season. It could be said that people like Black Friday not just because of the sales, but also because of the holiday feeling it has. Since Christmas is soon after it and everything is probably already decorated, it radiates a cozy and warm feeling that makes you feel at home. According to the National Retail Federation, 84.2 million people shopped in stores on Black Friday in 2019, and 37.8 million people shopped in stores on Thanksgiving day. You can see how big of a difference that is. Continue reading


Best Social Proof Notification Apps That Will Enable You to Profit Off FOMO

Best Social Proof Notification Apps

Have you ever done something because you saw other people doing it? You probably have, and you don’t even know it. That is a psychological phenomenon called social proof. Social proof is a concept wherein people follow the actions of the masses. It is based on the idea of normative social influence. People are more likely to do something if they see somebody else doing the same thing, or they want to be similar to or liked by certain people. We believe something is correct behavior if a lot of other people do it.

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