Data Recovery Using Recovery Software ~Free Data recovery Lizard

If your computer performance is slow, you can format and reinstall the system to make it fast. There are various presumptions concerning the impact of virus and file congestion, which lead to the computer system becoming so slow.

Also, an assumption that after reformatting your computer system, programs, data and operating system gets lost. However, the program, data, and files are not completely lost. But the question is how to recover them.

Smart and careful computer users would transfer and save their files in a drive for backup reasons.  After they reformat the system, they get back every lost data and files through restoration and re-installation.  Some folks are quite satisfied with this process. However, there is a simpler alternative – using recovery software. Continue reading


SwissCoin Interview with Adèle van Aswegen, South Africa

This is the first SwissCoin Interview here on my blog and I’m glad Adèle van Aswegen from South Africa has agreed to answer a few questions about the people’s currency.

I signed up to SwissCoin on the 12th of June, 2016. That’s about 5 months today. As I write this post, I have made over €15,745 in bonuses. My career level is BLUE DIAMOND and my network has over 4000 members, thanks to my active team members and very supportive uplines.

SwissCoin is both Cryptocurrency and Multi Level Marketing. Profit from mining and trading coins is a thing of the feature. But the MLM compensation plan is already generating commissions for many as we speak.

That means you sign up people under you, they buy educational packages and you earn commissions. The marketing plan is like none else – no autoship, no weak legs, pays daily commissions, no over taking, etc.

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Lifetime.Hosting Review ~ Host your website for life without paying renewal fees!

Lifetime.Hosting Review -> Get premium Web Hosting & Domain name for life without monthly or yearly renewal fees. Check them out here

The web hosting industry has become so competitive with the Internet growing to every part of the globe.

For anyone to have a personal or business website or blog, you need a domain name and hosting. Generally, both cost money and require a monthly/yearly fee.

Apart from the domain name and mere web space, you will need many more elements around your hosting to ensure your website is always available and business not interrupted. These include things like backup services and tools, email services, security tools, etc Continue reading


Hidden link building trick ~ I swear you need to know this!

There is this hidden link building trick every blogger should know about. Not only does this work. It is also easy. With it, you really can boost your search ranking and draw that most-needed natural traffic to your pages.

This has to do with Blog Commenting, but with a twist. Keep reading to discover

I know we’ve been told a lot about blog commenting. I won’t get into those details now. However, I must underline that blog commenting is a powerful growth exercise. It can help you massively in growing your blog, while connecting with other influencers.

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The ultimate guide! How to create a blog that makes money.

Anybody (including you) can create a blog that makes money. Any blog that’s read by human beings can make money. It all revolves round the monetizing strategies in place and a money making blog can generate between $0 and $500 000+ a month. That’s right!

One of the ways to financial freedom and being your own boss is to create a money making blog which will literally open up many channels to make money online. Continue reading