Getting by With a Little Help from Your Friends

The best tactics to optimize your social media presence and make more money

Social media marketing (SMM) is currently the big deal. By narrowing your advertising focus to people who would be more inclined to be interested and have the money to spend on your product (no matter what your product is), you can get a lot more bang for your advertising buck.

However, there are several pitfalls and fallacies about SMM that make it easy to lose money or not reach the right market. Since the social media landscape is ever-changing, SMM must adapt quickly to meet the needs of its users. Thinking that a social media campaign that worked once will work a hundred times without changes is a quick way to lose advertising dollars and push your potential clients away.

On the other hand, there are several tried and true strategies for optimizing your social media presence no matter which social media sites you are using. These strategies can be condensed to the following:

-> Reduce costs.

Advertising, marketing and promoting your product can be expensive. Social media marketing allows your advertising dollars to focus on potential customers with a higher chance of buying your product, but it still costs money.

-> Strengthen your relationship with the customer.

Creating a viable social media presence will bring potential customers to you. Giving your customers and potential customers a place to discuss your product and addressing problems and benefits of your product in that place helps to strengthen your relationship with your customers and make your brand more attractive to potential customers.

-> Recruit customers to advertise for you.

Once you have established good relationships with your customers, they will advertise for you. The more customers you have liking your product visibly or verbally, the wider your network becomes. More potential customers are exposed to your brand by current customers who are willing to discuss or advertise for you.

Knowing how to create a social media marketing strategy isn’t enough, however. Optimizing that strategy will set you apart from your competition and create a self-generating customer acquisition loop that will continue to generate customers for years.

-> Optimize your customer interactions.

Every post, every picture and every interaction on social media should be done with customer satisfaction in mind. The old saying about “the customer is always right” should be replaced with the customer is part of our company. Interact with them to create a dynamic that puts them on your side. You want to create a bond between your company and your customer that makes them part of your team.

-> Enhance your brand.

If the product you are selling is good, your customers will advertise it for you. Creating a solid and memorable brand can be one of the biggest challenges in today’s market. A great deal of information washes over the average social media user and you need to stand out in that crowd. Personal interaction is one way, but having an easy to remember and viable product is essential.

-> Get some help.

Optimizing your product and customer relationships can be helped along by companies that were created to do so. Just as the most successful advertising agencies in the 1950s through the end of the century were focused on optimizing their clients advertising efforts, the modern-day equivalents like Social Media Daily, have established the best ways to focus your social media presence to drive sales.

SMM is predicated on optimizing the relationship between your customers and your brand, multiplying your advertising efforts through word of mouth and growing social media advocacy. Creating the right balance for your company should be your primary goal.