5 Evergreen Ideas for Attracting More Website Visitors

The dream of every website and blog owner is to create high-quality content, generate massive traffic, and make sales.

We all know the role traffic plays in helping you get an interactive blog community and in earning with your site.

Needless to say that without traffic your blog is as good as living in an internet desert and in total obscurity. Even though your dream is not to earn money with your blog, you still need people to read whatever you’ve got to tell them, right?

Now, in case you don’t know, one major factor that separates your site from the popular websites on the internet like TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, HuffingtonPost, Buzzfeed, and the rest, is the amount of traffic they command.

Looking at their traffic stats, I bet you’ll be disappointed at yourself, and wish you could do something to be like (or a bit close) to them.

However, what if there are a few things you could do to make that happen, won’t you jump up in excitement?

Fortunately, If you are really willing and eager to turn things around and boost your website traffic, then read this post till the end.

In this post, I’m about to show you a few evergreen ideas you can implement right now that will significantly boost your website traffic beyond your wildest imagination.

But before we go to the nitty-gritty of attracting more website visitors, it would be nice for us to really understand what traffic is all about, in case you are new to blogging or internet marketing.

However, if you already know what it means, you should simply jump this section.

What is Website Traffic?

Traffic is typically the measure of the total number of people who visit your blog or website and the various channels through which they get there.

There are different sources (channels) through which people visit a site which includes:

  • Organic search
  • Direct traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Social media
  • Paid traffic

“If you’re not familiar with these traffic sources, this post by Amy Winer will make it clearer.”

That being said, for the sake of clarity, this post shall focus mostly on all types of traffic except “paid traffic.”

5 Evergreen Ideas for Attracting More Website Visitors

1. Run blog contests

You may have heard about running contests or giveaways on sites. But here, we are looking at running those giveaways in a special way as to make them fetch you more traffic.

You simply need to use a tactic that makes people invite their friends, colleagues and family members to your site before they can be eligible to win the contest.

At the end of the competition, users should be picked based on the number of public votes or depending on the number of persons they were able to refer to the contest.

This will help you achieve two major feats – increase the number of readers who visit your blog and also build your email list.

Talking about blog content, Enstine is one of the few bloggers that has done this really well in the past and also benefited immensely from it. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, I bet you know what I’m talking about.

If you can do it regularly, you are sure of getting a huge spike in traffic that eventually becomes your loyal and trusted followers as long as you provide them with lots of valuable content on your blog.

Useful resources:

2. Leverage Social Sharing Communities

Social sharing sites have become a part of the traffic generating machine for smart bloggers and other website owners.

You will be missing out a great chunk of internet traffic if you are not leveraging the top sites like Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, etc.

A recent post on the Expanded Ramblings blog by Craig Smith shows that “Reddit has 250M users with 853,824 Subreddits and 50,000 communities.”

Participating in a site like that can help you tap the abundant traffic that abounds there.

Useful resources:

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords



What are long tail keywords?

Ahref defined Long tail keywords as “the search queries with very low individual search volume, but an enormous total search demand as a group. The name comes from the “long tail” of the so-called “search demand curve” – a graph, that plots all keywords by their search volumes.”

long tail keywords

It’s true that smaller sites may not be able to compete with the big guns when it comes to targeting generic keywords but they can leverage the power of long-tail keywords to drive more targeted traffic to their sites.

According to Mike Lieberman, “Research shows us that 70% of searches conducted online use long-tail keywords. More importantly from a marketing perspective, these keywords have a 36% greater conversion rate, meaning they are more likely to result in a sale because they give consumers exactly what they’re looking for.”

Effectively targeting long tail keywords in your blog post can tremendously boost your monthly search visitors.

The long tail keywords may take you to Google’s top ten results, and even though 60 percent of all organic clicks go to the top three search results, you still have the remaining 40% at your disposal – you can still capture those extra clicks by continuously publishing high-quality, in-depth content targeting long-tail keywords.

That was the exact strategy Neil Patel used to increase his traffic by 91% generating 173,336 qualified visitors in the process.

To get more insights into what I’m are saying, check out the following posts:

Interestingly, when you’re targeting these long tail keywords most times, you don’t to build backlinks before you can rank them in Google, and even if you’ll build links, it’ll be very small. This is especially when the keyword also has low competition.

4. Interview Influential People In Your Niche

I’ll also accord Enstine Muki a lot of respect for this. When it comes to interviewing successful bloggers, he’s the king.

Interviewing the influential figures in a particular niche and publishing it on your blog could give your blog a significant boost in traffic.

People love to listen to experts for solutions because they know that those expats are knowledgeable and highly experienced in their niches.

Such interviews can provide people with insights into how things are done. But you should be sure that you interview those experts who have unique success stories – those who were able to make something out of nothing.

People would certainly want to hear their stories and see how they can emulate them in creating their own success.

You also want to interview people that have a good number of audience and are considered to be a god in their industry. This is because, after the interview, there’s a possibility that they will share it with their audience.

If their audiences are big enough, that alone can give you a lot of traffic than you can ever track.

In this era when influencer marketing has gradually taken over from traditional advertising, interviewing influencers and publishing the interview on your site is one quick way of attracting more website visitors to your site.

5. Build a community

People are interested in visiting sites that give them an opportunity to share their personal opinions on relevant topics. Everybody wants to be heard or to at least, have a sense of belonging.

If you make your site an interactive community of a sort, you attract more traffic as they would always have the chance to contribute and see themselves as being wanted.

You can make this happen by implementing third-party commenting systems like Disqus or Facebook Comments.

Another proven way of increasing interaction and building quality traffic is to create an active forum where people can share their thoughts or ask questions. One good place to achieve this is by creating your own Facebook group.


It is true that driving blog traffic could be difficult, but with all the strategies we listed in this post, that shouldn’t be a big challenge to you anymore.

Remember, none of these tactics will work if you don’t implement them, it is therefore pertinent that you put on your working cap now and get to work.

See you at the other site.

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