How To Optimize Your Blog For Social Media To Get More Shares/Likes & Comments

Building a social media following for your blog is not an easy task. You have to set aside countless hours to really get the job done.

No doubt, writing a great content is the central piece of the puzzle.

But you have to get people’s attention to make them realize that your content is great and a valuable one for them.

In other words, you need people to read your content and to share it!

And therefore, you are supposed to create a super quality socially optimized content.

So, how can you increase the social reach of your posts and get more comments or likes? 

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Let’s boil it down and see what you can do-

1. Create Unique Content

I know you have been tired of hearing this all the time, i.e. create unique content and you might haven’t figured out what exactly it means.

Here is the proper definition- A content is unique if it engages the interest of readers.

People are always interested in the subject of content.

If your one is related to their subject (that has proper solution to their problems) and has got all in and out information, your post is a perfect match for them. 🙂

Or if you are going for popular topics (following the trend), thinking that you’ll get the same results like others, it’s not necessarily gonna happen.

Instead, your audience won’t take time to start counting you in commons.

People prefer reading and sharing good content if they get something unique and different.

No one likes the general content which they can find everywhere else, or content that is self-indulgent.

Create unique content that informs, educates and entertains as well.

Be different, be yourself and be successful. 🙂

2. Spend Some Time For Images

Text is great, but pictures too convey a lot. Most people notice the pictures first.

There is no rocket science in it to put suitable pictures at right places that grabs the attention of your visitors.

If an image is appealing and eye catching, people will love it and feel like reading your blog with more interest.

An interesting thing can get your content shared.

It can be an interesting image or a video as well.

3. Make It Easy To Consume

One giant block of text is hard to read. It is not user friendly at all.

Proper formatting of post is quite important. It includes proper spacing between paragraphs, or lines.

Consider using more white spaces, short paragraphs, bullet points, bold text and sub-headers.

It’ll be a good idea to get the opinions from others as you might not have the exact idea about how your content looks to others.

4. Follow The Rule

Good if you provide stats based information to the readers. But meanwhile you need to take care about its digestibility.

Do proper research before putting facts or any kind of data pieces in front of your audience.

Make sure that the information you provide is quite authentic, neither exaggerated nor abbreviated.

Show only realistic stats and make sure they are genuine.

Even if you collect relevant information from other sites, you can put their references at the end. There is no harm in being honest. 🙂

Audience never hesitates in promoting honest and open hearted words. This is the rule of social media.

5. Write for People First

Some misconceptions, or let’s say improper understanding about SEO has brought down the value of content.

Some bloggers forget that people are the primary thing to target.

Mostly bloggers get caught up in keyword stuffing, SEO tactics, and marketing as well that they forget they are talking to people.

Write content like you’re talking to a friend.

Professionalism is good to a certain level but blog posts are not press releases and they shouldn’t be written that way.

So keep all these points in front of you while crafting a good content for a blog.

  • You are not going to get anything out of your so called SEO tactics if no one is reading your post.
  • Social media is the most effective way to know the interests of people so that you can make money from targeted audience.
  • If your conversion rate is going fine, SEO won’t matter.
  • An engaged community automatically gets new audience by sharing your content with their friends and followers.

6. Make It Easily Sharable

You must encourage your readers to share or tweet your posts by adding a few buttons for the biggest social networks that fit to your content.

Those who want to share will share if you make sharing possible and very easy for them.

Although Twitter and Facebook are most popular at the moment, but don’t forget to figure out the exact social platform that fits your content the best and where your target audience is available.

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7. You Can’t Lead If You Don’t Follow

It’s quite true in this context. Here are four simple steps to use the “Follow and Lead Technique”.

#1: Connect to other social media accounts related to your blogging interest

It’s the best way to build up a useful audience.

Also, finding and following the accounts of your fans and competitors help to identify their source of audience.

#2: Be an active participant- do comment, reply, re-tweet, and share

Spend some time in commenting, re-tweeting, and sharing for others.

In fact, it is a required thing for you in the beginning as that time you don’t have enough things of your own to share. This will help you to build up an audience for yourself.

#3: Respond when others engage with you online

Finally, when you start getting activity on your own social networks, respond to people’s comments, thank them for their re-tweets, and provide interesting feedback.

Don’t just sit back and watch the benefits.

Social media is about two-way conversations, so you need a good mix of listening and speaking.

#4: Link to others

Sharing is a two-way street. If you use quotes or data points from others, do not hesitate in linking to them.

Tell your sources, it’s the right thing to do, and it shows that you’re a sharer and an open heart author to share things with.

8. Ask For Favor

If you have friends or colleagues on Twitter, Facebook or on Google, you can ask them for favor.

There’s no harm in asking someone to tweet or to share your post.

Asking for favor works best when it’s done once in a while, otherwise people may get annoyed.

Better to have something in return for anyone you ask to do so.

9. Take Care of Your Dignity As Well

There are plugins available with which you can hide any part of your content to get shares etc., in exchange.

This kind of boldness is never good when you are seeking to buildup a long lasting reputation.

As a positive alternative to this, better way to include a call to action at the end of each blog post, such as “if this content’s get value for you, please re-share and let others have it”.

This opens the post up to social sharing and comments which are both important for keeping the conversation going.

Final Words

I hope you will find the above tips useful for your blog and will definitely implement it.

If you have better ways to make your blog post viral across social networks, I would love to hear it from you.

Share what’s in your mind in the comments below. 🙂

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  1. I’m all about shareability. When I write a post, I’m usually thinking about how to get it shared as many times as possible. Everything’s about social media now.

  2. Thanks again for providing this awesome and useful article! I loved it and you really gave a deep insight! Nowadays social media become one of the top sources for traffic and lead.

  3. Fantastic tips! I’ve always had a problem with telling people what to do at the end of my posts, but theirs so many people saying to do it. In other words, I’ve definitely learned some great things here, and will start putting some into use immediately. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  4. Great tips right here. Whenever I publish a blog post I share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Stumbleupon and basically everywhere. I also tweet the same article on my twitter account many many times, because in different time zones it reaches different people.

  5. Hello Deep,

    I was searching for social tactics to promote Viral article. I got article from Muki blog. It was really worthy to read.

    I have one question related to this-

    Is it required to put photo credit..?? (Many blog are using the same image without image credit and some are using different image credit )

  6. I’m all about shareability. When I write a post I’m usually thinking about how to get it shared as many times as possible. Everything’s about social media now. Super important.

  7. Thanks, This is really nice information provided by you. Today’s mostly people want to get more shares/ likes. To get more likes / shares, you need quality content’s which will help to promote your brand across the world. The tips which you share are really very helpful for getting more likes / shares.

  8. There is something about images that personally attracts me. I noticed most of the shares in the social media involved photographic images. It works for me. I tend to stop and check it out whenever I noticed something sensible and worth reading for.

  9. The best way for a blog to get more likes, shares and comment is to incorporate social media in their daily activities. Social media has the power to instantly boost a websites traffic in just a snap. This is the reason why many have been doing a lot of efforts for their contents to be noticed via social media. Tools like can also make a lot of difference.

  10. Wonderful post, I’ve been thinking of the same thing, since the day i started learning SEO, i did not get good response. And all the articles i posted without waking care of SEO or any other social part, are ranking really good in Google SERP. Its time to forget SEO and again start talking to my readers, like i previously did. and i am sure its gonna make a difference

  11. Hello Enstine, Great article but I want to about the 8th Point. If think if someone do their self then it will be better for the blog.

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    This is really a nice guide to optimized blog article for social media. Thanks for this nice article.

  14. All possible ways are covered here to make a blog optimized for social media and I do agree with these outstanding methods. Writing in a unique way matters a lot and as specified, content should be created for people rather than search engines. If we make the sharing options easily accessible to our readers, then it is more likely to get good no. of social cues.

    As social signals are considered important by the search engines, it would be good to follow the listed ways to drive organic traffic. Thanks for sharing this nice post Enstine sir, hope it would be a helpful resource for the bloggers.

  15. I totally agreed with all mentioned suggestions, You need to build connections with other bloggers in your niche so that you can increase your exposure. Also connect with audience which is interested in the stuff which you share that helps your content to get viral.

    You just can’t expect result overnight, you should be patience and consistent to your efforts. And results would be long lasting.

  16. Hi Einstien!

    I often visit your blog and when I do so I always find the fresh and great content. This is perfectly crafted by Deep.

    He wrote it so well and whatever he has written, fits exactly in my mind …

    Thanks for great work … ;)!

  17. Great post Deep. You’ve covered so much, think I need to print this out as I am sure I missing some points when it comes to gaining social traffic. Always room for improvement.

    I like how you say about writing like your talking to a friend. So many bloggers seem to get caught up in dishing out the facts and being “professional”, not as much fun to read.

    • Hey Ron,

      Thanks for the feedback mate. 🙂

      Sure you can grab some crucial tips from this post and implement it. It will help. 🙂

      Appreciate your time. Let me know if you need any help.


  18. Hi Deep,

    As a Graphic Artist, I’m very VISUAL and I’m all for images…images…images… But you know I don’t put as much images on my blog. Sometimes I will put screen shots besides the main image. It could be that I’m a little worried about the bandwidth.

    But I couldn’t agree with you more. A picture is worth a thousand words. I am normally drawn to blogs that has good images. That’s the first thing I see before I even read their articles. So yeah…a great image in your blog is very important.

    Anyhoo, I second emotion all the elements you included here in how to optimize your blog for social media. I hope you have a great Tuesday!


  19. Hi Deep,

    Useful article. Learned some simple but important tips on improving social shares and likes. You have included all points from A to Z to make a post or blog popular in social media through shares and likes. Hope all can easily follow your points and get huge success. Thanks once again for this wonderful post. Continue your good work and help others in blogging as always you do.

    • Hello Sujith,

      Thanks for the kind words..

      Yes, I too wish the same..

      Really appreciate your feedback. Will do the needful. 🙂


  20. Hi Deep
    Nice read, Really liked the way you wrote the tips here. You can’t lead if you don’t follow is really true. Nice tips.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Kuldeep,

      Thanks for the appreciation mate. 🙂

      Glad you liked the tips.

      Hope it will help.


  21. Hey Deep,

    You Covered a great topic Bro. We all know very well that Optimizing Blog For Social Media To Get unlimited Shares/Likes and Comments we need to be different and unique, but we fail sometimes to do this because we start creating articles in the view of search engines.

    You mentioned here some of much useful tricks and I am going to implement them very soon. I loved these to sections most: You Can’t Lead If You Don’t Follow, and Take Care of Your Dignity As Well.

    Thanks for the lovely share. Keep updating 🙂

    • Hey Amit,

      Yes, in fact I have seen more about keyword stuffing in blog comments…

      Bloggers ask for ranking well in search and don’t focus on content most of the times..

      I’m glad you found this post useful…:)

      Thanks for the appreciation and kind words..

      Will definitely gonna more useful stuff.. 🙂


    • Hey deep

      It was an wonderful post and i had started giving some time on images as they attract more audience even sometime they help us to turn audience as your customer

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