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Today I want to introduce you to James McAllister. James is not only a blogger, but also an author, investor, and entrepreneur.

James started blogging at the age of 11 and launched his first web business at the age of 14. Starting at an early age gave James lots of time to figure out what areas of business he enjoyed, and which areas he should stay away from.

By the time James graduated high school, he was making a full time living online and now teaches other entrepreneurs how to do the same thing.

How It Began For James

james McAllisterIt took 3 years for James to transition from a hobby blogger to a business blogger. One day while casually browsing the internet, James ran into a video from Lisa Irby of 2CreateAWebsite, opening his eyes to the possibilities of making money online. James watched as many of her videos as he could and purchased web hosting and a domain name that same weekend.

James spent two years working on various websites, and gained an incredible amount of knowledge through those experiences. While his earlier websites never ended up making him much money, James learned invaluable lessons that helped bring him where he is today.

This ended up changing his life forever, as he previously had no idea what he’d want to do in terms of a career. When James began making money online, the answer became clear.

What Makes James Unique? 

James knew when he launched Help Start My Site that there would be a lot of competition, and he had to do things differently if he wanted to stand out in an industry of established experts.

James is unique because he is very direct with the way he approaches things. He will tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. He understands that you only get results by doing what works, and he’s not afraid to hurt your feelings when it comes to speaking the truth. He would rather you accept things as they are now than figure out that you’ve been lied to down the road, which only ends up hurting you more in the long run.

Many people find his blunt approach to business a bit too harsh for their tastes, but James does not care. James says that people that cannot accept the truth won’t last in the world of business. Those who see things how they are are the ones who will end up seeing real results, and those are the types of people James tries to connect with.

How James Suggests Building Your Business

James says that if you want to become extremely successful online, you’ve got to focus the bulk of your time on the area of your business that makes the most money. For most people, the majority of  their income comes from promoting relevant products to their email list, so it’s very important to build a solid business back end.

According to James, the best way to make money from your blog is to use it as a tool to get people onto your email list and to do the selling there. A solid autoresponder sequence will boost the relationship with your subscribers automatically, as well as automatically promote products to new people every day. This provides you a solid, steady income as most of the hard work is handled for you!

By building a solid business back end, James says that you can make more money than others with twice your audience while providing a better experience at the same time.

James As An Author 

James wanted to go above and beyond just blogging, which is exactly why he just released his fifth book, “The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business, Finance, and Life.This book is aimed for people in or near his age group who are looking to become entrepreneurs, or for anybody looking to grow their business.

Rather than just covering business topics, the book also shares valuable information on many other important topics in a young entrepreneur’s life, such as personal finance, investing, and moving into the real world.

While the book goes against the conventional way of thinking, James’ book is a great resource for anybody looking to become an entrepreneur – regardless of your background. The value this book provides is incredible and is bound to aid any aspiring entrepreneur in their business ventures.

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29 thoughts on “James McAllister ~ The blogger, author, investor and entrepreneur!”

  1. I’ve been interested in blogging for quite some time, as more than just a hobby. This guys seems to know what he’s doing!

  2. Wow! I always love to find new bloggers. Here in this post i got a new blogger. I will surely connect with him and wanna know more about him. Thank you for sharing such type of post with us.

  3. Hi Enstine and James,

    Good to see two of my favorite bloggers on the same site 🙂

    I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming James to my site too, and reviewed his book as well. I can only agree with you, Enstine, what a great guy James is.

    I’m originally from the North of England and we believe in speaking our mind – so James’s forthright approach would be very much appreciated in our culture.

    We’ll be seeing more of him I’m sure and glad you got him on your site.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

  4. That was really a wonderful start up story, I just visited James blog and all I can say is that your blog is pretty okay with top notch content. wonderful thing seeing you around in the community. I only want to stress on the area of building up a real online business through blogging. For you to really become a go to guy for online business you need to wo9rk hard and work smart in dominating your niche market and offering consistent value to audience.

  5. What an extremely solid choice Enstine!

    I recently discovered James’s excellent blog, as a direct result of reading another excellent
    bloggers posts.

    James definitely is a much needed breath of fresh air. He’s extremely knowledgeable and he loves to share his real world experiences.

    And I’m hearing nothing but high praise for his fifth book.Thank you Enstine for showcasing such a truly inspiring and incredibly dynamic individual!

    • Hey Mark!

      It’s been great knowing you so far and I know even greater things are in store for us in the future. I have a lot of big plans this year which I can’t wait to release, and I know they’re going to be great for everyone involved.

      Isn’t it awesome how many people we meet just from other bloggers? Some people discredit networking to be a waste of time but the truth is everyone benefits when we work together. That’s the way I look at it anyway, and why blog commenting and networking are both a crucial part of my marketing strategy.

      Talk soon Mark!

  6. Very inspiring,some very key points by James.I love this blog by Enstine and i like the way your passion turned you into a successful blogger at a very early age.Keep up the good work James. Its really nice to read about your life experience.

    • Hey Tarun,

      Enstine’s blog is great isn’t it. 😀 I’m very glad that I started young because if I had started in a position where I needed a steady paycheck to pay bills I may not have had the dedication to see it through. It did take me two years before I started seeing good money, and unfortunately many people may have given up by then. I was very fortunate to be in a position where I had nothing to lose.

      Good to meet you Tarun!

  7. Hey James mcallister,
    Glad to see you here in one of my favourite blog, Its really cool to read about you.
    Yo ! buddy nice to meet by the way feel happy to get featured in this authority blog 😀
    and enstine you are really generous to write about other bloggers in our blog-o-sphere !!!
    its really amazing 🙂 hope james mcallister gets more exposure from now onwards

    Warm Regards,
    Issac paul

    • Hey Isaac!

      I have met so many great bloggers here myself. This series is just awesome! After reading it for a while now I am so glad to be part of it myself. It is such an honor to be featured here on Enstine’s site among so many other great bloggers.

      Enstine is awesome and I’m very grateful for that he’s done for me since I’ve met him. 😀

  8. wow !!!
    Thanks for introducing James McAllister….!!!!
    James You are really inspiration for young kids who are spend their time on playing games and other things .

    I love the way you have build your career in your way.
    Really thank you Enstine for sharing james experience and his work !!!

    • Hi Pritnam!

      It’s funny, when I was in high school there was a lot of other people who tried to do the same thing I was doing. I actually worked with a lot of them to get their websites set up, and my first real money came from affiliate commissions from web hosting just from that. Sadly, most people start it but aren’t dedicated enough to work hard long enough to see results.

      With my newest book I do hope to provide some guidance for other young entrepreneurs like myself, but the truth is that they still have to have the determination to put the advice to use. Many people will not do so, unfortunately. 🙁

      It’s great to meet you Pritnam and I hope we can talk more soon!

      • You are right , they should have that determination which you had in your early days .
        Yes Definitely I would like to talk to you.
        When are you going to publish your new book ? I would like to read it and recommend it to my friends.

  9. Hey Bro,

    Thanks for introducing my very good friend James McAllister to your blog. You indeed made the right selection!

    I came to know James last year and the very big thing I will say is that James is a wonderful young blogger and writer I have ever known. He is dedicated to his cause and knows how to get on people’s radar.

    I follow his teachings and the great part of him being an author is what makes him outstanding. I highly recommend you grab his new book “The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business, Finance, and Life” because you like it when you do!

    Thanks Enstine for giving my friend this awesome opportunity to be featured on your blog and to you James, thanks for being an inspiration to the blogosphere, especially to the young entrepreneurs out there!

    You too should have a wonderful week ahead 🙂


    • Hey Jackson!

      It’s so great to see you here and I appreciate your kind comments. It is true we’ve only met fairly recently but I’m so glad we’ve connected because I have already gained a lot from you. I know even better times are ahead in the future, so we both have that to look forward to. 😀

      You have a great week too Jackson. See you over on your blog soon!

  10. Hi James McAllister and welcome to Enstine Blog :),
    Glad to have you here, know someone like you exists and at same time connecting with you.
    You really provided some great info and I learnt something new on successful blogging.
    Enstine, Thanks for introducing James this week.

    • Hey Hiidee,

      Thank you for your comments and it’s great to connect with you. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me alright?

      Looking forward to talking more with you in the future!

  11. Hi James,

    Nice to meet you on the money blogger blog “Enstine”, the first line in the subheading “How it began for James” means a lot to me, and provide an answer to why so many newbie bloggers can’t blog for a long time before calling it quit.

    Like you, I have read it on and from many pro bloggers that on average it took nothing less than 18 solid months before they could see or experience any significant fulltime income from their blogging business.

    This is something most people who are into blogging today don’t have the patient to undergo, and consequently, they just call it quit even before they tried out all possible means to grow a profitable blog.

    Thanks Enstine, nice to know more about James on the money blog.

    • Hi Shamsudeen, great to meet you as well!

      Blogging is certainly something you have to persist with and dedicate a ton of time to if you want to see real results. I agree that a lot of people start, get discouraged when they aren’t making money right away, and give up.

      I was very fortunate to discover blogging at such a young age, at a time where I had nothing to lose. I had no expenses, and I was able to take a lot of risk and discover what worked for me and what didn’t. When it came time for me to enter the real world and become an adult, I was already making a full-time living and I am so thankful for that. It took me two years to begin making real money, but it has most definitely paid off!

      Thanks Shamsudeen, hope to talk to you more soon!

  12. Hey Enstine & James,

    Great to know about James. I’m quite impressed looking at his story to this date. I have been visiting his blog these days, and must say I have become a fan of yours! I never wondered about the potential and different sources of making money online.

    Just saw your book on Young Entrepreneurs, hoping it would be an awesome joy-ride for me.

    Thanks for introducing us to James.

    • Hi Sayantan!

      I appreciate your support. Isn’t it incredible how the internet has changed things? There are so many different ways we can make money from home utilizing the strengths unique to us. Best of all, even more opportunities are bound to open up in the future. That’s pretty awesome, and I feel very fortunate to have been born in this time period.

      Exciting opportunities lie ahead!

  13. Hi James

    Good to see you here and much impressed to learn more about you. This is the awesomeness of this series here we learn a lot about those who we already in contact but not happened to tell in that much detail about each other. That is why I call it a get-together post where all those who featured earlier – apart from others as well – visit latest featuring post and interact more with commenting.

    I liked the title of this post as you are mentioned as investor as well and this is the basic requirement to be a successful entrepreneur. Just hard work can make someone good employee but not an entrepreneur for that risk taking is must.

    Thanks a lot Enstine for feature him at your awesome blog.

    • Hi Mi Muba!

      That’s one thing I really love about this series. I’ve been following it for a while now and during that time I’ve got to become more familiar with a lot of bloggers who I already knew, as well as meet some new ones. I love it because you really get to know the bloggers on a more personal level, and find out more about who they really are.

      I think investing is really important because it allows you to put your money to work. You use your money to make more money, and then use that money to make even more money. Before you know it, you’re living off of your investments and you can retire at an early age while still making more and more money every quarter.

      Thanks Mi Muba for reading and commenting!

  14. Hi Enstine and so great to see James here.

    I’m an avid follower of his blog and just finished his book “The Young Entrepreneurs Guide To Business, Finance, and Life” This book blew me away James because of your amazing insight and reality of how business and finance work in today’s world. I found myself cheering you on from the beginning to end.

    James, you are an inspiration to all, from young people to those that have been around this planet for a while. The wold has changed and so must our mindset.

    Whenever I go to your blog, I know I’m getting the TRUTH about things. I am so blessed to know you.


    • Hi Donna!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the book. I’ve written 5 books now but this one is definitely my favorite. Despite being my longest book yet, I had so much fun writing it that I was able to get it all done within a month without sacrificing quality. If I had to show off one piece of my work to represent me this book would be it.

      Thanks Donna, talk soon!

  15. Hi Enstine! Great to meet James on your site!

    This post has inspired me as I love people who stand up for what they believe in and are blunt about achieving what they want. I’m hoping over to his site to look at some of his articles shortly.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Brenda!

      Yeah, I’ve never really been one to let people walk over me or my ideas, and people try to all the time. I try to only ever argue the truth, and if people disagree with it they are the ones in the wrong, right? If people don’t want to accept the truth that’s fine, but if they try to challenge it and say that it’s wrong than you bet I’m going to defend it relentlessly.

      Sadly, some people say that I’m “mean” but really I’m just being honest. That’s just who I am.

      Great to meet you Brenda!

    • Hi Brenda!

      Yeah, I’ve never really been one to let people walk over me or my ideas, and people try to all the time. I try to only ever argue the truth, and if people disagree with it they are the ones in the wrong, right? If people don’t want to accept the truth that’s fine, but if they try to challenge it and say that it’s wrong than you bet I’m going to defend it relentlessly.

      Sadly, some people say that I’m mean but really I’m just being honest. That’s just who I am.

      Great to meet you Brenda!

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