Meet Maxwell Ivey ~ The blind blogger!

Welcome to another Thursday post featuring a very unique blogger. There are other bloggers I have featured in the past so you can check them out here.

I’m really enjoying these Thursday posts as they draw me closer to so many great men and women in the industry. I also Β use this opportunity to let you know more about them so you can connect and boost your online presence.

Our blogger this week is exceptional. I don’t know how he does it but I’ll be sharing more about him below. His story will blow your mind away. He is a huge dose of encouragement. He makes me believe that everyone, no matter his/her disabilities can succeed in this world.

Meet Maxwell Ivey, the blind blogger

Maxwell Ivey the blind bloggerMy first meeting with Max was on my guest article published on aha-now. I shared some hot tips on how to attract advertisers and make money with your blog. I encourage you check out this post. Click here!

Maxwell Ivey, known to his friends as Max, Mr. Midway, or The Blind Blogger; is someone who has reinvented himself several times to become the person he is now.

He operates two companies. At his primary business the Midway Marketplace he has the unusual occupation of being a full time reseller or broker of amusement equipment and related items. He also does appraisals, and his site has a wealth of links to the amusement industry and the companies that supply it.

At his new coaching practice he shares his personal experiences as a totally blind entrepreneur. He uses his approach of combining a positive attitude with taking small consistent action daily to set an example for his readers and potential clients.

He had to be convinced of his role as someone who can inspire and motivate others. He still has trouble seeing how extraordinary he is, but he reminds himself that there are too many people in the world with no physical disabilities who fail to take action to achieve their goals or even chase after their dreams.

He started his first blog about six years ago. It was on blogger, and he set it up because so many people online said that if you are going to be in business you have to have a blog. While he has moved on to a new and improved version of that blog on word press he still keeps the old site out of nostalgia. He isn’t sure what to do with it but just can’t bring himself to close it down.

The midway’s current blog is a little over two years old and can be found here.

The Blind Blogger!

Max’s latest addition is where he shares his more personal posts. He decided to call the site The Blind Blogger because that is how people on several social media blogging groups had referred to him. He says that when you are blind quite often you are the only blind person that most people know. So it wasn’t unusual to be called the blind blogger. He knows there are many other talented visually impaired bloggers out there and he does his best to bring attention to them.

Out of Darkness to light!

Maxwell IveyMaxwellΒ has recently published his first ebook. It is a short motivational one called Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light. In it he shares his path to personal growth and strives to help the readers do the same. He took the unusual approach of asking readers to email him with their progress while working through the exercises included within.

He says that he has known too many people who have read the book, listened to the audio, watched the video, or even attended a seminar live; who still weren’t able to follow up on the teachings on their own.

He worked with two talented people to complete the book his editor Lorraine Reguly and a graphic designer who created the cover image named Angela McCall.

His book is currently available through for $4.95. You can purchase it at this link. He hopes to have it available on Amazon Nook, Create Space and others soon.

He chose Selz for now because it fits into his core belief that it is better to do what you can today and do more or do it better tomorrow than it is to do nothing while you wait until you are able to do it exactly how you envision it in your mind.

He believes that by putting things off until tomorrow, next week, next month, or that mythical time known as someday; that you will never get anything done.

Life before now!

Before he sold amusement equipment or thought of becoming a life coach, motivational speaker, or author; Max wanted to run his family’s small carnival. His father persuaded him to try to go to law school as the best way to help the family out. When that didn’t work out, he tried working for the Internal Revenue Service. He finally left that sole stealing job to return to the family business helping with games and the bookings.

When his father’s early death from lung cancer resulted in the show going out of business, he turned to helping friends and family sell their surplus rides and this eventually became a full time profession. And in the winter of 2008 he finally convinced his family to let him leave the road for good and start working on building the new business full time.

He has been featured in several interview posts, written some inspiring guest posts, written for an online magazine, and appeared on many podcasts and radio shows. You can find links to all of these on his as seen online page.

Some of Max’s must-read blog posts!

His most important blog post was Think I’m ready to be an inspiration where he explained how he came to the understanding that he had far more to share with the world than only being an amusement equipment broker.

His most well received post on the midway marketplace was one he wrote about using Pinterest as a blind person.Β 

The one thing all his posts are known for is their extreme honesty and transparency. He has often been criticized by people in the amusement industry for having shared too much information.

Regardless of whether you call him Max, Mr. Midway, or The Blind Blogger he is a truly helpful person. He wants to be there for his readers and find ways to solve their problems. He appreciates hearing from readers and is always up for a good conversation either by email, phone, or skype. And if you connect with him on social media or send him a request to he will always accept.

You can find him at the following places;

Wow! such a man! I’m so excited to have him around. How about you? Ain’t you impressed?

I’m sure you want to engage with Max now. Talk with him in the comment box below. Share this post and give Max a boost.


74 thoughts on “Meet Maxwell Ivey ~ The blind blogger!”

  1. Oh man.. I was shocked a bit after reading the title, But as you said he is really a huge dose of encouragement. God bless you sir and please keep inspiring us like this.

  2. Hi Boss,
    I must say when i saw the word blind blogger, i was shocked hence i moved to read the full story but after reading it in full, i understood what you were talking about. This is really an informative post. I will be dropping by more often because this blog is really cool. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hey, Enstine Muki
    Thanks for sharing this awesome post. It really impressed me and i was wondered by this blind blogger. I did not heard that in the world has a blogger like blind. For i heard from you this blind, that i was little wonder and its title attracted me to read this post. After reading this post i feel awesome here and want to know more about the blind blogger. I request him to publish a video on showing how he works. Thank you for sharing this post

  4. Hi Enstine,

    Of all the bloggers I’ve met, Max is simply the biggest encouragement…to a large extent, he reminds me (and I believe, the world) of Helen Keller. And of something bigger and more fundamental: “All the obstacles in the world are incapable of stopping a determined man”.

    What do you think, Enstine?

    Make the day great!


  5. Hi Max,

    I still have to welcome you here, though we’ve seeing much and know a bit about each other for some time now.

    But this post still blow out many I didn’t know about, is interesting to read how you manage working on your computer….I’ve been wanted to ask you this question too in many of our conversation.

    But I just sometimes feel not to, now am cleared anyway. Keep doing what you know best, and be an inspiration to many of us.

    Thanks Enstine, nice reading this post.

    • hi shamsudeen; thanks for the welcome here. we have been seeing each other around the net for a while now. i have enjoyed your posts. glad i could answer a question that more than a few people wanted the answer to. like i said in an earlier reply if you want to know something just ask. if someone ever comes up with a question I’m not comfortable answering I’ll let them know. and gill andrews of true stories with gill is working on an in depth interview with me. she’s determined to ask me questions no one else has or get answers they haven’t. so stay tuned. thanks again for your friendship and encouragement. glad i could inspire you, Max

    • thanks bandar; even for a generally positive person like myself i can always use more encouragement and positive thoughts. would love to hear what you are up to. maybe there is something i can help with. blessings, Max

  6. Wow!

    Truly its touching! I do have some questions for Max though… How does he write articles? Or see his P.C Display.

    It’s nothing serious! Just outta curiosity πŸ™‚

    Falling in love with Max Already!

    • hi babshaybell; always great to hear. and if you read my posts you will find I’m a very open person who would rather answer questions than have someone wonder. after all not knowing the reasons behind things are why we have the greek myths and native american legends. i use a computer with speech specifically a macbook pro running their program called voiceover that reads the screen to me. on windows they use a program called jaws for windows. since software is trying to recreate the screen for someone who can’t see it they both have things they do well and things they struggle with. with both options its critical that webmaster add meta tags to their images and properly label their buttons so they can be easily located and clicked. I’m fine at writing the posts, but when it comes to adding or editing images i sometimes need help. and from time to time friends like ashley faulkes lorraine reguly and a new one fabrizio van marciano will help improve the look of a post or my site. any other questions just ask. there is a contact form on my site. best of luck to you, Max

    • Hey Babshaybell,

      I have a question that is similar to what you have also asked and Ivey had taken the time to answer it.

      You can check it out from my first comment above.

      Thank you.

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Pretty amazing thursdays here. Max is definitely an inspiration and he proves it through his determination and success. One needs to just do stuff with honesty and rest will follow most of the times.

    I am happy to read about his story and his way to open up to the readers. It is not everyone does, but yet again, he is Max, he can do anything.

    Take care Enstine and you too Max. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Rohan; i got a big smile out of that one. you make it sound like i should have a cape and tights and a secret identity. yes with hard work an open heart and a generous spirit a lot of good can come your way. It helps to have good friends like you rohan. by the way lorraine will be adding the link to your book review to my as seen online page. am proud of that review and hope it leads to many others. but the bottom line is i want to help people and the book can’t do that if people don’t read it. so thanks a lot my friend. take care out there, Max

  8. I really salute maxwell sir. He became one of the best person in my mind. He must be a inspiration to every newbie bloggers like me. Also special thanks to enstine sir…

    • hi adarsh; so happy that i can inspire you. i remember being a new blogger starting more because people said my business site the midway marketplace had to have one rather than feeling any real passion for it. but this new blog where i share more personal things has been part of my heart. and here i am being featured. just continue to work hard and connect with other bloggers and you will get there. let me know if I can help in any way, Max

      • The great thing for me is you replied to my comment, Maxwell. I am newbie blogger with 4-5 months of experience and i like to connect with other bloggers. Thanks again…

  9. Hello Enstine,

    I like to read about him and inspired very much. Thanks to you for doing such a nice job. I like your work also. You are doing good to inspire people like that and they convert their weakness into strength after reading that kind of articles.

    Good job dear.

    • hi yasmeet; yes i am blessed that enstine saw fit to feature me this week. meeting lots of great new people many new fellow bloggers to get to know. take care, max

  10. Hi,

    Its really great to know about Blind Blogger. Well my bad I haven’t checked your blog yet but gonna check it out now.


    • hi ashish; just so glad we met here. looking forward to your thoughts about my site. my friend lorraine just updated it a little with my photo and a little more color. talk soon, max

  11. Hi Max, I read about you on Writers & Bloggers. My 8yo daughter was born very premature in Sri Lanka where we then lived and was diagnosed with ROP – Retinopathy of Prematurity. She had loads of ops over the next six months first in Sri Lanka then in England & finally in Toronto where the specialist managed to save some of the sight in her left eye. Anyway she’s now 8 and going to a regular school & doing well. I thought you might like to see/hear her 2 YouTube music debuts below. The first one ‘Holidays’, she wrote herself. The second is from a recent concert. Best wishes for the festive season. Michael

    • hi michael; so glad to hear that you were blessed to be able to take your daughter to england and then eventually canada to salvage some of her vision. the more of it someone has the better for sure. and she does have a gorgeous voice. she is very talented and you should be proud. of course you are. thanks for sharing the links and now i know why enstine didn’t remove them. please feel free to post them on any of my sites in the comments field. I’m going over to share holidays now. by the way she has such a great voice she doesn’t really need any accompanying music. blessings to you this season my new friend, Max

  12. Enstine,

    A heart touching yet motivating post !!

    Maxwell I really adore you the way you are and the way you inspire people by living it out.

    These words of yours has etched in my mind now ” but there are too many people in the world with no physical disabilities who fail to take action to achieve their goals or even chase after their dreams. “

    • hi sangeetha; so glad you were inspired by the post. i hoped someone would mention that line. its not so important that we accomplish our goals or live to see all our dreams come true; but it is important that we have something to go after and that we take steps every day to get there. and there are a lot of people out there who have no excuse for staying where they are. and there are lots of people in terrible situations who get up every day with a joyful heart and a spirit of expectancy. wishing you your own journey. and let me know if I can help. max

  13. Hi Enstine,
    what a great pleasure to see Max featured on your blog.

    First time I heard about him was on Adrienne’s blog,
    and I jumped right away on his site to read more about him.

    What a fantastic man, you are, Max.
    You’re such an inspiration of strength and courage.

    We already connected via Facebook.
    Happy to be friends! πŸ™‚

    I wish you both have a wonderful rest of this week.

    • hi erik; glad to have connected with you through adrienne’s site. her and enstine are both examples of bloggers who want their readers to succeed and be more than just the people who look forward to reading their work. glad i have the opportunity to inspire you and others. you have a great weekend too, max

  14. The Blind Blogger, nice initiative man! Keep on posting great inspiration deals Enstine!

    I am loving it …. πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Enstine and Maxwell

    You are right Enstine thise feature series of yours has become an essential part of your brand and it’s a huge inspiration for your blog readers and obviously I am one of them.

    I am lucky to be in connect with Max a few months ago and after that it dawned upon me just will is required to become successful and rest of the requirements are typically of secondary nature.

    His way of interacting with fellow bloggers and taking full input and consultation from his online friends show how much he believes in quality and want to put maximum in his each effort.
    I have quite higher hopes for the very success of his ebook because whatever he has written that is directly from the depth of his heart and it will surely become a huge success in days to come.

    Thanks a lot Enstine for featuring this wonderful guy to make us know more about him

    • Hi Mi Muba; You have been a good friend and loyal reader since wee met on aha now. thanks for your beautiful thoughts concerning my ebook. the encouragement and positive energy are both greatly welcome. i wish you more success with your own journey as well. take care, max

    • hi kerry; so glad i could help. there are more of us out here than i thought. the thing is most of them are not active in places that would bring them more attention comments shares etc. Most blogs i have visited that are run by blind people have very few if any comments on their posts. and this is in spite of some quality writing. I think I am almost ready with a round up post of visually impaired bloggers and I’m going to be interested to see the reaction. glad i could help you kerry. you are a special talent and it is my pleasure. keep going, max

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for introducing us to Max. I have had the blessing of interacting with him several times on his blog, social media and via email.

    He is very inspiring and motivating person who doesn’t allow distractions to get in his way. The fact that he doesn’t have sight makes it even more impressive. I have recently started reading his book and I’m discovering that it’s a must read for ANYONE!

    Thanks again for sharing him with us Enstine!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • hi don; so glad to run into you again. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your posts. and we have had some good conversations via your comments section. I’m glad you are enjoying the ebook and hope you will be posting a review of it soon. I’m also glad that i can inspire people by my example of showing up every day and putting in the work. I’m blessed that great people like you enjoy hearing my story and continue to read and look forward to reading my posts. wondering what else is in store. that’s the thing about opening yourself up to possibilities once you do it then who knows who or what will come into your life next. thanks of being a good friend don. take care, max

  17. Hey Enstine,

    Ah, one of my favorite people… So glad you’re highlighting Max here on your blog too.

    He is an amazing man isn’t he? I’m so glad I met him as well and I can call him a real friend. I’m glad you’re sharing with your audience more about him because I think that he has a lot to offer. I find him so inspiring not just because of his disability of course but his determination to not let anything hold him back.

    I know that people who are perfectly healthy will make excuses as to why they aren’t doing certain things but Max doesn’t use them. Even with his blindness he is forging ahead. I applaud and admire him for that and he is a true inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing him with your audience and so happy to see him mentioned here.

    You both have a wonderful rest of your week.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      Thanks for stopping by and chipping in.

      Max is surely the man to inspire many. His guest article on your blog is awesome. I have read his posts. Needless to point out how great these are.

      It’s a huge pleasure to have him featured on my blog. I know his story will highly boost many readers πŸ˜‰

      Keep the good job dear friend

    • hey adrienne; glad to see you stopping by. I’m awed by the number of people who have come by to leave their thoughts. and i’ve been so busy replying to social media and blog comments that i have yet to share this post on my own networks. πŸ™‚ i’m always happy to hear that you especially like anything that i am involved in. you are my mentor and i’ve learned so much from you. wouldn’t want to disappoint you. you told me that sooner or later i would be overwhelmed with opportunities like this. okay you were right. grin guess i better start doubling up on my vitamins or start eating some wheaties or something. take care my friend. xoxo max

      • Hey Max,

        You could never disappoint me my friend because you are always just being you and that’s the most important thing to remember.

        I do believe your time has come but I’m happy for you Max and this is only the beginning.


  18. Hello, Enstine and Max!!!

    So happy that you’ve featured Max here, Enstine – what a marvelous choice. πŸ™‚ Yes, your Thursday series is completely awesome, and I really look forward to finding out who will be your next special guest.

    You meeting Max on Harleena’s site is fantastic…Love the networking, don’t you? So much good can come from it.

    Max, you are definitely an inspiration, and I’m so happy that you are coaching now. I know that it took you a while to get used to the fact that others find you inspiring, yet it is definitely true, and you can pass your awesome knowledge on to others.

    You remind me a lot of Jon Morrow at Boost Blog Traffic as he has overcome a lot of challenges to help many people. You are following right in his footsteps.

    Congratulations on your new e-book, and I think it’s awesome that you used Selz. . .

    I will definitely be sharing this via social media. Well done! πŸ™‚ Have a fantastic day, and I will be talking to you soon.

    – Carol

    • Hey Carol,
      Aha-now is one of the most exciting blogs I have guest-posted on. Of course, I don’t need to remind you of the overwhelming guest posting experience on your blog too that went as far as generating my caricature. I still get private mails about that marvelous job you did for me Carol πŸ˜‰

      Max will surely attract so many people with his talent. I’m hooked too πŸ˜‰
      I have a list of wonderful, exceptional bloggers to feature. You know this is one of my most exciting blog posts because it brings me closer to a lot of awesome bloggers. It’s a strong community building tool πŸ˜‰

      Thanks once more for being part of us Carol

      • So cool!! Love it. Go Big or go home, right? πŸ™‚

        P.S. Your all-time record for most blog comments is about to surpassed…My friend…


    • hi carol; thanks so much for those kind words. jon is one of the real gems of the blogging world and if people someday compare me to him on a regular basis that will be amazing. I enjoy his posts and he was another one of my early influences. although he was already so much more above me in level of publicity that i haven’t yet got to know him. maybe he will read one of my comments and change that. πŸ˜‰ that’s how it works. and you are right its great to see how so many of us have interconnecting stories from adrienne smith or harleena singh or ryan viddulph etc. glad to call you a friend carol. blessings to you sweetie, Max

  19. Hey Max,

    Welcome to Enstine Muki’s blog. This will be the second time I am seeing you on my friend’s blog, first it was on Adrienne Smith’s blog now Muki’s.

    Well, the good thing about all these feature is that you have value and you also give them out. The very best thing a blogger can is give value to his community because from there the tree with just one branch begins to grow more of it.

    I read your guest post on Adrienne’s blog and after reading I knew you have a thing with building blog community. I had a fair share of the knowledge you shared in that article and I have Adrienne to thank for that.

    To Enstine, you keep making blogging a fun! Featuring fellow bloggers is an awesome way of building a community and as well keeping the journey of blogging progressive. I really appreciate your style bro!

    You make sure you have a wonderful ahead πŸ™‚


    • Hey bro,
      I’m so excited you are here with a great comment despite being so busy offline.

      Yes, Max is a bank of value and I appreciate him sharing his part of it with us here. I’m sure so many people will be so attracted to his star.

      The guy di shine well well (African)

    • hi jackson; well it says so much that we are both members of two awesome communities adrienne’s and enstine’s. he does a great service introducing us to other bloggers. and i’m still a little surprised my name is on the list. I’m currently working on my first post that will feature other visually impaired or blind bloggers. so watch out for that one. thanks again for your wonderful comments. take care my new friend, max

  20. Hi Enstine!

    Max is an inspiring dude! As more get to know the guy he will become more famous, and an inspiration to the masses.

    The thing is, I get bitchy at times at being sick, or having a sore neck. I’ve spent the past 2 days in bed. Cold, and some stomach problems, after my plane ride half way round the world. Yet, when I think about Max, I know that even know I need to rest up some, that I can leave this comment, and a few more, before going back to bed.

    I – like most folks – can be a coward to my physical limitations when feeling sick or sore. When I read about a blind dude who rocks it out blogging, despite being unable to see, I gotta turn my game up 45 to 99 notches, lol…..

    Max is such a great guy too. We’ve chatted through Facebook or email, and thru my blog. He gets help from so man friends because he gives help and inspiration, to so many friends, and he’s got some helluva community over at the Blind Blogger.

    Thanks for sharing, Enstine and Max!


    • Hey Ryan,
      Yes, Max will attract a huge dose of attention and soon become popular. The guy is amazing.

      The first time I read from him, I must confess I was confused. I needed more time to believe in his status. He is doing extra-ordinarily great. Such people are rare to find in out society.

      Kudos Max

    • okay ryan; yes we met through your blog and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through fb and emails. and you did help me out a great deal by suggesting selz and then answering questions. and getting me in contact with their support people so they could help me more. to show the kind of people ryan hangs with the site designer for selz returned my emails over the thanksgiving holiday and he is working on making improvements to make their site more user friendly for the blind. i really got to get me a affiliate link for selz. but i’m glad i can motivate you to do more. sometimes though we should really listen to our bodies. i need to check out your latest post. even with my amazing community of friends it still took me four months to write and publish my first ebook. maybe you also have some tips for creating video series. well one of the things i’m known for is suggesting future blog topics to people. you are a great friend and now that you are in the states maybe we will run into somewhere. and i love the idea of becoming famous as long as it still allows me to help people. of course, like many expert bloggers say you can only keep helping people if you generate income. so people please buy the ebook or share the link with people who may need a dose of motivation. ryan you are a real star. take care my friend, max

  21. Kudos for Enstine, for bringing the genius blind blogger Max, on board here.

    Max has been huge inspiration for me over the past few weeks i stumble upon his post on Adrienne Smith Blog, i cherished his writing skills and outstanding creativity he put on his blog.

    My question to him, still the same as Oloyede Jamiu, how could a blind person handle computer and also writing great post over the past few years.

    Once again, Max is one of those unique blogger outside that play the white hat of blogging journey.

    • hi olayinka; well i can thank my 6th grade composition teacher and hundreds of authors for my writing ability. back then in school you had to take classes on writing. and i had quite a bit of vision up until i was a teenager. I also grew up with some great story tellers most notably my dad max ivey sr. well when you grow up in a family of carnival owners and know people from other branches of show business you are naturally going to meet some first class truth stretchers. lol I hope i can thank some of them for my writing style. and there is a lot of technology out there that helps. I don’t dictate my posts but could if i wanted to. i grew up using typewriters so entering my posts manually is comfortable to me. i even once used a manual typewriter while studying at the texas school for the blind during one summer. I didn’t go there long. I got homesick and went back to my family. and was educated in regular schools the rest of my life. glad to hear you are interested and I’ll do my best to share more about how I do it. thanks again and take care, max

      • Thanks for your reply Matt, It seams you have open more light about your yourself here, which is very good for others to get inspired with your live story.
        I will be very happy in one of this days if your can just give me opportunity to interview your with my own readers.

  22. Hi, Max,

    The blogosphere is so interesting in that it brings people into our lives that we would have never met.

    Here you are on the next Enstine featured post right after mine, we just emailed back and forth, and I read your guest post on Adrienne Smith’s blog. It’s amazing how this works.

    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about you.


    • What a lovely opening statement Sue. In one of my articles, I mentioned that bloggers are stars – just like some movie and music stars we have out there.

      I now know a lot more people worldwide through this awesome activity.

      Thanks for stopping by to engage with Max dear friend. Better days are ahead

    • hi sue; yes it is amazing how this thing works. and i like to say that if more people knew how friendly helpful and supportive most bloggers are everyone would have a blog or a podcast or both. πŸ™‚ it seems like i am being greatly blessed. In addition to being featured with so many heavy hitters of the blogging world on enstine’s site i am also working on an interview with gill andrews of true stories with gill have a couple more radio shows coming up; and last night on fb was asked to do a podcast. It is crazy. and a lot of it is because i was encouraged to share my story. so glad you enjoy my posts and i look forward to getting to know you even better. take care now, max

  23. Glad to see another guest post for Max. Shared happily just now. We blind bloggers, as we are known, we must stick together. I give Max all my support. He truly is a motivational friend to have. He truly seems to care about others.

    • hi kerry; it makes me feel good to hear that people know i honestly want to help them. and well i used to promote instigate and motivate when we were trying to get the rides from one town to the next. I never had a license but a lot of weeks i felt like the trail boss rowdy yates on that old tv show rawhide. πŸ™‚ and i notice you said us blind bloggers? glad to hear it. we have a rare opportunity to inspire and motivate people in this world. take care my friend. xoxo max

  24. Hey Harleena,

    Its good to hear that Enstine and Max met from the Aha-Now Blog Community (ABC).

    I do agree with the point you raised that Max Story would be loved by so many people.

    Thank you Harleena.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

  25. i don’t have words to say about this type of amazing persons…
    really greatful to get the opportunity to read about Maxwell Ivey..

  26. Hi Max, and a very warm welcome to Enstine’s blog – this time on the other side, as his guest πŸ™‚

    This is SO wonderful indeed, and I didn’t know both of you met on your guest post on my blog – that unforgettable post I still remember. Not to mention that Max too wrote an awesome post on my blog that got a huge number of comments too! So, both of you rock πŸ˜‰

    Coming to Max and his wonderful blogs, someone I’ve known for a while now and he was one of the first Ahaian to join my blog community and forum too, and that time he was still working on his second blog, and look at where he’s come now – what an achievement!

    Yes, then more guest posts came up, interviews, podcasts, and then the ebook, and his journey to success just started getting a lot better.

    Where all of us with our eyes wide open crib and fret about things, and are still finding our way about – Max has done so much for himself, a real inspiration to learn from, especially for those who are still struggling to find their way about.

    Thanks for sharing more about Max in your inspiring series, Enstine, as I am sure it’s going to be loved by many. Have a nice week ahead, both of you πŸ™‚

    • Hey Harleena,
      you see what the post on your blog did? I had so many awesome friends and of course business.

      Since then, I have been following Max on a couple of his posts. He too has been here engaging and I love that he accepted to be featured this week.

      Such a wonderful guy to be with in this world of blogging πŸ˜‰

    • hi harleena; yes a lot of great things happened as a result of being a member of aha now and writing that guest post. You were one of the first to push me to dig down deep and openly share things some of which i probably wouldnt have without your gentle persuasion. but once i had done it in that post it became easier every time. and the more i share the more amazing opportunities i receive. ‘t is awesome that here we have two ahaians working together. I have a feeling that we are going to see a lot of this. Your community is so welcoming and supportive. Its members are going to naturally want to collaborate on projects. So great to be included in this list of awesome bloggers. and glad to have my friends here with me. take care sweet harleena. xoxo max

  27. Hey Enstine,

    This week bloggers’ interview is a good source of inspiration for me and am sure its going to be for everyone.

    Thank you for featuring Maxwell Ivey today.

    I’m really impressed to know that he is still doing great things in this field of blogging even though he is blind.

    If i would ask since he is blind, how is he able to use the computer or does he has somebody who is helping him do that?

    I’m interested in knowing more about him. I would visit his blog and would like to become his friend.

    His story really amaze me to looking into working harder than what i have been doing in the past.

    Overall, Enstine i would say that the bloggers you are always featuring here are unique bloggers.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead. I will definitely share this on social media.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

    • Hi Olo,
      Max is really awesome! I’m sure he will be here to answer you. I know so many readers wonder how he does it but I’l like him to blow his fire πŸ˜‰ (African expression I think)

    • Hi Oloyede; so glad to hear that I have inspired you to do even more. This is the best complement I can receive. I would love to connect with you and become friends. i use a computer with a speech synthesizer. its a macbook pro, but there are windows options too. there is a post on my blog explaining why i use mac instead of windows. i also use a third party app called mars edit that makes the process of writing blog posts embedding photos and inserting links so much easier than using the word press dashboard with a screen reader. and some jobs are either beyond my abilities or can be done so much easier and faster with sight. for these jobs i have a growing group of friends who will step in and lend a hand. looking forward to getting to know you my new friend, max

      • Hey Max,

        Thanks for taking your time to reply to my question. I now understand the way you work with your condition. Thanks to new advancements in the technology world.

        We are friends already and i’m happy i met you on Enstine Blog. I wish you more successes in the future.

        Take care of yourself.

        -Oloyede Jamiu

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