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WordPress is the must popular Content Management System we have today due to its simplicity and elasticity.  With over 75 million sites that depend on it,  it is understood why finding WordPress jobs is fairly easy.

If you are WordPress expert or you simply want an expert to handle one or more WordPress Jobs for you, One of the places to turn to is a WordPress Job Board.

There are many job boards today where you can find WordPress Experts. However, for rapidity and effectiveness, it is always recommended to browse dedicated platforms.

That’s why I’m talking about WpJobs.com, a dedicated platform where you can find both WordPress Experts (If you need a job done) and WordPress Jobs (If you are an expert who wants jobs).

WordPress is purely PHP so if you are PHP Developer, you should quickly find your way through any WordPress task. There are tons of tutorials online on how to do this or that on WordPress – develop theme, plugins, etc. So if you’ve never thought about this as an opportunity, I can quickly say you’ve been sitting on ripe fruits.

WordPress Jobs on WpJobs.com!

wordpress jobs

I have had time to work on Wp Jobs. While it’s pretty new player in the industry, it’s promising. The owner is bent on making this platform a home for WordPress solutions.

There are 5 types of jobs on WpJobs.com at the moment of writing this post. These are;

  1. Freelance
  2. Full Time
  3. Part Time
  4. Internship
  5. Project
  6. Temporary

Applying for jobs on WpJobs.com

Applying for jobs on this platform is quite easy. You won’t be required to create any account. That’s quite exciting. All you have to do is go to the job listing details, click on the button “Apply for Job”. This will simply bring up the contact details of the employer so you can directly get to him with your details.

Posting a Jon on this Platform

Posting your job on this platform is quite simple as well. You simply fill the job submission form, select the package and submit.

I spoke with the owner about these packages and pricing and he made me to understand that his platform is currently running on 2 packages and many more packages will be added in the days ahead.

wordpress job board

So if you are posting a job now, you will have to chose between the free package for 7 days and the paid package for 30 days. In the days ahead, my friend will surely be adding many more packages with different options.

Who is this platform for?

Like any other job board, WP Jobs is for two categories of people;

  1. Job seekers
  2. Employers

However, this is WordPress dedicated platform as I mentioned above. That means you can only find jobs that have to do with WordPress or closely related topics. If you have a Job in ASP, JSP, Photoshop, etc, this may not be the right place to post it.

So you can quickly go check the platform out and let me know what you think in the comment box. Also help share this article on social media to give it a boost. I’ll very much appreciate it 😉

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