ManageWP Review 2016 ~ Manage multiple websites in one place!

In this ManageWP review post, I want to introduce you to a turnkey solution for your WordPress blogs management. This will help  you manage multiple websites in one dashboard. That takes the hard and time consuming tasks off your fingers.

If you have more than 1 active blog, I understand your pain browsing between tabs/windows, jumping from one dashboard to the other moderating comments, updating theme and plugins, publishing new posts, etc. I have once been there but now a completely new world is opened to me, leaving me with few clicks to accomplish multiple tasks on more blogs at once.

ManageWP is an excellent dashboard to completely manage any number of blogs you have. It’s a perfect solution to your worries about keeping and managing multiple passwords, backups, security, etc. I will break this review into 6 different parts for better understanding.

ManageWP review in 6 parts

  1. Basic Maintenance
  2. Managing plugins, themes, posts/pages, users and comments
  3. Backups and security
  4. Monitoring your blogs for performance
  5. SEO Optimization
  6. Clone/Migration Wizard

1 – > Basic Maintenance

It’s amazing how you can perform basic maintenance and speed optimization tasks on any (or all) of your blogs from your ManageWP dashboard. Such tasks as databases optimization, post revision cleanup, etc often requires an additional plugin.

You can with a simple click run Plugins/themes update and database cleanup. Imaging having to log into different blogs to perform these tasks.

managewp review

You see from this image, you can update everything (the green button) or update blog after blog. Just with a simple click, you can update themes, plugins, clean up your db, remove spam comments on multiple blogs, etc.

2 -> Managing plugins, themes, posts/pages, users and comments

a) Plugins and Themes: There are generally three things you do with plugins and themes from within your blog dashboard. These include;

  1. Installing new theme/Plugin.
  2. Updating existing and active plugin/themes.
  3. Disabling/Uninstalling existing plugins/themes.

ManageWP enables you perform all of these tasks on multiple blogs from a single dashboard.

b) Creating new posts/pages: One of the reasons we log into different blogs often is to publish new articles. With the ManageWP dashboard facilities, it is practically easy to publish your article on any blog under your control. You can also pull out articles on different blogs, modify them and save.

Each blog post has three essential components;

  1. SEO properties
  2. Media properties (images/video)
  3. Text

All these properties are flexibly available within ManageWP

ManageWP dashboard will load any specific post publishing plugins that are installed on any of the blogs added.

I have SEO and affiliate link plugins installed on one of my blogs on the ManageWP dashboard. I was agreeably surprised when all these plugins were available on my publishing window within ManageWP.

managewp reviews

NB: Every tool and plugin on your article publishing window is available: permalink, tags, categories, featured image, SEO options, etc

You can create your free account and add your blog to see for yourself. Click here to sign up

3) Comments: Comments are essential parts and one of the excitements of blogging. There are 4 categories of comments;

  1. Approved
  2. Pending
  3. Spam
  4. Trash

Within this unique dashboard, you can access your comments on any blog and deal with them accordingly – trash, approve, unapprove, edit, reply and spam.

4) User management: If you have blog(s) with different users, you won’t have to log into different dashboards to manage them. ManageWP gives you a cool tool to interact with your blogs’ administrators, editors, contributors, authors and subscribers.

3 ->  Security and Backups

Security is one of the most attention-grabbing areas of any online business today. The net (especially the WordPress Platform) is full of wickedness every single minute. So any relaxing on online security will be a foundation for disaster.

The guys at ManageWP are fully aware of this. That’s why they have provided a scanning tool that scans and generate detailed Report on the security status of your blog. You can run this tool on all your blogs from just within 1 dashboard

managewp scan report

NB: This image is just a portion of the detailed report generated by the scan facility

Backup is one of the most crucial security tasks you will have to keep an eye on daily.  This is because it helps you keep copies of your blog you can always bounce on if danger strikes and takes down your content.

While there are paid plugins out there, ManageWP has this facility available to run on all your blogs with the simple click of the mouse.

You can schedule backup tasks that will run automatically daily, weekly or monthly, at specific hours.

Most of the backup plugins out there are limited to database. However, an essential part of your blog, the media directory should not be left out of every backup task. This is where your images are stored. That means all the images you upload into your blog posts and pages are stored up in this media folder. What happens if you don’t get them back while restoring your hacked blog ? The result will simply be terrible posts and pages.

ManageWP backup tool gives you the option to backup just your database or database plus files. Now you may not want to copy some core WordPress files that will evidently be recovered with fresh WordPress installations. That’s why the backup wizard provides space to simply enter those folders you would want not to backup.

Another excellent option I found here is the option to optimize database before backup. That avoids copying and saving databases with errors. If your backup is set to run daily, that will also help keep your database constantly optimized.

managewp backup

On the next page of this backup wizard, you will be expected to create a backup destination. That’s where your database and files will be stored following your timing.

Backups are normally stored on your server. You can also use an alternative backup destination if you want to store backup files on an external FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox account or email.

4 – > Site Monitoring and Alerting

This is one additional feature I think is great with ManageWP. Imaging yourself at the beach and your sites get turn off for some reasons.

This tool is handy at alerting you on some major changes concerning your blog – downtime and traffic change. You will get an email telling you your site is down, your traffic has moved up or down, etc.

5 – > SEO

ManageWP can also monitors your blogs’ SEO and Keyword Rankings and detailed reports and statistics udated generally on Mondays

managewp monitor seo

Each domain in your ManageWP can be monitored for 20 keywords. ManageWP will help you to determine which keywords you should be targeting. The weekly report will provide the following information:


  • Backlinks – the number of backlinks
  • Page speedpage speed score 
  • Reading level – Google users can filter search results by reading level 
  • Google Pagerank – pagerank is your ranking on Google
  • Indexed Pages – the number of pages indexed by Google
  • Cached Timestamp – the cached version of your site stored by Google


  • Backlinks – your SEOMoz ranking for backlinks
  • Mozrank – SEOMoz link popularity score


  • Alexa – your ranking on Alexa
  • Compete rank – your ranking on Compete

On-page links

  • Meta robots – whether you are telling search engines to crawl your site or not
  • Internal links – number of internal links
  • External links – number of external links
  • Internal no-follow links – number of internal no-follow links
  • External no-follow links – number of external no-follow links


  • Retweets – the number of tweets of your site


  • Votes – number of Facebook votes
  • Likes – number of Facebook likes
  • Shares – number of times your site has been shared

Other Social Media

  • StumbleUpon – number of StumbleUpons
  • Reddit – number of votes on Reddit
  • Diggs – number of gigs

6 -> Clone/Migration Wizard

Moving from one host to another is common these days. This is absolutely an amazing tool to move your sites between hosts easily.

“… thousands of successful site copies have made the ManageWP clone tool the most robust one on the market. It will handle huge databases, different environments, replacing URLs in serialized data after cloning – basically anything you can think of. And if there is any problem there is always our fantastic customer support…

You could also use the clone tool to deploy a client’s website from a test server to their server, or to migrate your site to a new server or domain. You can clone to a new site, or overwrite an existing one”

You can start using ManageWP right now

I can’t end this manageWP review without encouraging you to sign up for free. This will help you discover these amazing features. Click here for your free account.

Let me also know in the comment box if you have more than one blog and how you manage your multiple blogs

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  1. Thanks Enstine Muki, I had hear about this plugin but still i didn’t used it. But after reading your blog, this plugin is seeming very helpful and interesting. I will definitely use it for my blogs.

  2. Enstine I always enjoyed your blogs because you always write relevant information. Your blogs helps me a lot to get vast amount of traffic on my website by using your tricks. Thanks enstine!

  3. I have no doubt that this software works good – I’m familiar with few free Vladimir’s WP plugins and all I can say is they are just as great!

    Kind regards

  4. The tool is as versatile enough,as it’s presenter or creator.Enstine Muki is one blogging guru,who has always proven to be versatile,flexible and prolific enough.This tool can even be used without plugin.

  5. Hey Enstine, great insightful review as always, well done. I’ve not heard of ManageWP before and although I manage one blog most of the time, which is my main blog Magnet4Blogging, I do have several other small niche blogs that I log into and maintain each week, and yep, it’s a real pain bouncing from one tab to another, very time consuming.

    I’ll definitely take a look into ManageWP as I love the one click update feature, and it looks reasonably affordable too for small number of sites. Thanks for a great write up buddy, keep those reviews coming.


  6. Great Article Mr.Enstine Muki!
    Your blog is just like a Life blood Maker.
    I am speechless to say anything about you and your blog 🙂

  7. Hi Enstine
    its my first time visit on here , now i get a new benefit information for handle multiple blogs with only one tool
    thank you very much for sharing awesome and useful info for all bloggers

  8. Hi Enstine,
    Very informative piece on yet another wonderful plugin!
    But sad to say, these days I am afraid of plugins, the reason is the recent past experiment with plugins, that is to say a plugin named retweet i installed in my page and with in no time my page is down/disappeared with a message saying “Account Suspended” while inquiring with few experts on this line they said that may be because the plugin which you installed was a virus infected one or an outdated one.

    ​After consulting my friend who helps me in developing my page said, let me check that may be one of the reasons, and he uninstalled few such doubtful plugins in the process, and i am so sad to note that your wonderful plugin MyCommentAuthors too ​
    ​got removed in the process. Very frequently my page receive the same message saying “Account Suspended” I am much worried on this and told my anxiety to my friend and while checking the whole system he send a note:
    The reason found out by my friend is that: ​
    ​ “the problem is with some of the plugins which i installed and one among them is the plug ‘MyCommentAuthors’ The plug in is using a script for automatic mails in different ways. According to logs, most of them are considering as spams & many are returning too.

    I think that plug-in is useful to generate the top monthly commentators list, but the automatic mailing which is finally considered as spamming.​”

    in support to his claim he send few screen shots too. if you would like to see that i cam PM to you/
    Bro. Enstine kindly check in to this aspect since it is a very useful plugin and like me many would like to install it. and i am sure many are already using it too, Is anybody faced such problemWould like to hear from Bro. EnstineAbout this this review: I am sure this will be beneficial for people who handle multiple blog pages.Thanks for sharing Enstine Have a great week ahead
    ~ Phil​

    • Hey bro,
      I’m not really sure what’s happening
      Can you send me the screenshots so I can have a look?

      MycommentAuthor code is so simple and clean. Let me be able to look at the images 😉

  9. It’s a good app for who use many WordPress sites like a network. Its features are very easy to use, simple and effective.

  10. Hi Enstine

    ManageWP sounds amazing and I’m certainly going to look into it in more detail.

    I have more than one blog of my own – a few of them rather neglected – and it’s a real pain trying to keep up with them. Also keeping an eye on client blogs is a very important area.

    I bought a plugin that did this for me a few years ago and I loved how useful it was (although it had far fewer features than ManageWP)

    However, it was a one-off price and over time the problems escalated and, quite understandably, the author wasn’t around to support a product that had earned him a pretty low one off cost. In the end I had so many problems that I stopped using it. However I really missed it, as it had saved me so much time managing multiple WordPress blogs.

    It’s sounding as if you’ve found me a replacement solution and I can’t wait to get over there and find out more.

    Thanks, Joy

    • Hi Friend,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment. I think this is quite an amazing tool to try out. Being a hosted tool, I think you stand to benefit from followup and upgrades by developer.

      Take a test drive and please, share your experience 😉

      • Hi Enstine,

        Well, as you suggested I took the free trial of this site and very impressed – even without delving into the more complicated features.

        My trial is over and I miss the paid features already – so I’ll be upgrading to paid!

        I’m hoping that it will provide the solution to the backup problems I’ve been having. The ManageWp instructions are detailed, and it couldn’t be a worse experience than I’ve had from my previous (soon to be ex) paid solution!!

        There are a couple of sites I can’t connect to ManageWP, but that seems to be something the hosting company needs to fix for me rather than ManageWP. I’m awaiting the hosting company’s reply.

        Thanks for introducing me to this. Looks a great tool!


  11. I’m in no doubt that this tool is handy and helpful as well to manage multiple blogs.Definitely, this is a great help and a MUST have plugin for those bloggers who’ve multiple blogs and struggle to manage them. Though I’ve only one active blog at present, but I’ll certainly keep this plugin in mind when I’ve more blogs. As you’ve effort-fully explained here, this plugin does more than we ask for.I can say that this one will be very handy for folks like you, who have a good number of WordPress blogs to attend to. Going through the specs you mentioned in the review, I can say that this is marvelous piece of work.

  12. Well I’m already using the managewp and it one of my daily routine platform for managing all my wordpress sites at once. Actually I’m kinda using some wordpress sites and by using the managewp its really easy to manage them.

  13. Amazingly amazing manage wp. We are working on two blogs rite away and we are in a great need of a plugin like this. Thanks for the awesome review…

  14. I have been using managewp and few other services to manage multiple blog. Oftentimes, they come in really handy. I even prefer backup buddy kind of plugin to manage multiple backups from multiple blogs.

    BTW, which plugin are you using to show review on your post? Is it a wp review plugin?

  15. Hey Enstine,
    I am totally agree with you that managing two or more blog is really very tough task but after reading this post, it really seems interesting and helpful. I am thinking to use it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. Thanks for sharing this article with us here at I find it very interesting since the title is very enticing, how to manage your multiple blogs in one dashboard is very intriguing.

    In my curiosity, I was amazed i continue reading. The numbers revealed a helpful guide and ideas on how to manage your themes, plug-ins and so much more.

    Epic, yet very informative post!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  17. Hi Enstine Muki….
    Yet another awesome review, This plugin is very nice, i was not know about this tool. currently i am using mutiple sites in my wordpress, i will use this tool
    thanks for sharing

  18. I’m in no doubt that this tool is handy and helpful as well to manage multiple blogs.

    The features of this ManageWP are interesting and it seems to be convenient if used. From the basic maintenance up to the last part of the review, ManageWP offers great tools and features that will certainly give you easiness in managing your blogs.

    Thanks for sharing a review about this tool! This is indeed helpful, especially for those who are having their hard time in managing their blogs.

    Have a nice day ahead! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

    • Hi Ann,
      Thanks for reading the review and dropping a comment. I hope this helps when you get to managing more than one blog

      Do have a wonderful week ahead

  19. i was using mutiple sites in my wordpress but i never know this tool i will give a try to this tool thanx for great info mate bookmarked blog…

  20. Hi Enstine,

    Really amazing tool you shared with us. This is very useful tool to manage posts, plugins and comments for multiple blogs from single dashboard as well as multiple security features like backup facility.

    One important feature this tool consists i.e. SEO analysis which helpful to analyse your blog as per search engine algorithms.

  21. Hi Enstine,thanks for sharing it on
    This is really the best tool for managing multiple blogs from the same dashboard. As a blogger, I am the admin at 3 different blogs. And, I am excited to use this tool for making my task much more productive and of course more efficient too.

    The best things that caught my attention are-
    1. Managing posts, comments, plugins for all the blogs from the same dashboard.
    2. Security features provided with the tool and backup facility with data plus files.
    3. SEO analysis feature integrated with the domains in the ManageWp tool.

    I too recommend this tool for web master who used to manage a number of wordpress blogs.

    • Hey Sandeep,
      Did you know this tool before? Have you been using it before or you are just about getting into it.
      Thanks for stepping over to my blog here for more engagement 😉

  22. Hello Enstine –What A Great Review!! I have heard about this ManageWP plug in before but I really do not have much use for this one HEHE I can hardly keep up with one blog let alone two, three more.. No Thanks. I am not sure how you do it??

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    P.S. I did end up on your blog today Via Kingged…

    • Hi Chery,
      How are you doing today? I can understand the work needed to maintain more than 1 blog. It’s really not easy. However, this is perfect solution for people who have over 1 blog. They will be glad using it

      Do have a wonderful week and see you tomorrow for the contest 😉

  23. What a Great Review, this is my first time of hearing or reading about this plugin (Managewp), maybe because i only operate and handle one wordpress blog at the moment.

    This review of yours is comprehensive and tempting, no one will read about this review and will not want to go ahead to purchase the plugin.

    I will surely give this plugin a try when i setup another blog. Thanks for piece and have a nice week

    • Hi Ola,
      Thanks for the comment bro
      First, this is some sort of a standalone system. You can use it without any plugin. However, there is a very light plugin to help connect your wp blog to the system.

      It’s very seductive if you have more than one blog. Give it a try when necessary 😉

      • Hi Enstine,

        Hmmm i now get the clear picture, trying to lock it up with the multi-site features of wordpress…. oh ok… Hope you know about the default multi-site feature of wordpress?

        Thanks for the kind response and have a nice week

  24. hi muki. what a great review. i have one blog running presently but thinking of adding another blog. i’d recommend using this plugin at a future date. but would like to ask, is it a one time payment plugin or recurring payment type?

  25. Hi Enstine,

    This tool, without any doubt is a very handy one. For those who are having a network of WordPress blogs, hopping around, attending to each of them can become a real pain and problem. I agree to that wholeheartedly. Right now, on WordPress, I have 2 blogs. So, maintaining them is not a big issue. Rest of my niche blogs are on Blogger.

    But I can say that this one will be very handy for folks like you, who have a good number of WordPress blogs to attend to. Going through the specs you mentioned in the review, I can say that this is marvelous piece of work.

    The interface, it is evident, is cool, easy to operate. Functionality is there too. Once can easily wade one’s way through the various functions and operations. Even aspects like security has been taken care of! That is impressive!

    Good review. You dealt with it in detail! I found the link to this article on Kingged.


    • Hey Arun,
      I’m really finding it easy to work with this tool. It’s so user-friendly and has tons of facilities.
      Hope you give it a try by the time you have more blogs on wordpress too

      Thanks for contributing bro and do have a wonderful weekend

      My blog commenting contest #3 will be live tomorrow. Hope to see you around 😉

  26. Yet another awesome review, Well I’m not a big fan of plugins but this plugin seems really cool and price is also really cheap.

    I guess I’ll have to try it once.

  27. Hi Enstine – very quiet in here or am I the first and only one this time!

    This is really a great review – so comprehensive and detailed. I had heard about ManageWP but didn’t know about it in such detail.

    Definitely, this is a great help and a MUST have plugin for those bloggers who’ve multiple blogs and struggle to manage them. Though I’ve only one active blog at present, but I’ll certainly keep this plugin in mind when I’ve more blogs. As you’ve effort-fully explained here, this plugin does more than we ask for.

    Thanks for sharing this information and have a great week ahead! 🙂

    BTW – The commentluv plugin isn’t working presently 🙂

    • Hey Harleena,
      Thanks for stopping by despite being so active 😉
      I have also been so busy. I have been less active commenting these days. Lots of things in my hands but I’ll soon be bouncing back

      I didn’t even expect much engagement on this post though. I realized a lot of my readers are taking silent action on review posts and that’s what has been on this post ;). More signups are better than more comments and less signups 😉

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