5 Low Investment Business Models

The online world has been an ally of entrepreneurship. However, talking about business ideas on the internet generally revolves around profitability, low investment, and easy start-up. In fact, according to the latest study, 78% of entrepreneurs relied on the internet to start their businesses.

And although we do not know the activity of each entrepreneur that made up that 78%, it is likely that more than one and two opted for the five profitable business ideas supported in the online field.

1. Dropshipping or selling products to a third party

Product packaging

If there is a type of online business that has been booming for years, it is dropshipping. This is a type of retail where you act as an intermediary between the supplier wholesaler and the end customer. So you can make a profit from the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

Dropshipping is synonymous with profitable business and low investment since it does not require logistics, storage, and distribution. Therefore, the economic risk is significantly lower. In addition, if you opt for this type of business, your only activity will be the sale.

2. Create a blog

A blog is the most basic business idea of ​​online business. However, before starting it, think about differentiating features to stand out from the competition, which is powerful in this area. Suppose you wonder how to make profitable content. In that case, the solution is well-paid and segmented advertising that will generate income. There are also other ways of monetizing besides ads.

3. Digital production: info products

Reading an ebook

The internet is full of freelancers who, having achieved an excellent online reputation through a blog or a YouTube channel, launched the sale of info-products in any format, be it an ebook or electronic book, online course, or template.

4. Freelance writer

Content marketing is a breeding ground for companies with a presence looking for freelance writers to carry out their search engine positioning strategies through content. For this reason, becoming a freelance writer is a profitable option to obtain money, mainly because it adapts to current marketing trends and because the investment is minimal since it does not even require the cost of renting premises.

5. The second-hand sector on the internet

Second Hand Bookstore

The second-hand is a booming sector born in the heat of the economic crisis and is still maintained today. The conjunction between the internet and the collaborative economy has given rise to sales applications used between individuals and even intermediaries who market second-use products, be it clothing, furniture, technology, books.

The trend of buying at a reasonable price is the basis of the second-hand business. The product acquisition occurs at a lower cost, so you can consider this expanding market if you aspire to be an entrepreneur.

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