5 Steps to Think and Act Like a Successful Business Owner

Successful entrepreneurs think and act like top pros before successful results flow to them.

Mastering this concept takes time, patience and a willingness to delay your gratification.

If you follow top business owners in your niche you find that the majority worked intelligently for years before their ventures took off in a big league way.

Follow these 5 steps to think and act like a successful business owner.

1: Spend Money to Make Money

Invest money in your business to grow a professional venture from day 1.

Avoid the common, amateur entrepreneur mistake of bootstrapping your venture down to the penny, trying to spend virtually nothing on your business. Making this error adds years to your success curve because you need to spend money to convey a trusted, professional image for your brand.

Invest money on:

  • your domain and hosting
  • site design
  • virtual assistants or in house staff

See the money you spend not as money lost but an investment that pays exponential returns over the long haul.

2: Double Down on Mindset Work

All practical, proven business building tips on earth won’t work for you unless you work the tips.

Entrepreneur struggles begin and end in the mind.

Double down on mindset work. Go within to clear fears and deeply held limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving into inspired, prospering action.


  • meditating
  • doing yoga (opens up your body and expands your awareness)
  • spending time in serious introspection
  • reading an inspirational book daily then following the advice

to clear fears so you can begin to think and act like an entrepreneur.

Business success rests upon how you choose to think and act.

Work on your mindset to lay the foundation for a successful business venture.

3: Follow a Simple Path

Business owners who follow a simple path persistently win.

Entrepreneurs hellbent on making things complex invariably fail or struggle for years to get their ventures profitable. Even if you succeed with a complex strategy you cannot enjoy the ride when putting in long, hard, joyless hours.

Observe happy billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.

He is the perfect study of an entrepreneur who has become highly successful at launching hundreds of businesses by keeping things simple. Richard also enjoys the business-building ride immensely, often smiling like the Cheshire Cat while changing humanity in a positive way.

He conceptualizes businesses that meet pressing needs then hires highly intelligent specialists to handle various aspects of launching his ventures.

4: Understand that “Simple” Does Not Mean “Comfortable”

Doing the same thing day after day for years introduces you to a wide range of fears related to your business.

Taking the simple path means sometimes taking a highly uncomfortable, quite scary path to grow your business into a successful venture.

Develop the invaluable skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Although you have the help of your staff and friend network you are still flying solo in terms of facing tough decisions.

Dive into your fears habitually.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable to think and act like a successful business owner.

5: Create and Connect

Create helpful content, products and services to solve the core, pressing problem in your business niche.

Generous business owners become successful business owners by offering in demand products, services and free content to meet the needs of their ideal customers.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Build your entrepreneur friend network to:

  • expand your reach far and wide (your business buddies will promote you to their network)
  • find an endless source of inspiration and support when you face business obstacles

Get connected with prospering opportunities, sound business building strategies and an abundance of success you’d never have discovered if you tried to grow your business solo.

Generously help top entrepreneurs in your niche. Look for nothing in return. Comment on their blogs, promote them on social media and email asking them if they need help.

Take a genuine interest in these pros; not in what they can do with you.

As these friendships blossom your business grows exponentially through the power of your influential friend network.


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8 thoughts on “5 Steps to Think and Act Like a Successful Business Owner”

  1. Oh, yeah. Very good tips. Keeping it simple actually makes it easier to work your mindset. On the other hand, competing priorities in life make it harder. It’s a constant tug of war.

  2. These five steps are right on Ryan,

    We do have to start with a good positive mindset. If not, we are doomed to failure. Indeed, everything starts in our mind. The more peaceful we can relax our body, the mind makes such a great connection. I do believe in the law of attraction, so this sure will attract what we want.

    Keeping things simple is the way to go! We have to bear in mind that not everyone has English as a first language. Plus, keeping things simple for our readers always is appreciated.


  3. Hey Enstine and Ryan,
    Great post. I know for a long time I was making things much harder on myself than it had to be.

    I do wonder about something though: I follow quite a few writers/authors and read their blogs and go to the comment section and there are no comments at all.

    Just wondering about your opinion on this.

    Are they maybe well-known enough they don’t have to engage in comments or will it hurt them in the long run?

    Just wondering if “writing” is any different in that respect versus marketing or network marketing?

  4. Starting a business is one of the most daunting tasks but such tasks can be made simpler and easy with the above mentioned steps and contacting Business Consulting Hub.

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