InvestFeed – The new Social Media for Traders is going crazy!

Investfeed is getting Cryptocurrency traders addicted! I’m not able to say I’m not part of those caught in the frenzy because it’s practically beginning to take more of my time online than Facebook and Twitter do.

A few days back, I was watching one of Suppoman’s crypto-rich videos on Youtube. In this video, he spoke on a couple of coins to buy for long term financial explosion and Infestfeed is one of these recommended cryptocurrencies.  Check out its growth here on Coinmarketcap.

What is Invesfeed

investfeed cryptocurrency

Investfeed is practically a new platform. It’s the social media (Twitter-like) platform for traders. This is where you find cryptocurrency traders interacting and sharing exceptionally good trading tips and general industry information.

Like Twitter, you can follow and be followed. You share posts, comment and like other’s like on Facebook. Unlike the 140 character limit on Twitter, Infestfeed allows you to go up to 500 words using Harshtags and mentions.

Content creators on Infestfeed can even be more active as it allows up publish articles and share information in the industry:

investfeed articles

Investfeed – Cryptocurrency exchange

One of the features of this platform that makes it even more attractive to the Buy/Sell coins feature. This of course allows traders to trade coins. As this is still being developed, I cannot give you more information for now.

investfeed trading

Investfeed for long term profit

Cryptocurrency is an interesting industry making millionaires daily. Investfeed is an exciting option that allows you in at a very interesting entry point.

Long term trading is the way most traders make the money. They buy a huge quantity of units at a very low rate. Few weeks or months later, the value would have risen 1000 times higher, making a big profit point.

Infestfeed is an active platform that promises real profit in a couple of months and years. At the moment of writing, the a unit stands at 8 cents

The community is actively sharing, waiting for new features (platform is beta now), showing no signs of dumping. Like any coin, we expect ups and downs. But the long term position is up to the moon.

What you should do now

If you are interested in Cryptocurrencies and care about financial freedom beginning next year, I recommend the follow life changing steps to take right now:

  1. Buy IFT tokens: Invest in Infestfeed for long term profit. The coins are sold on different exchanges at the moment. Click here for a list of exchanges to buy from. If you still don’t know how to go about it, contact me for assistance.
  2. Join the platform: What an excitement to be on the platform. This is where we chat and share life changing crypto tips. Signup for free and be sure to follow me. I will follow you back.

There are more points I will be writing about in subsequent blog posts. You will be getting details on monetization, trading, etc as the features get released.

So be sure to signup on the platform now and let’s get going. Invest in the coins for future profit if you want to take the risk.

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NB: The steps you are taking to invest in any cryptocurrency talked about on this blog is completely your risk. The author will not be responsible for any losses or damages.

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