How to Make $1000 from a Single blog Post – I did it so you too can!

One of the things every blogger wants is to increase their earnings in a quick way.

For an established blog, you can earn 50$-500$ (or more) for a sponsored review.

But, this new little known trick can generate more than $1000 from one blog post!

Make sure you have the following elements before getting into this trick:

  1. An Established Blog with good content, traffic and theme.
  2. Good Alexa Rank (Good if it is below 100K)
  3. Good PR / DA /PA …etc.

You have these items?

Then, Welcome to this trick. In this method, we can earn up to $1000 per post.

You can earn more if you have good ability to approach advertisers and make a good deal with them.

So, I’m going to talk about a simple method to make over $1000 from a single blog post. Now you are worried about getting more of this. Here we Go!

Introduction to the $1000 Trick

So, you are ready to make $1000 from your blog. You have a good blog that has some readers, comments, good look, good Alexa rank and other stuffs.

Let me discuss about the idea briefly.

This method is, making a list of ‘xxxx’ things on your blog and get paid by companies to feature them on that post. Don’t get it? Let me explain it with an example.

I’m going to create a list of Best Email Marketing Service Providers! I know many of you are creating lists on your blog. But, here is how you can make some money with that post.

Step 1: Search Google and list out the best Email Marketing Services.

Step 2: Collect their email or Contact page.

Step 3: Create a mail that says something like:

I’m creating a list of Best Email Marketing companies and I can feature your company on this post for 100$…

Also describe about your blog and advantages for them by get feature on your blog.

Step 4: So, Send the mail to 10+ Email Marketing companies. So, 10 x 100$ = 1000$ or you can earn more if you play well with them.

Step 5 : Write the article and make your clients happy

Hope you got some idea about this method. Then, let us discuss more about it.

Enstine Muki used this same technique in this post and it worked great.

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#1: Find the Best Products

This is your first step to the $1000-mile stone. Finding the best products! This is the most important part of this simple 5 step method. You want to select the companies willing to pay some bucks to get maximum exposure.

So, go in for the industry kings in your niche. For Blogging niche, Hosting, WP Themes, CDN and Plugins are the most valuable products.

Focus on big products that gets more sales. Also have a look at the searches and competition of the chosen products. You can do it simply using Google Keyword planner, SEMrush or LongTailPro.

I chose ‘Email Marketing Services’ and created a list of “Best Email Marketing Service Providers”.

You can use Google or other search engines to find the best products.

Take a Notepad and list out their names and email address or contact us page. If you done, Go to Next Step.

#2: Shoot an Email

Yeah! So, you list out the top 10 products in a particular category and you have their email address or contact page.

If $1000 is your milestone, you can set the price to $100 and ask 10 companies about this proposal. Generally, you should contact as many companies as possible. Limiting to 10, you may not get 100% positive response.

Here are a couple of points to highlight in your mail:

Describe Your Blog

You want to give a short description about your blog on the email to let advertisers know about your blog and how effective advertising is on your blog. So, you want to add some main positives of your blog to attract advertiser’s attention:

  • domain age,
  • traffic stats,
  • popular topics,
  • Alexa rank,
  • page rank,
  • DA,
  • PA,
  • etc

Specify their Advantages

Advertisers are investing some bucks on your blog right? Are they mad to invest on something that has no ROI? Of course, No!! So, you want to mention the advantages of advertising on your blog.

Give Estimation of Social Count

Telling advertisers how much social signals will the post get is a good idea to grab their attention. Set the estimate to 500 likes, 100 tweets and 50 G+, depending on how many you can get.

So, create a killer email which includes these points and send to the companies you listed out.

Here is the example for the email,


Hi John, how are you?


I’m Michael from [Describe about your Blog Here].


I’m going to create a list of ‘Best Email Marketing Service Providers’ on my blog.  I would love to know if you might like to see featured your product on this blog post and I can give you some offers that give very much exposure for your company.


I’ll be writing a 2000+ Worded article which will tell the readers about the best email marketing providers. I’ll be talking about your company, ABCEMailServices, and why my readers should choose your web host. I’ll be also including screenshots, so that to make it easier for the users to understand that its friendly. I’ll be sure to point out the main features of your email marketing services.


And the next guarantee I give you is that, the post will get at least a minimum of 100 Tweets, 500 Shares/Likes on Facebook and 100 G+ hits/shares.


The post will be later send to my Newsletter which includes 2200+ active Emails. We will be sharing it on other social bookmarking sites and will be linking to it from the next posts which will talk about WordPress and Blogging.


And talking about price, which needs to be a fair one, I’d like to charge you $300, which I believe, will earn you more.


So, let’s do it.


Looking forward to your brilliant decision!!


That’s just a simple mail template. Play with it in your language and choice of words

So That’s It. Try this method and I’m damn sure that it will work for you.  All the Best

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