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With the invention of handheld devices people obtained a possibility to finally extend away from the piles of paperback books. One single pocketbook or smartphone can hold the contents of the whole New York Public Library! No wonder that eBooks are getting more and more popular nowadays.

EBooks are not inferior to the ordinary printed books. They have all the attributes of the latter: cover, pages, author, content, images whatever. Actually you get a full-fledged book, but it doesn’t take the room on your bookshelf. This is especially true about different tutorials and ampliative literature.

The amount and diversity of eBooks is really endless. Some of them are free, for some of them you have to pay. However don’t think that free eBooks are in some way inferior. Downloading them you get the same amount of information.

Certainly, eBooks are not limited only by web design and web development area, but here they are the most important. This area is constantly evolving and developing, that’s why you should always keep abreast of the latest trends and tendencies.

There are lots of articles on the Internet, but they don’t give you the whole picture. eBook presents information in more complete way. TemplateMonster cares about their audience and lately is making quite a lot of things to motivate and please it. Now they have launched a series of free eBooks aimed to teach people different aspects of web technologies.

And as you can make sure yourself they not only make high-quality website templates, but also produce informative and useful books. Among the books they offer are guides for online money-making, SEO guides, practical pieces of advice for web studios, tips and tricks of affiliate marketing and much more. Below we present a collection of TemplateMonster eBooks, which are absolutely free and you can download them right now.

If you are searching for more system approach and want to learn not only some special aspect, but to obtain some fundamental knowledge, consider Startup Hub for this purpose. This is another absolutely free online resource that will give you a lot of useful information concerning website launching and your business development. Everything from choosing a template to promoting your business is accessible on click. You will also find lots of tutorials and webinars available.

Excellent 9 Free Ebooks for Bloggers, Entrepreneur, Designers and developers

1 – 10 Ways to Earn Money and Become Rich on the Internet

Gaining money online has already become a fully legitimate method of earning money. There are dozens of possibilities for everyone. For many of them you don’t even need to have your own website. This eBook is going to get you acquainted with 10 most efficient ways of earning money on the Internet. Some of them are time-proven, some are brand new, but all are working and will bring you additional income. You will learn about blogging, affiliate marketing, earning with YouTube and 7 more ways of gaining online.

10 Ways to Earn Money and Become Rich on the Internet

2 – How I Made Over $700 in 2 Months with TemplateMonster’s Affiliate Program (Case Study)

Nothing can inspire you more than a real-life example. This book will present you a real story of a real person who succeeded in affiliate marketing. This book would be interesting not only for those who are just considering the option of joining affiliate program, but for actual affiliates as well. It is always useful to see the process from different angles. You might learn some new useful strategies from the story and improve your own business.

3 – How to Attract the First 1000 Visitors to My New Website?

The main fear and the main problem of all young webmasters who have just launched their first project is how to attract the audience. “Ok, the website is live. What now?” This book is going to answer this question. You will learn how to get targeted traffic and how to build durable relations with your audience. Experienced website owners will share their experience and uncover some successful traffic generation methods.

4 – Secret Money-Making Techniques for TemplateMonster Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a popular way of making money online. But its popularity plays a low-down trick with the affiliates creating tough competition. No one likes sharing the secrets of success. But TemplateMonster cares about their affiliate partners and decides to uncover the veil to reveal the best ways and methods of making money with their affiliate program. You will learn how to start, which tools to use, how to raise your conversion and many other things.

5 – SEO Foundations for Small Business Owners

Everyone will agree that SEO is a cornerstone of any online business. The theme is pretty vast and many people find it too complicated. This book provides you with SEO basics presented in a simple and intelligible form. You will learn how to optimize your website to get higher rankings in search engine results. You will also get the list of essential tools and SEO resources you will need for your work.

6 – Starting a Website in 2016: What Options Do You Have?

If you are planning to launch a new project or to revamp the existing one, you should take into account all the modern tendencies and trends. If this is your first website you will inevitably face lots of questions. Which options of site-building do you have? What are the most popular CMS? Which one will fit your project? Which features are the most important and which can be sacrificed? This book will answer all these questions and also give some practical pieces of advice on managing the whole process.

7 – Making Money with TemplateMonster

This book is going to introduce you to the world of money-making with one of the world’s most famous template providers, TemplateMonster. You will discover the whole range of possibilities and choose the one fitting you the best. The book will teach you some working strategies and uncover the secrets of successful business. Inspirational real-life examples and stories from those who have already succeeded are waiting for you on the pages of this book.

8 – How Web Studios Can Earn $2,000 a Day with TemplateMonster

This book would be particularly interesting for web studio owners. No matter how big and successful you are and how many clients you have, if you want to evolve you need to constantly try something new. This book proposes you to provide your customers with absolutely new type of service. Intriguing? Want to learn more? Just download this free book and increase the income of your web studio introducing new ideas to the clients.

9. Building the TemplateMonster Affiliate Store

If you are already familiar to affiliate marketing, words “affiliate store” might ring a bell for you. Perhaps you have heard of it, but were afraid to try considering it too complicated and inefficient. Finally you will discover the truth about affiliate stores. This book is a complete guide to launching your own store and increasing your income. You will learn how to develop and promote your affiliate store and move to a completely new level of affiliate marketing.

Now it’s up to you. Make sure you grab any of these ebooks and empower your business. Let me know in the comment box below what you think about them.
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Thank your for this gGreat collections of useful books from template monster

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