How Black Panther Influenced My Blogging Campaign


Check out this guest post I published on Blogging Tips:

3 Smart Blogger Outreach Tips

Although I followed this technique for a minute I doubled down after watching my fave Marvel movie of all time, Black Panther.

Spoiler Alert; if you have not seen the movie, stop reading this post immediately.

But if you saw it or do not care about the outcome, proceed.

Wakanda is a mystical nation in Africa. The world believes Wakanda to be poor, undeveloped and not of note. But Wakanda is the most developed nation in civilization, being blessed with Vibranium, a metal capable of amazing functions.

At the movie end, Black Panther decides to publicly share the truth with the world at the UN: Wakanda is far advanced, with Vibranium and tech the outside world knows of not. He does this to share Wakanda’s gift with the world because…..with great power comes great responsibility.

This theme is common in comic books. Spider Man. Thor. Iron Man. With great power comes great responsibility.

I can really write. I practiced writing for years. Writing is one of my super powers.

With this power comes great responsibility to:

  • write as many helpful guest posts as possible across a wide range of platforms
  • write as many helpful posts as possible on Blogging From Paradise
  • mention as many rocking bloggers via my blog and guest posts as possible
  • write as many eBooks as humanly possible

So far, let us see if I am living up to my power, embracing my responsibility:

  • I have written thousands of helpful guest posts
  • I have written hundreds of helpful posts on Blogging From Paradise
  • I mention my buddies and new, up and coming bloggers, routinely, via my guest posts, just like the Blogging Tips post I linked to above
  • I have written and self-published 126 eBooks (enjoy this categorized list on my blog)

Looking good so far.

All because I shifted my view on responsibility.

Responsibility Is Not A Burden But The Reward

Hard work. Straining. Toils. Struggles.

Most bloggers see increased responsibility as a burden, not a reward.

I see increased responsibility as a reward; I get to help people build successful blogs on a greater scale as my powers amplify my presence.

When I last checked my email I saw 28 emails. 28 people to help, or connect with, to chat blogging or life. Human beings are not a burden to me, but a gift. Increased responsibility is a reward. I have fun helping people become successful bloggers. If more folks reach out to me for help, why would having fun feel like a burden?

In the same vein, as my powers increase and I am becoming more well known in the blogging world, my responsibilities increase.

Discernment enters the picture.

I could have spent the first 4 hours of my day today responding to emails in super duper thorough fashion.

But my power and responsibility nudged me to:

  • write and publish a post on my blog
  • write and publish the above guest post on Blogging Tips, linking to dynamic bloggers
  • write and publish this guest post

My wife Kelli of Life Made to Order and I will go out to lunch in Thailand when I am done publishing and promoting this post. Part of my writing power and increased responsibility is taking care of my body by breaking regularly from work and eating healthy, nutritious, energizing food. We eat a Buddhist vegetarian restaurants on most days.

A few hours from now I will hop into my inbox, building 1 to 1 friendships.

By 11 PM tonight, after taking breaks for eating, exercising, and having fun offline, my work day will be complete.

Hey; with great power comes great responsibility.

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