3 Foolproof Steps to generate more affiliate sales on your blog!

Most of you reading my blog know I talk a lot about affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, a few years back, I published a book on Affiliate Marketing For bloggers where I shared my practical steps and some more ‘flawless’ ways to generate income using this money making model.

Affiliate Marketing (though not quite easy) is the quick way for anyone to generate income online. It doesn’t require any heavy investments. With blogging these days, this money making method has easily become one of the sure-fire paths to passive income.

In this post, I want to share with you 3 tried and tested, unwavering and dependable Affiliate Marketing steps that will surely trigger more sales and commissions to your various affiliate accounts.

No one wants to remain in situation A as shown in the image below:

Now, if you must see a positive shift to situation B, where you see commissions in your different affiliate accounts, here are some steps to help you out!

But before we get into these exciting details, here are some cornerstone points to note:

  • Drive Targeted Traffic: This is the linchpin of any online business success
  • Build an active blogging community: show me a blog that generates passive income with affiliate marketing and I’ll show you one that has an active community. 



This is absolutely a necessary step if you want to do well promoting any affiliate products. I know you can just go on, read the sales page or some reviews on other blogs. But that will only give you limited knowledge and the following 2 steps won’t really work for you.

You either get a free copy from the product owner or you buy. Most product creators do give out free copies of their products to popular bloggers. If you contact any product owner and don’t succeed to get a free copy, go ahead and buy. The truth is that you will always get your money back through affiliate commissions. 



People take pleasure in copying what’s working for others. That’s how we humans are programmed to function.

As a successful blogger, your readers are always excited about seeing those things you do that work for you. As a result, they are always ready to replicate your methods.

This is a good thing to know because it helps you make money. Once you are seeing those great results using a product or service, show proofs of your success. There is nothing that will stop your readers from buying that same product to experience the same success as you do.



This is going to be where you get them nailed!

Most of your readers will admire your results and want to get same. This is well you get them to buy the product. 

Now, there are two levels of teachings you should be doing;

1 – Teach them the product

I know they can always get to know how to use the product by reading and and watching videos produced by the product authors. But that doesn’t stop you from publishing your own tutorials. The more you create tutorials on areas they won’t find elsewhere, you arouse their interest.

2 – Teach them how you get your own results

In step 2 above, I mentioned about showing them your results. But that’s not enough. How do you get those results?

If you teach them your step-by-step methods in getting those results, you are surely going to build an interest in them that will result in sales and commissions.


Most often, people don’t buy a product because they don’t see the need for it but if you help them see why it’s necessary, you are going to pull them closer to a buying decision.

For instance…

Most new bloggers for instance, don’t see the need for a solid WordPress security plugin and they will never get any until they see the necessity. 

They think once you buy domain name, hosting and some beautiful theme, you are good to go. But if you help them see the impending damages, they will rush for any recommendation you make.

That’s it!

Just a quick share with you today. So let me know what you think in the comment box. Please help post this article on social media for more exposure.

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3 Foolproof Steps to generate more affiliate sales

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