Do You Want to See the Raw Power of Blogging Generosity in Action?

Read this post:

How I Built 53,900 Backlinks

Check the date I published that blog post: March 5, 2020. As of that date I built 53,960 backlinks to Blogging From Paradise. Cool.

But for the heck of it, I decided to check my backlinks again today on March 14, 2020. Peep the featured image for this post. Yep; the sheer power of raw blogging generosity wins again. I currently register 54,575 backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise. Gaining over 600 backlinks in a 9 day stretch is nothing to sneeze at. But the more folks you help for free, the more you succeed online. Makes perfect sense.

Basically, I help oodles of bloggers for free through:

  • guest posting
  • genuine blog commenting
  • mentioning bloggers on my blog
  • mentioning bloggers through guest posting
  • publishing a high volume of helpful content to my blog

All that generous service produced 600 plus backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise over a 9 day stretch.

But I must warn you; this is advanced stuff, folks. I blogged for 15,000 hours over the past 10 years of my life. Old RB has developed some serious skills over that time frame. Right now, I publish 5 or more posts to my blog daily. I also publish 5 or more guest posts daily. I am not a blogging octopus; last I looked, 2 arms appear to be attached to my meat suit. No Dopplegangars, either. One Blogging From Paradise Guy graces planet earth. I cannot make any promises about alternate dimensions, though.

Honest to goodness, one humble human being has been building these links BUT only with the generous help of kind, loving, genuine bloggers like:

Each blogger graciously allows me to guest post on their blogs whenever I want to guest post on their blogs. Guest posting frequently helps me to build backlinks. Simple. But being generous opened the door for these opportunities to begin with. I helped each blogger. Asked for nothing. Expected nothing, either. My writing skills plus persistent generosity goaded these kind souls to invite me to guest post on their blogs.

Note; I was not like a Blogging Oliver Twist, begging desperately for porridge, hounding bloggers by pitching my guest posting skills to these folks via spammy, non-personalized emails. Nope. I was generous. I wrote my blogging rear end off to yield some semblance of writing skills. Then….being generous, patient and persistent….these folks came to me. Attraction marketing, folks. Being generous wins yet again.

Remember This

Generating over 600 backlinks in 9 days is 10 years worth of experience and 15,000 hours of blogging work in action. I publish 10 posts daily in addition to networking generously. Genuine pros who built up their skills can do this, in 9 days. Newbie bloggers cannot. But you can drive 5 or 10 or 20 links to your blog in the next 9 days if you generously comment on blogs and build bonds with bloggers for 10 hours daily, for the next 9 days. Everything depends on you. All depends on your choices. You decide.

I decided to bust my tail like a short order cook working at a greasy spoon diner next door to a Weight Watcher’s Convention; you just know a few folks WILL fall off of the wagon. Anyway, I devoted 15,000 hours to blogging. So blogging has been good to me. Give. Get. The recipe is timeless and fool proof.

But the real trick is seeing this journey through for years. Guys, you can do it! As always, I believe deeply in you and in your abilities. I intend to show you the raw power of blogging generosity in action. Building over half a thousand links in 9 days proves what I’ve been saying for years; help people for free, for a sustained period of time, and good things WILL happen. Guaranteed.

See the journey through. Be kind. Comment genuinely and generously on blogs for 2-3 hours today. Mention bloggers on your blog. Practice writing offline. Publish content to your blog routinely. Eventually, as guest post invites flow your way through your blogging buddies, backlinks to your blog increase. Both through your genuine blog comments and through your prolific guest posting campaign.

So….what are you waiting for? Be generous!


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