4 Eye Popping Blogging Lessons from New York City

The Big Apple!

I am currently in Brooklyn, NYC for 1 more day. Back to New Jersey for a few weeks before my wife and I return to Brooklyn in April.

I love New York City. Picture almost 9 million human beings spread out among 5 separate boroughs. Brooklyn alone has 2.5 million people while Queens has 2.2 million people. 2 *boroughs* of NYC are 2 of the 5 most populous cities in ALL of the United States. Amazing.

But NYC is not just about 9 million people packed into some cage like a bunch of rats. The Big Apple teaches you colorful blogging lessons. Eye-popping blogging lessons, at that.

1: Find Life Amid Death

I visited Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn the other day. This is the 4th largest cemetery in the world, sized at 400 acres. Amazingly enough, 300 species of birds alone live inside this natural oasis within one of the most populous cities on earth. Other critters make this cemetery their home, but my favorite were Monk parrots. These tropical-looking birds can actually survive wicked NYC winters with snow, cold and ice.

Blogging is similar. Does your traffic appear to be dead? How about your blogging profits? Well guys; never judge your blog by appearances because the truth is, life resides in the appearance of death. All those blog posts you wrote and published with love are coming to life more and more daily, building something special, something brilliant. All those friends you connect with daily are helping you build something amazing, beyond your wildest dreams. Find life amid death. Success is on the way.

2: Move Quickly But Mindfully

New Yorkers move fast. I am used to this; I grew up in neighboring New Jersey, a tiny state with 9 million people, the most population dense state in the USA. Guess what? Here in NYC you better be mindful while moving quickly. Or else some driver will run you over. Perhaps a cyclist will spare your life but in the same vein, will put you in the hospital. Move fast in the Big City. But pay attention.

This is my 11th post today. I move fast. But mindfully. I never publish drivel and rarely make mindless errors like littering my work with typos. Be fast. Move quickly. Get the job done. But be mindful to publish quality work.

3: Every Day Is a Surprise

I have been to NYC 500 plus times – growing up 40 minutes from here – and still get surprised daily, finding new neighborhoods, meeting new people, discovering hidden gems. You could live 500 lifetimes and still not do or see everything in Manhattan, let alone all the 5 boroughs. This place is endless entertainment, fascination and a flat out dazzling experience. Never a dull moment.

Ditto for blogging. Every day is a new surprise, uncovering lessons to learn and experiences to benefit from. Be open to the newness of blogging to accelerate your success and to make blogging fresh and interesting every single day.

4: Target or Fail

I repeatedly see incredibly talented musicians and other artists showing off their skills in the wrong places. Singers belt fantastic tunes in subway stations, where folks want to ride the subway, not listen to music. I observed acrobatic dancers mesmerizing a few folks in a public park downtown, yesterday. Why? Musicians should be playing in bars or clubs where folk WANT to listen to music. Those acrobatic dancers need to upload a video of their exploits to YouTube via their phone, add appropriate tags, and target, to give themselves a chance to be discovered by folks who actually want to see them perform.

Bloggers….target! Or, fail. At the very least, pick one niche and publish all posts in that niche to stay on target. Craft titles solving problems in that niche. Stay on topic. Stay on target. Consider optimizing posts for SEO to take things up a few notches.

I hope you enjoyed my NYC-themed blogging post and look forward to meeting you on the road.

See you in the Big City!


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