How to change twitter username and why you should not!

Is it even necessary to change your username on Twitter or any other social media platform?

For Twitter, your username isn’t just one of the two things you need to login. It’s part of your unique URL and address to your profile page.

Without your username, you won’t have an address on Twitter. No one will be able to locate you. So moving ahead to changing it (completely or partially) could mean or bring massive impact to your Twitter presence. I will be discussing a few reasons why you may not do this. But let’s see how to do it.

How to change a username on twitter if you really want to do it

One of my blog subscribers replying to Twitter Tip said he would like to change his Twitter username. That actually picked my interest and I was wondering why.

He later on revealed to me his current username has some irrelevant figures. As a matter of fact, had no idea what he did when creating the account a couple of years ago.

So here are the steps to change your Twitter username:

First, connect to your Twitter account and click the more (…) button:

how to change twitter username

Then click on Settings and Privacy

On the next page, go to Account and click the username:

change twitter username

On the page that follows, enter the new username.

Twitter will do some suggestions based on your real names. You may accept or ignore:

new username on Twitter

Once you get your new username, click to save.

Note that changing your username will have no effect on your existing followers, Direct messages, replies and tweets.

A new username will appear next to your profile photo once you save the changes. I recommend you make your followers know before going ahead to change the username.

Why you may not want to change your Twitter username

If you have a pretty new account without some following and engagement, you may go ahead and change it. But if your account with the current username has been active for some years, changing it may have the following consequences:

Lost of Direct Messages: If your followers don’t know about the new username, any messages sent to your through your changed username will certainly be lost.

Broken links: With time, readers and online marketers link to your Twitter profile. Changing the name will directly mean a loss of the the address. As Twitter does not redirect to any changed name, this many lead to more undesirable consequences.

How do you change your name on twitter Not username?

Your name and username are two different elements that can be handled differently. While you are able to change your username, Twitter also allows you to change your name.

Your name is a personal identify. It could be your real name or business name displayed in your profile page. Here is how to change twitter name:

Go to your profile page and click Edit profile:

change your twitter names

Enter the new name and be sure to click to save.

Note that on this page, you are able to change and personalize your Twitter profile. You can edit your Bio text, location, website, date of birth.

Why would someone change his Twitter names?

There could be many reasons to change names on Twitter. Here are a few of them:

Change of social status: A lady who just got married may want to change her name on her document, including Twitter, Facebook, etc. You may also want to change name after divorce.

From personal to business and vice versa: A simple switch from personal name to business account.

Others change names for religious reasons, political statements, criminal purposes or they simply dislike their current names.

If you grow up to find out that your current name carries a meaning you don’t like, you may want to change it. A friend changed his name from Jacob to Ransom for personal and religious motives.

Changing your name on Twitter may not have any serious impact on your Twitter presence as changing your username does. However, before changing any of these, you should note the following:

  • Your Twitter name has a maximum character length of 50
  • Your username can go up to 15 characters in length.

I hope this was helpful piece onΒ how to change your username on twitter..

Thanks for reading and twitting.

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  1. Great post Enstine,

    I remember when I was trying to find this info to change the account name to reflect my business….wish I would have had this then!! Lol

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  2. Nice article as always!

    I totally agree with you, changing your twitter username should only be done after much consideration. You lose a lot in the process of churn.

    I appreciate articles like this because it makes the world just a little bit better.

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  4. Super guide, Enstine,
    the biggest reason for establish channels not to change their usernames is because people link to Twitter all the time and that’s a whole slew of broken links.

    The reason for not established channel is that they need to focus on growing and usernames matter but little.

  5. Hey,
    If you can’t change your twitter username where you mentioned. I highly recommend you not to change it because you won’t get any follower from your already mentioned link.

    BTW Great guide. Your guides are lob.

  6. Hello Enstine,

    You are right! Changing twitter usernames can be risky. I always prefer not to change it until it is necessary. Changing twitter username can also lead to losing a few followers. Thanks for bringing up these helpful facts and tips.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  7. Twitter is one of the best social platform.
    Username is very important for every social site.
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  8. Hello Enstine,

    There could be lots of reasons why a person may want to change their Twitter handle.

    Maybe the username they picked out years ago no longer reflects their personality.

    Sometimes people decide to use their Twitter account for professional reasons and would prefer to have a more professional or marketable username instead of a silly one.

    You have very nicely explored all of the information regarding this topic and will very helpful for people who are looking such help. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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