How to use Facebook Post Boost for dead cheap targeted traffic

Traffic is one of the most sought things online these days. Well, this is also true for offline businesses. Every brick-and-mortar business strives to have as many visits as possible from far and near locations.

Without this traffic (people visiting your website or physical business location), business is dead.  Traffic can thus be considered as the lifeline of any business.

It’s needless to mention at this point that without targeted traffic to your blog, you are as good as not having one or not being a blogger.

There are of course tons of ways to generate this so much wanted traffic – some free and others paid. While free traffic sources seem to be very attractive, I want to discuss a little known paid traffic source that’s capable of pulling targeted traffic to your blog posts or e-commerce website like crazy.

Do you use Facebook?

Silly question isn’t it?

Well, here is another stupid question …

Do you have a Facebook Fanpage for your business or blog? 

Well! This last question may not be as silly as you think. Most people don’t have one.

Though some people argue that Facebook Fanpage utility is decreasing by the day, I want to discuss a little way to use this property to siphon targeted traffic to your blog posts.

First, you need a Facebook Fanpage. When Facebook just launched the post boosting feature on Fanpages,  the basic requirement was at least 1000 fans per page to have the boost option enabled. But that has changed. I have a page with just 60 fans with the boost option enabled each time I create a post.

NB: Buying Facebook Fans is not a pretty idea. You have to grow your fans naturally. 1000 Natural fans are far better than 10000 bought fans. On the other hand, some strategies can benefit from purchased likes and followers, and if you fall into that category, see: 10 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers (2021)

What’s the deal with Facebook Post boosting?

Post boosting is a Facebook Fanpage feature that can take your posts above the limit of your fans. You can show your post to a very large number of Facebook users depending on your budget and other parameters discussed below.

Post boosting is not free

Yes! this feature is paid but I think it is dead cheap. On the image below, I can reach 3,100 to 8,100 people with just $5.

facebook post boosting

Facebook post boosting is very exciting. You can take your blog posts to the right target audience just for the price of a cup of tea.

You can choose to reach just your fans and their friends. What happens here is that your posts will be displayed to your fans and their friends. However, we can go further and target even more people based on more stringent settings. That will be available by checking the option “people you choose through targeting”

From the image above, you see clearly that we can target people based on their location,age groups, sex and interest. This is where it becomes more interesting for us bloggers.

NB: Here is how to build a very popular blog in just 90 days

How to boost your post

  1. The obvious first step is you need to have a Fanpage. Click here to create one
  2. Post an update on your Fanpage
  3. Click the ‘Boost Post’ button bottom right of the post
  4. choose your settings and make payments

That will be it…

Have you tried this before? What have been your results? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box below

14 thoughts on “How to use Facebook Post Boost for dead cheap targeted traffic”

  1. Nice sharing.
    We all know the development of Facebook those days and the role of it in Online community. Honestly i don’t like it in the first time but now we get pay so that can be fair enough.
    thanks for your post.


  2. Hello,

    Indeed facebook is really perfect for getting awesome traffic and that too in short time. Already started few campaigns and I think I’m getting better outcome from it.


  3. Nice post Enstine, i’ve used the Facebook post boosting before and it really worked for me because i used it to pass information across to specific people. in another case, i have heard about people saying it’s not too good.

    like you said, it all depend on niches, i think gaming, relationship really boom well on it thank blogging. But i think it’s still fair anyway. Thanks for that wonderful post.

  4. Interesting post Enstine.

    I’d be interested to know what sort of results you have gotten with boosting your posts – the last few posts I boosted received a shockingly poor level of engagement.

    To put this into perspective, instead I put $10 into and got my CPC down to 0.04$, this resulted in over 200,000+ impressions.

    These impressions were on huge sites .. like Fox News, CNBC, Fast Company etc.

    Seems to get a lot more bang for your buck than with Facebook.

    • Hey Adam,

      Outbrain is no doubt a huge source of exposure. I have had no luck with it as my first attempt was rejected

      However, I used to get quite interesting engagements with Facebook though that will largely depend on niches.

      I’ll be glad to share the results of my next campaign with you

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by

  5. Short but sweet article, Enstine. Thanks for writing this.

    I’d say it’s still not bad to have to pay to do this. Facebook is certainly trying to make as much money as they can for their service, but who’s to blame them? These days if we want to really get the benefits of any service we have to pay, right?

    And good thing it’s still not so expensive. Having to pay just $5 to reach 3,100 to 8,100 people is not a bad deal at all.

    But of course all of this means one has to learn the best ways of using this to achieve desired targets. It’s not just about throwing the money at Facebook, but doing it right, to achieve one’s desired targets. Thankfully people like you are here to show your readers how best to do this, right?

    Once again, thanks for this article and thanks for sharing it yourself on I found it useful and have “kingged” it. I am sure others will do the same.

    • Thanks for the comment Kinsley
      FAcebook has gathered enough attention to be able to generate any amount for themselves. I think if FB decides to charge per post, users will still pay 😉

      The post boosting feature has features to help you get quite targeted traffic. I have tried it a couple of times with encouraging results.

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend man

      • Yes, Facebook know they have the power to squeeze as much as they can from their users and those interested in reaching these users. What’s important is if one can get encouraging results, why not use it, right?

        Thanks for wishing me a wonderful weekend. Am actually having a wonderful weekend in another country at the moment. Got here today and will leave in few days, so all good, 🙂


  6. Hi Enstine.
    I have tried Facebook advertising and did not got a good ROI.
    I have used once Adwords, and the ROI is much higher.

    Well, Adwords is much expensive than Facebooks ads, though.

    Thanks for sharing, Enstine.
    Have a great rest of the week!

    • Hey Erik,
      These platforms have niches that do well than others. While Google cuts across all niches Facebook will only do well in areas like relationship, technology, travel, games, etc

      Thanks btw for stopping by and sharing your experience with us

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for bringing up this topic. A lot of internet marketers are obviously not happy with Facebook on this development. While I am also upset because of the limitation placed on my blog post, I still think the model is fairly okay.

    By just paying 5USD and sure of reaching 3,100 to 8,100 people is a fair bargain.

    Thanks for sharing, Facebook is still an important and integral element of content marketing.

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