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Fabrizio Van Marciano is a proud father of two, a devoted husband to be, a professional blogger, internet entrepreneur, web and graphic designer from England, UK. 

The Fabrizio only few people know about

fabrizio van MarcianoFabrizio is a devoted family man, when he’s not working late into the early hours of the morning on his online businesses, he’s spending as much quality time with his family. He loves travelling, surfing and he’s a huge lover of street food.

How it all began for Fabrizio

Fabrizio started his online venture in 2006 as an aspiring artist, after leaving full-time work as a sales supervisor for a local firm. At the time he was searching for new ways in which to promote and sell his artwork online to a larger audience.

He built a profitable online art business which he continued to run until early 2010. During those four years Fabrizio learned as much as he could about website design, online marketing and self-promotion, as well as how to run a successful business from home.

Fabrizio has sold more than 3,000 pieces of his art worldwide, but when the economy declined and the UK was thrown into a recession in the last quarter of 2008, Fabrizio’s online art business took a huge hit. Sales dropped rapidly from taking multiple sales daily to just a few sales per week by late 2009.

His art business never recovered, and by the middle part of 2010 Fabrizio was left with few options, one of which was to go back working full-time, 9 to 5. The thought of going back to work a sales job again didn’t appeal to Fabrizio.


Fabrizio first discovered blogging when he purchased a book by pro blogger John Chow called “The Roadmap Of A DotCom Mogul – How to make money online”. This book was what started it all off for Fabrizio, so during the summer of 2010 Fabrizio spent his days and nights learning about blogging and how to use WordPress.

This was an overwhelming challenge at first, but this really interested Fabrizio. By October 2010 Fabrizio finally launched his first blog Magnet4Marketing, an online marketing blog where he would share his personal tips and ideas for marketing and promoting a business online.

Over the last 4 years Fabrizio has started and ended a small handful of blogs in various niches, but his most successful venture before Magnet4Blogging was of course Magnet4Marketing.

The Wrath Of Google

Google Panda and Penguin affected a lot of websites and blogs during 2012 and 2013. Fabrizio watched as many of his blogging colleagues came and disappeared… then Fabrizio’s blog was hit too. In December of 2013 Fabrizio was forced to end Magnet4Marketing, it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but one that he felt he had to pursue, because continuing to focus on a business that was no longer profiting was simply not viable. Fabrizio learned a hard lesson, never to rely on one single traffic source again, especially traffic from Google.

Fabrizio gave blogging and the online world a rest and spent the next three months re-evaluating his goals and directions. Around early March of 2014 Fabrizio began working on a small blog project called Magnet4Blogging, nothing he was too focused on at the time, just something to keep him occupied.

After reading an inspirational post on QuickSprout and leaving a comment, Neil Patel kindly left a reply that simply changed Fabrizio’s mindset, that comment alone reinforced his ambitions and fired up the furnace inside him once again… Amazing how a simple reply to a comment from someone so influential, can have an effect on somebody in a positive way.fabrizio

Finally not willing to admit defeat, Fabrizio supercharged his efforts with his new blog venture. With the knowledge he had, with the mistakes behind him and the passion reignited, Magnet4Blogging was to be his next serious blogging venture.

Fast forward to almost a year later, this is where Fabrizio devotes most of his time. At Magnet4Blogging he enjoys building a community, teaching and sharing his tips, ideas, failures and successes and his personal strategies and insights into blogging as a business.

Making Money

Whilst making so many mistakes in the early years with his first blogs, Fabrizio admits he has learned a great deal about how to make money from blogging and how not!

Magnet4Blogging is not even 1 year old yet, however 60% of the income he generates from this blog is from affiliate marketing, reviewing and promoting a bunch of high quality products that he is currently using, and that are related to his business.

In addition to refining his affiliate marketing efforts, Fabrizio also now provides professional WordPress design and graphic design services via his blog too, this is a relatively new service, but these are the core of his blog monetisation methods for the time being.

What are Fabrizio’s plans for 2015? 

One of the biggest mistakes Fabrizio admits to have made when he started out in the world of blogging was to try and do everything all at once, or simply taking too much on. Fabrizio now appreciates the immense benefits and qualities of just taking on 1 thing at a time.

Each week Fabrizio sets himself one single goal, whether it’s to write an epic blog post, create a useful YouTube video, create an online presentation, write an eBook, complete a client logo design project, what ever it is, he has learned to narrow down his focus to achieving one thing at a time.

Currently Fabrizio’s ultimate goal is to continue building a community for Magnet4Blogging, creating amazing problem solving content for his blog and audience, and marketing his WordPress design and graphic design services.

Who influences Fabrizio?

Fabrizio looks up to several industry leaders as influencers, including many great individuals he has had the pleasure in connecting with in his industry over the recent years. These include Neil Patel, Adrienne Smith, Harsh Agrawal, Ileane Smith, Ryan Biddulph and Pat Flynn.

But perhaps Fabrizio’s biggest influencer has to be his loving partner and soon to be wife Samantha; A hard working, well organised professional business woman herself, a devoted mother and the one person that has driven him to keep moving forward in building his online businesses and finding success over the years.

How To Connect With Fabrizio Van Marciano

You can connect with Fabrizio on the following social networking sites below, where he is usually active the most.

Time to engage with Fabrizio! Leave him  a comment below and he’s be here to talk with you 😉

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  1. Enstine thank you for showcasing such a truly inspiring individual!

    Although this is my first exposure to Fabrizio and his truly inspiring story! Most Internet marketers would have probably thrown in the towel, once Google changed their websites ranking.

    Fabrizio found other ways to make his knowledge and real world experiences work for him and others!

    And that’s what being a true entrepreneur is all about! Thanks for showcasing such an enterprising individual Enstine!

  2. Thanks again for another motivational blog post. I always wait for Thursday as Enstine Muki will be posting some good content in blogging section as he always do, I also wait for Friday class by Moz Rand Fishkin, As always Enstine Muki influence me with his post this time he came up with “Fabrizio” history about blogging and i must say his story is an inspiration for our industy where every day a new company is coming and going, My take away with this blog is money comes and goes but what left with us is our knowledge as Neil Patel said to Fabrizio, “ I am sure with all the knowledge you have now you will be untouchable.” So bloggers keep learning.

  3. Hi Enstine,

    I am regular reader of magnet4blogging, and I must say that Fabrizio shares valuable articles on his blog.
    Thanks for sharing bio of Fabrizio, its a quite inspiring. 🙂

  4. Hello Fabrizio, Nice seeing you here on Enstine’s blog. Quite an ambitious bio you have lined up here.

    Nice meeting you and looking forward to connecting more with you,

  5. Hey Enstine,

    Great write up on Fabrizio! I met him towards the end of 2014 and I do have to say that he writes some engaging content. Why? Because I can relate to them 😉

    But this is great knowing his history in the online world. I didn’t know he was an artist and worked in sales. Plus I didn’t know about his previous blogs.

    He definitely has a nice resume of experience in the online marketing world, specifically blogging! Thanks for the share and giving us a background of Fabrizio!

    • Hey Sherman, thanks for stopping by buddy, yeah it was great to connect with you on your blog, and you share a lot of stuff that makes me stop to think, I love reading thought provoking stuff like that.

      Thanks for your kind words about my content, sometimes it’s so hard to determine whether what I’m writing will resonate with anyone, so hearing that it does from other bloggers with a lot more knowledge and credibility than me, is an honour for sure, so thanks.

      Take care mate.

  6. wow…nice article dude….thanks for sharing wonderful information about popular person..
    this article is motivating young and new bloggers….
    it will help bloggers like me to have great feature…

  7. Hi Enstine,

    This is a great post. It just goes to show that anything is possible if you don’t give up. Fabrizio had to overcome a lot of difficulties to get to where he is today. What’s he important is he never give up. I also like the fact that he has decided to take one thing at a time. If you take on too many things at a single go, you won’t be able to keep a track on them.

    Thanks for sharing Fabrizio’s story.

    • Hey Brian, how are you mate, thanks for your comment. There were times I thought about giving up, and when I closed the first site down a little part of me had no intention to come back from having failed. But I took a few months off to do some hard thinking, when I came back online and spoke to a few close friends in the online business world, they really helped me to make the decision to come back and give it another try with a fresh perspective.

      I love the ‘one goal’ strategy, something I learned from reading reading Gary Keller’s book ‘The One Thing’. Great book if you haven’t read it yet.

      All the best mate.

  8. Hey enstine,
    Yet another cool blogger story… pretty motivating content comes in you’re blog & keeps on bleeping my brain with awesome stuffs, tutorials, monthly report & your great voyage experience 🙂 always glad to read you’re posts 😉

    Issac paul

  9. Hi Fabrizio and Enstine,

    Firstly thank you for introduce with us one of the inspirational blogger expert. I believe Fabrizio hardwork and experience make him more strong. many thanks for share your inspirational story. I hope it will make me more strong on upcoming days. Thank you so much for your valuable share.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

    • Hi Yasin, thanks so much for your kind words, pleasure to meet you here on Enstine’s amazing blog, and I’m so happy you found my story inspirational. I never consider myself to be an expert at anything, but it’s always flattering to hear people call me an expert. I prefer to say that I’m very knowledgable 🙂 Have an awesome week buddy.

  10. Hi Fabrizio,

    Its great to see you featured on Enstine’s blog. Its very inspirational that read the blogging story of your. I am also faced the phase of struggle. Infact this makes our blogging career strong.

    Have a great future ahead.

    Thanks Muki

    • Hi Rahul, it’s a pleasure to meet you buddy. Glad you enjoyed reading my story. Just remember you’re struggling now so that you don’t have to in the future. Keep focused, head in the game and keep moving forwards and upwards my friend 🙂 All the best.

  11. Hi Fabrizio,

    I’ve seen you around, but never really got to know you. Now thanks to Enstine, I do. Before I wrote this comment I went over to your blog and commented shared and hooked up to all your social sites.

    Wow..your story shared here only goes to prove that no matter what changes we have to go through in our business, we can still go on. BRAVO!

    Your background here is so inspiring. The entire story of what you went through in your businesses illustrates stamina, and thinking out of the box. One thing we all need to do to reach our goals.

    My take away here is that you bounce back pretty quickly and I admire that.

    Great getting to know you.


    • Hi Donna, I know we recently connected it’s great to get to know other passionate people in this industry, I get a real positive kick from it 🙂

      I was so driven with my first blogging venture, I imagined nothing would get in my way, I was so wrong, made some silly mistakes and sure, having to put that site to sleep hurt real bad, it hit home that I literally failed.


      I learned something, failure isn’t the end, I want people to know that, failure is not the end, it is merely the closing of a chapter in your journey, because let’s face it, everybody learns from failure or making mistakes, well at least they should do.

      I expect to fail again at something along the way in the future, I’ll try my best not to though, but I know it can and has to happen to a degree, because it’s the only way that I’m going to learn better for next time around.

      I think if a blogger or entrepreneur can accept failure, and move on more stronger than ever, I don’t care who that person is, they’re going to find success eventually, on whatever scale that might be.

      Thanks for stopping by Donna, love your blog too 🙂

  12. Hey Ryan, thanks for dropping by mate. Yes if it wasn’t for the flop of my online art business, I don’t think I would have discovered blogging and internet entrepreneurship. Amazing how things happen and all fits into place huh? Thanks for inspiring me with your blog too buddy, when I draw back the curtains in the morning and see grey skies and rain, I think of my good buddy living it up blogging in paradise.

    All the best my friend 🙂

  13. Hi Enstine and Fabrizio,

    I had no idea about your art background! Way cool dude. I did know that you have a wonderful family and of course I know of your fab blog but that was a new one for me. It’s so fun to learn more about my buddies to paint a broader picture of their lives, and to see our personalities come out a bit more.

    Thanks for sharing guys!


  14. Hello Fabrizo and Enstine, although I don’t know anyone exist on heart bearing Fabrizo but I can now learn somethings if not all from what Enstine has posted today. To be successful is not a day work am really happy for Fabrizo and wish like connecting and interacting with him soon on his blog.

    • Hi Hiidee, great to connect here with you and thanks for commenting. Yes success doesn’t happen over night, we just have to find the fire inside us and keep moving forward, keep believing and keep working hard. Sometimes when you put so much effort in, you can easily forget about the success, until you start to see small signs that you’re making progress. What could be more motivating than that?

      Have a great day Hiidee.

  15. Hey Fabrizio,

    Good to see you featured on Enstine blog,
    Even I also faced many issue and failed in blogging initially and never loosed my hope and after a lot of struggles. Now I make decent income using my blog.

    Wish you all the best for future.

  16. Hi Enstine,

    So awesome to see Fabrizio featured here this week, what a great guy too. I met him a few years back when he had the marketing blog. We connected but not on the level we are today. I’m pretty sure it was mainly because he was more focused on Google’s traffic then building relationships with other bloggers. A simple mistake so many people make.

    I appreciate you sharing more of his story and showcasing him. He’s a great guy, people can definitely learn from him, and I’m happy and honored to know him. I also appreciate that mention too Fabrizio, always so flattered when people say that I have influenced them. That’s why I do what I do.

    Great share and I’ll be sure to spread this one around too.

    You guys have a great rest of your week now.


    • Hi Adrienne, thanks for stopping by, you’re welcome. I must apologise for tagging you on Facebook in that post by the way, it’s not something I usually do, I just wanted to honour those who have motivated me over the recent time. Anyway, great to be connected, I look forward to connecting with a lot more peeps this year and helping anyway I can. Oh and yes, I’ve learned from my mistake alright, it’s definitely what I preach as well, anyway, all the best for now.

  17. That’s awesome to see such bloggers! You’re blog is really cool, and inspirational. Thanks for such and awesome post this week! waiting for your next post 😉

  18. Happy to see you, Fabrizio at Enstine’s blog!

    What should I say?
    I know you since a few years already, and I’m aware of the fantastic job you are doing at Magnet4Blogging.

    I also heard about the story of your first blog, and I feel we share the same experience, as I recently closed my very first website too.
    I know that with experience, better days are ahead, Fabrizio.

    Wishing you both a great rest of this week! 🙂

    • Hi Erik, thanks mate, it’s a real honour to be on Enstine’s blog, it really is. He’s an inspirational guy in many aspects. Yes indeed Erik you and I have known each other in the online world for several years now. It’s always great to see familiar faces and still be connected with the people who inspired and motivated you, so thank you my friend.

      Sorry to hear about the closing down of your first website, but it’s moving forward that matters. I always try and teach newbies that successful bloggers often always fail with their first blog, not always though. I’m happy and proud that I failed at first attempt, because it’s made me much wiser and knowledgable today.

      Keep doing great thing buddy, enjoy your week too.

  19. Hi Fabrizio and Enstine

    This feature series has become key part of the brand of this blog and people keenly visit it on every Thursday to meet a wonderful online professional.

    I understand Enstine the hard labor you have to do every week to break the previous week benchmark and you are doing great.

    I am lucky to be already in connect with Fabrizio and regularly visit his blog. But never knew that much about him before reading this post. He loves street food so this is common between me and him other than love for blogging.

    His blog was also big hit during nightmarish era of Google Panda and Penguin. Don’t worry the list of such blogs is so huge including one of my clients’ also.

    This is the beauty of every profession where people share their experiences with each other to keep the process of learning never stop.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post.

    • Hi Mi, thanks so much for your comment, it’s a pleasure being connected with you and your blog too my friend. Always thinking out of the box and providing something fresh for your audience, so thanks for inspiring 🙂

      Yes I know many of my blogging colleagues that have been affected, some are still working hard today with new ventures, but some sadly have gone away. We learn from such experiences and it makes us stronger and smarter bloggers for the future.

      Have a great day buddy.

  20. Thanks so much for having me on your featured blogger spot Enstine, what an honour! Yep I’ll be checking in to answer any questions, looking forward to connecting with many of you folks for the first time perhaps 🙂

    Have a great day!

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