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Meet Corina Ramos!

corina Ramos

Corina Ramos or Cori as known by her blogging friends, lives in Houston, Texas with her husband of 23 years and five adult children and her two pit bull fur babies named Chico and Fergie.

She’s a not-so-new grandma and is enjoying working from home on her blog but her story didn’t start out that way.

The Story of Cori

Cori’s story begins like this. Once upon a time she had a successful career at a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. But while her career was taking off, it meant a lot of time away from home and it began taking a toll on her home life as well as her health.

But with the corporate go, go, go mentality that was implanted in her from day one of training, she continued her quest to rise to the top of the ladder. To get a better picture of how her life at work was like, watch the movie The Devil Wears Prada.

She sacrificed family and personal time and worked hard at her job to earn recognition from the head hanchos. That is until things took a turn for the worst.

In 2003 she was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and mood disorder. That’s when she realized she needed to make a career move and fast. She started searching online for other employment opportunities. This went on for several years because the timing to quit her job was never right. But it really was the fear of the unknown.

One day she discovered work-from-home jobs while searching on sites like and The more she looked into it, the more opportunities she found.

In 2007, Cori decided once and for all she wanted to work from home, so she quit her job without notice. It was the best and scariest thing she did in her life.

She landed her first job to perform administrative duties only to find out it was a scam and that was only the first of many online scams she would come across.

While she searched for her next work-from home job she dabbled in freelance projects like creating resumes, doing web searches for different companies and data entry work to help make ends meet.

She soon found herself researching how to make money from home, which scams to stay away from and was sharing those findings with friends and family who were also interested in this concept.

Cori realized what she loved more was showing people where to find legitimate work from home jobs and which ones to stay away from.

One day, she read an article about starting a blog and that’s when her journey really began.


It Takes a Village

Cori has a testimony of what it means to find mentors and seek the help of other bloggers in order to have a thriving blogging career.

In 2011, not having a clue of what she was getting into, she dived in head first and created a blog called Work-from-Home Concepts to post all the ways there are to work-from-home but the money-making magic didn’t happen overnight as most articles she read had claimed.

There was no way she was going to give up on her dream to help others make money from home so back to the drawing board she went.

With only a background in sales, marketing and customer service she took to the internet to learn basic blog and web design tips. Still, she wasn’t connecting with her audience.

She read more articles about blogging and soon learned it was all about building a community and engaging with readers and reciprocating when someone left a comment on your blog.

Cori joined the Twitter world and that’s when she met Lisa of Inspire to Thrive who showed her how to grow a social following and how to engage on social media. Imagine how silly she felt when she finally discovered what the notifications tab on Twitter was. All the opportunities to connect with other bloggers she most likely missed out on.

Soon after, she met and connected with Adrienne Smith.That’s when all the pieces started coming together.

She continued to read and implement what she learned from Lisa, Adrienne and other bloggers who showed her how to engage with her visitors, change her mindset to overcome of her fear of failure and how to turn a blog into a successful business and how to target and market to the right audience.

On October 2013, Cori launched Not Now Mom’s Busy to connect with her female audience. She merged her work-from-home blog to offer job leads as well as lifestyle-related blog posts on topics such as parenting, health tips and saving money.

Today, Life is Great and Getting Better

By putting into action what she learned from her mentors, she has made room for herself in this big blogging world.

She’s met and connected with great bloggers and continues to build relationships with her readers.

She appears as a guest and contributes on a number of blogs and haswritten articles for well-known brands and marketers to promote their campaign or product.

Cori’s passion to help people make money from home continues. She now pays it forward by blogging about her experience. She shares what she’s learned about blogging, building a community as well as how to monetize a blog with new bloggers in her niche and provides work-from-home job leads for those who seek employment.

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