How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress

One of the Conversational Forms plugins I recommend for every WordPress website owner is WPForms. This is because of its long list of features, ease of use (you don’t need any developer), and integration with many other apps.

Another solid reason is the team behind the plugin.

Today, we are looking at a unique and attractive WPForms addon called Conversational Forms. This allows you to create a unique experience and make your visitors feel like having a face-to-face conversation with you.

WPForms’ Conversational Forms builder

Have you ever been hit by a long boring form online?

You get to something quite exciting and you want to be part of the community or you simply want to submit some requested data. But the website owner completely smashes your enthusiasm with a dull form that seems to take your whole day.

I face this so often and for the most part, I simply postpone the action or completely click off and never return. This is happening to most of us online. But some website owners try to resolve the issue by kicking off and eliminating some fields on their webforms.

In my opinion, that’s not the solution because you don’t get the accurate information from your visitors. Removing a form field to shorten your web form means you never get the data that field represents.

WPforms’ Conversational Form is the solution

WPForms WordPress contact form generator doesn’t reduce your form fields at all. It presents your form in a conversational way and improves your readers’ form experience. It provides a unique experience for users that feels more personal, much like chatting in a face to face conversation.

WPForms gives your readers a seamless form feeling experience. The mouse click is not required to move focus from one field to the other on the form. This is some lazy and time consuming exercise on standard forms. But a hit on your enter keyboard on the conversational form will reveal and take the cursor to the next field.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]WPForms Conversational Forms Demo[/thrive_link]

How to get the Conversational Form addon

You need to first of all get WPForms WordPress plugin. This plugin is more than what most of us think. Beside being a WordPress form plugin, it’s a sales tool. There is no online form you can’t create with this.

Click here to see more about getting your copy.

Once you have it installed and activated, move to WPForms -> Addons:

wordpress conversational forms

On the list of addons, you will fine the conversational form addon. Simply click to install it:

install conversational form addon

NB: Make sure to install the Form Pages Addon to to create completely custom “distraction-free” form landing pages to boost conversions (without writing any code).

What are the form fields available?

Any complete Web form builder should allow you create a form with all sorts fields available in the current level of technology.

With WPForms, you are able to create a conversation form with the following fields:

  • File Upload
  • Text field (single line)
  • Textarea input type
  • Drop down list or select field (Select options dynamically pulled from posts/pages)
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Submit button

Creating your conversational form with WPForms

Now you have the plugin and addon installed, the next thing is to go to the plugin menu and click Add New to continue.

On the Template page, click Blank Form.

Then click the Settings tab and the “Conversational Forms” option. Check the box “Enable Conversational Form Mode

creating conversational forms

Enter the form Title. This will be displayed on the top of the form page in large character.

You have another option to enter a Message to be displayed on the form page just below the title.

Other options like logo and color schemes should be set per your preference.

The logo, just like the Title and Message will be displayed on top of the form page.

conversational form demo

You also have the option to create a unique link to your form page. At any moment in the creation process, you can always click to preview your form. Also save your form along the line.

Then click Fields tab to add different form fields to your form:

add conversional forms to blog

The form creation tool allows you to add different fields, suitable for all sorts of simple and complex web forms.

Other types of forms you can create with WPForms

This plugin is the most complete forms solution for WordPress websites. It comes with form templates and addons allowing you to create these and more form types:

  • Simple contact form
  • Request a quote form
  • Donation form
  • Billing/Order forms
  • Newsletter Signup form
  • Suggestion form
  • Pull form
  • Survey form
  • Alumni Donation Form
  • Auction Item Registration Form
  • Baseball League Registration Form
  • Equipment Checkout Form
  • High School Reunion Registration Form
  • Performance Improvement Plan Form
  • Sponsorship Request Form
  • Summer Camp Registration Form
  • Volunteer Recruitment Form
  • Webinar Registration Form
  • Wedding Invitation RSVP Form
  • Etc

Connecting with other web applications

WPForms makes it easy to connect your Online forms with any other web application for the processing of form data.

If you want the form data sent to an email, that’s fine. If you want it stored on your local database for backend consultation, there is still no problem.

Otherwise, your form data could be submitted to Aweber Autoresponder, GetResponse, etc.

Other interesting functions of WPForms Form generator

  • Validates Email addresses.
  • Custom error messages
  • Captcha/Recaptcha spam protection and spam filtering
  • Forms easily placed on widgets with shortcode
  • Flexible form layout
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Redirect after form submission
  • Create forms with Wysiwyg support
  • Conditional logic support

Your created forms are either Embedded using shortcode on existing articles or simply placed on separately designed Web pages.

Let me know what you think about the WPForms plugin and the Conversational Forms plugin. Do you think this is the best Online form builder for WordPress site owners?

Anyone can use this to create complex web forms without any HTML code knowledge or anyone with no idea what web development is.

Do Drop your comment below.

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