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4 easy steps to attract Influencers to link and promote your content!

Content promotion doesn’t always have to be a catch-22!

Especially when you know how to find influencers and coerce them to do all of the heavy lifting while promoting your content.

It’s an easy task, and if you’ve heard the saying “work smarter, not harder,” this post is for you.

In the blogging industry the old adage of “If you create stellar content they will flock to your site” seems to be obsolete.

The general rule of the thumb is to spend 20%of your time creating your content and the remaining 80% in promoting it. 20% of your effort produces 80% of the results and vice versa.


How to Breeze Through Your Morning Emails with Unroll Me!

One of the things we do online daily is submit our email addresses to different services and often, things get out of control.

Chances are that you now receive dozens of emails on a daily basis. Every time you sign up for email updates and newsletters, you’re going to get thrown lots of emails just from one specific company.

The difficulty and pain of having to open each email and click the unsubscription link makes the exercise a pure nightmare, given the number of unwanted messages we get daily.

For this reason, a lot of people have chosen to make use of an un-subscription service known as Unroll Me has become a leader in getting rid of the problems that come with a full and confusing inbox.

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My Tweet Party Results: 6.6 million reach in ONE hour for free (OMG)!

Tweet parties are a huge branding and traffic Twitter live event. But they are less popular.

Few people talk about it. Bloggers hardly mention it. And these parties are quite easy to host. That’s the happy truth.

It may costs absolutely nothing to do a successful Twitter chat party. You don’t have need for any complex software. No renting of party space.

You need however some Twitter Apps. But these are free. Again, you don’t spend anything to run a successful party. Trust me you are going to like the idea by the end of this post. If my stats don’t get you fueled, then Twitter is certainly not for you.


Business Process Automation (BPA) and Blogging! How does it work?

Blogging in recent times has grown from simply creating and publishing text to a full blown income generating business.

But sadly, many bloggers are still blogging like was done in those early days. I know some folks blog as a hobby. But how does that stop you from turning it into a business as this is easy to do?

But there are two things you can add to blogging that will transit from a mere hobby to a full time income generator and I want to briefly touch on these:

  1. Adding a business to your blogging.
  2. Adding Automation to the business.

Is Blogging a Business?

Well, blogging isn’t business until you make it one. And there are different ways to turn blogging into any form of successful business:

6 Creative Trade Show Display Ideas to Attract More Visitors

Trade Shows or Trade Fairs are offline exhibitions at which businesses in a particular industry promote their products and services

Every new year presents new trends for trade show displays. As a result, when it comes to designing your own custom display, it can be confusing to know the direction you should take.

To relieve some of that chaos, we have listed some creative trade show display ideas you can use at your next event to attract more visitors.


How to start a blog on Quora that ranks on Google

In this new Quora article, we discuss how to start a blog on Quora  that ranks page 1 of Google.

Let’s get started!

For those who don’t know, Quora is gold dust when it comes to generating traffic.

But like all things in life, something only works if you know how to use it and Quora is really no different

In this new article, I will be giving some ideas on how you can start a blog on Quora and leverage the members to create a blog that ranks on Google for free.

How to start a blog on Quora that ranks on Google

If you are going to start a Free blog then Quora has to be the place to start your blog.

If you are looking to blog seriously then I still advocate that you should start a self-hosted WordPress site so that you are 100% in control; of your content.

But if you are just looking to blog as a hobby then Quora is a great free option especially if you already ask and answer questions on Quora.

There are lots of free blogging platforms that you can use that do run Quora close as my choice like