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5 hot tips to Create Infographics that Your Readers Will Love to Share

6 ways to improve posture

Infographics have grown in popularity over the years.

Unlike long-winded blog posts, infographics are visually stimulating in nature. The best ones have stunning designs that you can’t help but read and ogle from top to bottom.

In fact, this single statistic is why you need to incorporate infographics into your content strategy:

According to Venngage, 40% of marketers agree that infographics improve audience engagement.

They not only make sharing content much easier, but they also help readers process information faster!

However, designing them is no walk in the park.

Sure, there are tools to help you create one that you can feature on your blog post and share on social media. Continue reading


6 Different Ways Businesses Utilize Automation for Better Results

business automation

Automation has become one of the most critical factors for successful businesses these days. By saving time and reducing costs, it helps increase operational efficiency and productivity and helps companies focus on their core competencies.

But how are businesses utilizing automation for better results and sustainable growth? Take a look at how they do it so that you can follow their suit and grow your business.

1. Automating Daily Repetitive Tasks

Every business has various tasks on its daily plate that are necessary for making the organization run smoothly. However, most of those routine tasks are tedious and take a lot of time. As such, they can be overwhelming and stressful, taking a toll on productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction, and bottom line. Continue reading


10 reasons why work from home appeals to me!

working from home appeals to me

Have you ever wondered how people who work from home, manage their time? How parents, who have left their office-based jobs, now spend their time working from home? Is working from home really worthy?

These questions may arise in your mind when you ask yourself about working from home, but let me tell you that there are many reasons why work from home appeals to me.

Gina Horkey makes over $10000 a month working from home. She was featured on this blog where she told us her enriching story. Check out more on this post!

If you have some doubts about the benefits of working from home and being your boss, you should keep reading this post. I bet you will be very surprised and eager to start your own business at home.  Continue reading


15 Fabulous Ways to Make the Most Out of Twitter for Your Business

make the most out of twitter

Make the Most Out of Twitter for Your Business or Blog

I met Tom the other day and he mentioned that he didn’t get Twitter. Tom is not unusual. So many people I come across in person do not understand how to use Twitter for their blog or business.

They either signed up and never spent time on the network or they just never ventured away fro

Tom was interested to keep up with news on Twitter but didn’t know how he could expand his small online business using Twitter. #TwitterClick To Tweetm Facebook.

Tom was interested to keep up with news on Twitter but didn’t know how he could expand his small online business using Twitter. Continue reading


6 Digital Marketing Tactics that will Help You Retain Customers

Boosting your customer base is important. However, what happens when a customer makes a purchase on your site for the first time? How many of these customers come back to you to make another purchase?

Statistics say that retaining loyal customers is more profitable than attracting new ones. Loyal customers keep coming back to your store, boosting your profits. Above all, they’re your biggest brand advocates.

As long as they’re satisfied with your products and customer services, they will share the positive word of mouth and create tons of valuable user-generated content. Continue reading


What is Content Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

What is Content Marketing

Much has been made about finding and appealing to your target audience.

How can you find them?

Why, through content marketing, of course, and with professional online marketing tools like SEMrush suite.

What is Content Marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute,

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Continue reading

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